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How long after waking should you eat breakfast?

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Yes, more breakfast confusion lol.... how long should you wait before eating after you wake up? How long does it take before you're considered to have skipped breakfast? thanks!

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Not sure what difference this makes...?

I usually eat within an hour of waking up.  I suppose if you don't eat for several hours then you have effectively skipped that meal.

I don't eat until I have got to work - about an hour and a half after waking up - as I can't eat that early in the morning. Obviously it depends on what time you get up but personally if I didn't eat until say after 9-10am then I would say I had 'skipped' breakfast.

But it's all relative depending on your routine so just whatever works for you I guess.

Best time to eat breakfast is 30mins after you wake up.

Within 90mins of waking up is recommended.  I read this on homemakers.com.  But, I also read somewhere else (sorry, don't remember where) that within 2 hours is okay too.  Personally, I usually eat within the hour cause I usually wake up hungry. 

http://www.homemakers.com/Health&Fitness/ nutrition/eat-breakfast-lose-weight-n259469p1 .html

That article seems like total BS.  It's just another nutritionist saying that your metabolism can be 'revved up'.  From everything I've read, the reason that people that skip breakfast weigh more is that they tend to binge later.  Just eat breakfast when you feel like it and it will be alright.  As long as calories in is less than calories out then you'll still lose.

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I'd say there are no rules, your body will tell you when it needs something. Yes I agree the 'revving up metabolism' is always annoying! Apparently put out there by the sports supplement industry to sell their protein shots etc. which unfortunately then went into the training programmes for PTs and the articles that followed. Digestion is tough on the body and a real work out but so is exercise and the calories you consume eating will over-ride the calories burned consuming them and if you eat little and often you will have little burning going on every now and again or if you eat alot less often you will have more burning for less time, so completely unimportant.

Main thing is your breakfast choice, so something that wont spike your blood sugar levels and start you off on a sugar roller-coaster for the day. And if you have manual or exercise-related job then you need to ensure your glycogen stores dont get emptied so may need to eat earlier and little and often important for those. Opposite for those desk-bound who dont need to be exhausted from digestion and falling asleep at their desks!

I wake up about 8 and like to be finished eating by 9 my self.

What Joannedm says makes perfect sense. Thank you.

I've wondered about this too! I work between two locations, so I either get up at about 6.30am and eat breakfast at work at 8.45am, or get up at 7.30am and eat at about 9.30am. So I always have a 2 hour gap between getting up and eating, which is quite a long time, but if I eat at 6.30, I'm hungry again at 10-11, so have a lighter lunch, and end up hungry again mid afternoon etc etc. So I stick with the late breakfast and avoid snacks (excluding fruit). This probably isn't great for my blood sugar though, and I do struggle with being really tired first thing.

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