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How long should I wait to sleep for the night after I eat?

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I hear 3 hours..

What do you all do?
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I don't worry about this at all, and I honeslty don't think it makes a bit of of difference--the whole idea of having a "cut off" time seems to be more about curbing late-night overeating (which is a prob for LOTS of people). So if you're within you're calorie limits for the day, I'd say feel free to go to bed IMMEDIATELY after a meal if you wish!
Whenever - for cals doesnt matter
BUT i never have a heavy meal as it sits funny. About 1 hours is good for a light snack.

About 1 hour - 30 min is my usual and its a glass of milk - gives me time to go to the loo.

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I have heard it dosen't really matter...  The main reason they try to get people to not eat at night is more avoiding the munchies... If you have a cut off time you are more likely to not snack. But if you have spare calories you can eat something- pick a protien avoid the carb. It's just better... I had about 200 cals left so I had some warmed up ham/cheese rolls tonight. Apx 200 cals and 25 grams of pro!


Yea, i dont think it really matters either (maybe a "little" bit, but not enough to really worry about).

I have the same thing of not eating heavy before sleeping....if i eat too much, i have to sleep on my back! its so annoying!
I have crazy morning farts when I eat big meals before bed. *poot*
I'm yet to read any scholarly journal that states eating late makes you gain more weight.  It's an urban legend. 
Oooh yeah I heard this from my nutrition ed. teacher...he said something like you should wait to go to bed because your body will end up burning up the calories from the meal instead of the calories from the day...but honestly in my opinion it will all get burned up anyways!
LOL on the morning farts.  Since eating healthier, I have them morning, noon, and night.
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