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Weight Loss
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How long untill I see results?

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I am 20 years old 5'3" and weight 204.8lbs.  I had a baby about 9 months ago and still struggling to lose the weight.  My ideal weight is to be between 130-140lbs.  Ive started jogging/running two miles a day with one break day to recoup.  I have been eating better around a 1200-1400 calorie diet and drinking only water.  I'm serious about losing this weight.  I want to be healthy not only for me but for my family.  Is there anything else I should be doing to get this weight off.  I know it wont be an overnight thing but how long does it usually take to see results when jogging/walking 2 miles per day?  Should I increase my distance?

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You may be a bit too restricted in calorie intake. Given your current weight and height and that you are working out 6 days a week, just make sure your calorie deficit is not more than about 800-900. By that I mean that what you burn (in just living, breathing and getting around as well as your additional workouts) is only about 800-900 calories more than what you have eaten throughout the day. Use the calorie counter and burn meter to determine that.

If it's more than a 1000 calorie deficit then the you can go into famine mode -- which is where the body assumes famine and will slow metabolism to try to maximize the calorie intake -- this actually prevents weight loss as well as causing a whole host of possible medical issues down the line.

Feel free to increase your distance jogging/running if you enjoy the challenge, just keep the calorie deficit stable and you will see an average loss per week of 1-2 lbs initially and slowing to .5 lbs as you get nearer your goal weight.

Best of Luck!

You should start to see the weight come off even in the first week on the scale but you probably won't see it in the mirror until you have lost about 10lbs so in a couple of months. Other people generally notice before you but it's hard to see when you look at yourself every day.

I also agree with hedgren you should make sure you get at least 1600 calories a day for optimum weight loss and move this as you lose is great for checking up on this.

I agree with the first poster. I really don't think you should go below 1600-1800 a day at your exercise level. I started the same, at 181 lbs and 5'5'' and ate 1500 on non active days, and 1700 on active days. (200 extra cals from a protein shake right after I lift weights) Ive lost 32 since June, but weeks when I tried to dip too low, it threw my body off. I have had a few maintenance days as well.

As far as results, I felt better as soon as I started to eat differently. I did not weigh in for the first month since I hated the scale then, but I lost 8 lbs after a month, and then about 12 the second.

Depends on the person, and how accurately you stick to your intake/output.

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