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How Long Does Starvation Mode Take to Set In?

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Yesterday, I woke up late and was insanely busy at work, had Triscuits and hummus around noon when my body was telling me 'eat or die.' It was a very out of the ordinary day. Normally, I make sure to eat before my stomach grumbles because I hate that feeling. Finally, when I got home I made dinner.

So does it take a few days of starving yourself to go into this mode, or just a few hours? How long do you stay in starvation mode?

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It would take longer than a day. Most of us sleep around 8 hours a day, and there is usually longer than that between our last meal of the day, and our first meal of the next. So maybe you went 16 hours instead of 12 hours between those two meals - your metabolism doesn't have a switch where at 15:59, it shuts down, you know?

As you said, this was an unusual day - don't worry about it.

So called "Starvation Mode" is not something your body switches into, but is instead describes a slowing of the metabolism that occurs when you eat less than your body needs for a significant period of time.


Oh! Thanks for clearing that up. Makes sense now :D

I think it depends on the person stats/exercise level/types of food they eat and a lot of other variables.

In most cases, a few months would be my guess :)

You're fine dear!

Depends on who are are: 110825193104.htm

Losing weight in general works to different extents depending on genetic pre-disposition.  Apparently being able to accurately model it now with a bit of extra info is possible.  But strictly speaking your body will not pass a threshold and experience a dramatic mode change.

All you need to know is it takes longer than a day. 


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