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How long does it take to lose weight?

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I have been on and off diets for a year and the reason I usually go off of them is because I don't see results (no wieght lost after dieting for three weeks).  This is happening again because I haven't lost any weight in a week even though I've been working my butt off!  I feel my resolve waning again and that is not good. 

My question is: how long does it take to start seeing results?  I weigh 185 and try to consume 1650 calories per day.  I try to burn approx.  3600 calories per week at the gym and I allow myself one 'cheat meal' per week.  Does anyone see anything in my stats that might be preventing me from losing weight?  Any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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How big is your cheat meal? Do you log it in great detail?

If you're at some restaurants, a "cheat meal" can be 4000 calories. Add a few drinks and a dessert and you're pushing 5000 calories in the space of two hours.

If you would have lost 1.5 pounds that week, you've just undone it with one meal. And thus you'll stay the same.

I looove my "cheat" days, so I'm not saying to stop cheating. But from a girl who used to down 5000 calories in a single sitting on those days, I know the pitfalls if you don't at least check the calories beforehand.


This is probably not your problem, though. It could be water-weight. If you see no changes next week, then maybe you're under-estimating calories and over-estimating your exercise?

Try not to give up though. If you're being quite accurate about your numbers, then you SHOULD see a loss. It might hover for a couple weeks, then BAM! You'll drop 3 pounds one morning. Bodies are just weird.

i know where you're coming from. for me, i started eating healthy and exercising when i got to college but i wasnt actually trying to lose weight (even tho i was VERY overweight and unhappy, i was doing it more bc of the people i was hanging out with) but once i DID start to see results, thats what made me realize it was something i could do and wanted, so badly, to accomplish.

thats why you need to stick with it.  im not sure how long it took in the beginning for it to start but it certainly wasnt instantaneous.  but as the weeks passed, i wasnt even noticing a change, but other people started to notice. I would go home and my family would comment.  it made it worth it.

sounds to me like you're doing everything right.  my only suggestion is maybe if you tend to go wayy too overboard on ur cheat meal, maybe instead just spread out the extra treats throughout the week. i definitely always allowed myself one day a week as well, so im sure you'll still succeed even if you dont do away with it but everyone is different and i know now i try to make my cheat day a little less dramatic while allowing myself a little more slack during the week and still enjoying a day off from the dieting thing (just not to the same extent)  it helps me to keep from feeling like i have to binge.


anyway, keep working out, keep eating healthy, and keep yourself motivated. try not to get frustrated if you arent immediately seeing any results.  I know its hard and kinda discouraging but trust me when you do see them (and if you keep doing what your doing- you will see them) its the best kind of motivation.  Plus after a while, you will get adjusted to your new lifestyle and it wont feel so much like work.. it will be a lot of work, but it does get a little easier.  you might even like the changes you make in your diet and activity. and it is sooo worth it in the end.

I do log my cheat meals.  i just looked at my last cheat meal and it was 1500 cals...wow!  maybe I can widdle those down to under 1000...

I usually double check my calorie burn against Calorie Count with another calculator that I found online that takes into account the kind of activity, my weight and my perceived exertion, so I'm pretty sure that is correct.  I try to weigh my food when trying to figure out a calorie estimate.  I use CC to look up my calories, so i'm hoping that's accurate.

It could be water weight or maybe muscle?  whatever it is, i just need to convince myself to keep with it.

Thanks again!

It could definitely be muscle. Like I said, give it some more time. I often hear people recommending to ignore the scale for a while and just measure yourself instead, since the scale number reflects muscle gain and water weight.

I must be doing pretty good then cuz my cheat meals are only about 700 calories. I just conserve during the day and then allow a little more a dinner. I have been watching calories since Jan 5th, I started at 225 and this morning i weighed in at 197. I only consume 1550 a day.

What is your average daily deficit? most people seem to find success between 500 and 1000. if its more than 1000, you need to eat more. if its less than 500, weight loss will be slow. 3500 calories per pound. tracking that might help you figure out where things don't seem to be lining up. 

and the tape measurer. when im not losing pounds, im usually toning up and the tape will tell me that. i measure once a month. it helps keep the faith. 

Original Post by yummy_kitty:

If you're at some restaurants, a "cheat meal" can be 4000 calories. Add a few drinks and a dessert and you're pushing 5000 calories in the space of two hours.


 I see you have had cheat meals at my favorite Mexican restaurant!

Mapepe in swahili means clueless...and it is true - i am clueless when it comes to weight loss.

I cycle 40 km on daily basis (it shows that i burn around 1000 calories per 40 km)  , 7 days a week. And i drink about 8-10 glasses of water per day...i eat healthy and i count my calories. I started this about a month ago. And i am still stuck on the same number on the scale.

My daily intake is 1200 calories - I have completely stopped taking sugar in my tea/coffee - no milk , actually i have been drinking green tea  alot..

I am 5.7 and i weight 200 lb :( i want to go down to 135 lb.....but i dont think its going to happen ...

So i am just wondering - Does it really take more than a month to start seeing some changes on the scale? or am i just wasting my two hours on daily basis?

...sorry my english is not that great.

mapepe - in the future, it's easier to start your own thread, so that people know that this is a new question, not just a reply to the original poster.

You are exercising a lot, and eating way way too little. 1200 is the ultimate minimum for an adult, sedentary woman.

You need to start eating a lot more, given your activity level and stats.

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