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How long does it take to lose the temporary weight of a binge?

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Merry Christmas all!

I took the day off...couldn't resist and completely binged. I've put on a couple of kilos of weight...but obviously I haven't actually eaten that much food! It's temporary weight, i know.

Just wondering, how long does it take for the temporary weight gain of a binge to be lost? How long will it be before I actually know how much weight I've gained.

Thanks guys

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What's a "binge" to you? Because a few extra cookies, a bit more turkey, or more potatoes than you expected, an extra glass of wine - that's not a binge. Binge eating is a serious disorder and not one to be taken lightly nor thrown around.

It is normal for a person to fluctuate up to and sometimes greater than 5lbs in a day for any reason. It takes 3500 calories in EXCESS of your burn to gain just one. Thus, it's much smarter to weigh in once a week under the same conditions and take your progress based on that, instead of every morning.

Why The Scale Lies - by Renee Cloe, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I just saw this from your posting history:

I'm a fifteen year old female, nearly sixteen, and I live in Melbourne, Australia.  I'm currently studying at a private school in year eleven, so not long to go until I'm finished!

CC's tools are inaccurate for under 21's so you should use this calculator to work out your BMR: http://www.bcm.edu/cnrc/bodycomp/bmiz2.html as you are still growing. Yes, even in the later years - there's more going on inside of you that you simply can't see. Remember a female under 21 needs 1500 calories per day bare minimum when she is sedentary, and a guy under 21 1800 per day minimum, sedentary. As a reminder. If you are exercising at all you will need more than that.

Lastly, do not do anything compensatory to "work off" anything you may have indulged in. Christmas is one day of the year. It will not kill you.

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Sadly I used to have binge eating disorder so I know the answer to this...

usually just a few days like 4...it never took me more than a full week to return to my starting weight when my binge was confined to one day...

as for "actual" weight gain...no matter how much you ate it is very unlikely that you gained anything substantial even if that's hard for you to believe now

drink lots of water over the next few days and eat/exercise how you normally did before the binge (DON'T try to compensate by not eating or over exercising) and you'll be fine...the only time I ran into problems was when my binges lasted for a few days, because then that results obvsiouly in real weight gain....

hope that helps....I don't binge anymore but probably will be eating everything in sight for x-mas today (as will millions of other people)...hope that helps & merry x-mas don't regret eating for it...it only rolls around once a year and this will do nothing to you in the long run

well, whenever I eat more food than usual (that normally means: if I eat an entire pizza for lunch, drink more than usual (not water) & then eat a huge bowl of fruit, vegetables, etc. on top of that) it usually takes around 3 days for my weight to go back to normal

Don't worry ;) It's just the weight of the food & water... + the salt in the food

Besides... It's Christmas
I also went way over my normal calories Wink It's just one day

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yea that's another thing to remember: binging is a disorder where you can't control it....overeating on a holiday is entirely something else

I'm pretty sure I binge eat... it only really surfaces around sweets tho, or when I am drunk/stoned. Therefore I don't drink/smoke really anymore.

On Christmas I had 1/4 of a 9" double decker spice cake, and 1/4-1/3 of my uncle's berry cobbler (it's an 11X13" pan) and I eat until I am sick feeling. It's really only sweets that do it to me. I haven't done that in a long time... august was my really bad one... lol. But it usually puts about 4-5lbs on me, and it sticks for 2 days, 3rd day I'm down 2lbs, and 4-5 day I am back to normal.

What really sucks is the low self-esteem I get about it bc I know other people notice... and here I am this in shape chick who diets and works out constantly... yet one drink down the hatch and I cannot stop shoveling food in my mouth... ugh! I hate it! I feel like it's a total weakness and why the hell can't I just keep my hands in my pockets??? Geez.

lol, but to answer your q: 4-5days for my own mess ups.

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hahaha OMG that sounds so like me...yesterday I had like 3 glasses of wine and a glass of egg nog thinking that would be my only splurge for a few extra hundred calories...before I know it I was drunk and ate everything but the kitchen sink...I usually eat like nothing so everyone was like ummmm oook....I felt soooo sick though when I went to bed and can feel the sugar/sodium rushing through my veins now...ahhh but whatever it was x-mas and I'll go back down within 4-5 days like you said anyway.....I have no idea though how I used to do that on a regular basis when I had my binge eating disorder...that really really full feeling really isn't fun or necessary at all lol....I fell asleep with a thing of cookies I was attempting to polish off by my side no joke hahaha...


But like the advice I gave earlier...today i will just resume my normal eating and exercise pattern and should be fine in a few days...and I'm NOT weighing myself until next week lol

I have a planned binge every Friday, and so I know it takes about 4-5 days for the bloat to go away.

No worries.

how the heck is a binge planned???

It's also known as a "cheat day".  You deliberately set aside one day a week you can eat whatever you want guilt-free.

I have a cheat day, yeah I understand that term... but I think it's totally different from a binge though... don't you think??

This is what I constitute as a binge: eating to the point I am sick, eating food when I am not hungry, eating eating eating, eating 3550-500 calories within a small period of time, going back for 5th's. Eating. eating. eating.

I basically just eat too much, way too much, for no reason. That's what I consititute as a binge. Not eating a helping of ice cream... that's just a mess up lol.

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As someone who had binge eating disorder I think the clear difference between a "planned" cheat day and a true "binge" is that there is nothing planned about a binge. Binges are accompanied with that compulsive urge where you feel like you HAVE to just eat...and where there is an "all or nothing" attitude that sparks it when you go off your normal eating schedule (which is usually restrictive, hence making you want to binge) for me that urge to binge was my body telling me it was starving and that I NEEDED to eat....it wasn't just me eating something unhealthy and once it got started was unctrollable despite how guilty I felt...it wasn't about will power or a lack there of (I had lost 115 lbs by that point-so obviously had some discipline to say the least when it came to eating)....

that said, even if you eat seconds, thrids, fifths or whatever on X-mas the fact that you just intended to do it on a holiday and then stopped the next day and won't do it until another special occassion day makes it not a binge even if you ate in a binge like manner (does that make sense?)....I ate A LOT yesterday to the point where I could eat no more, but now that it's a new day went back to my healthy eating style and am perfectly fine and will continue on until another holiday or whatever...in the past I would have been looking to repeat what I did yesterday again today and/or in the days to follow and eventually would just cave....


in short what I'm saying is a certain mindset accompanies a true "binge" that simply isn't there when you "overeat" even if that includes an amount.type of food that is similar to that consumed in a binge

Hang on, the op didn't say anything about being a binge eater or bingeing a lot, just that they binged one day. It happens, don't jump to the conclusion that it's a disorder. Sometimes you just want a day where you eat whatever you want, as long as you don't do it all the time it's fine. I binge a bit myself on Christmas and Thanksgiving, they only come once a year so why not?

Any weight you gained is probably just water and it should be gone within a few days. Drink a lot of water and it should help push the water you're retaining.

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no one was criticizing the fact that she "overate" on X-mas that is perfectly 100% fine...just pointing out that "binging" isn't the term to use because that is not ok and is not the same thing although a lot of people use the two terms interchangeably all the time (it's a common mistake)....


but yea, overeating (or what some might call "binging") is fine on a holiday and any "weight" gain is only temporary and will go away ina  few days...I shot up from 135 to 142 and am already back down into the higher 130's and know I'll be back around 135 by this Thurs....if only real weight was that easy to lose lol

lol!! I know I wish I could lose weight like that too...

I went up to 138.5 from Xmas... gained 3.5lbs; By Sunday morning I was 134.2 and Monday I went back to my 135...

I alwasy notice too that the day after my sauna days I weight about 1.5lbs less, and the following day I bloat I think and I put on 1lbs more... lol. Whatever!! Tongue out

Original Post by lalce1:

..just pointing out that "binging" isn't the term to use because that is not ok and is not the same thing although a lot of people use the two terms interchangeably all the time (it's a common mistake)....

Strikes me that it's probably positive to use the words interchangably. It's not, as is often the case and as far as I've ever heard, a reappropriated term with a more specific definition, but a more common term that has a specific, very wicked connotation, especially to some people.

Using it generally, then, has the advantage of 'taking away the magic,' and depriving the term of its power. Since in terms of weight control, power is everything, that seems pretty important.

But, to address the inital topic question, here's the problem: there's no simple sums to it. There are far too many factors going on at any one point in time. The constant low-level change that is always going on in a body, combined with all those small factors that directly affect the numer on the scale, make it virtually impossible to say "oh, X number of days" with any certanty.

lol, I have to say I like your thought process here... It's all too common people discredit when you call something a "binge" I guess really if everyone is calling it a binge it's a binge.... and if it's an ED then it's an ED. Different levels of seriousness I suppose but the shoe seems to fit.

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binging is an eating disorder and is not at all the same thing as overeating ona  holiday....binging isn't just a one time thing, it develops into a vicious cycle of deprivation/starving and then over indulging...


I used to have binge eating disorder two years ago and if I had binge ate on x-mas I would have been looking to do it in the days that followed and probably would have snapped by now and gave in whereas now that I am so much better I simply made a CHOICE to overeat on X-mas (when I binge ate my natural instincts took over) since all my favorite foods were around and then simply went back to my regular eaitng patterns the following day with absolutely no problem....


I get touchy with how people use "binging" because that was one of the most miserable experiences in my life....it's like of someone fasted for a day and then you say they are annorexic...that is totally ridiculous to say as is saying that someone who overate for one holiday binge ate...yea the action may have been the same for that day (not eating, binging) but at the end of the day it's msising that "chronic" cyclical factor that makes use of that particular term valid

The Mayo Clinic states:

When you have binge-eating disorder, sometimes called compulsive overeating, you regularly eat excessive amounts of food (binge). A binge is considered eating a larger amount of food than most people would eat under similar situations. For instance, you may eat 10,000 to 20,000 calories worth of food during a binge, while someone following a normal diet may eat 1,500 to 3,000 calories in a day.

The precise definition of a binge remains up for debate, though. A binge episode is typically considered to last about two hours. But the duration also is under debate, and some experts say binges can last an entire day.

You may have no obvious physical signs or symptoms when you have binge-eating disorder. You may be overweight or obese, or you may be of a normal weight. In fact, most obese people don't have binge-eating disorder.

On the other hand, when you have binge-eating disorder you often have numerous behavioral and emotional signs and symptoms. These may include:

  • Eating large amounts of food
  • Eating even when you're full
  • Eating rapidly during binge episodes
  • Feeling that your eating behavior is out of control
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Frequent dieting without weight loss
  • Frequently eating alone
  • Hoarding food
  • Hiding empty food containers
  • Feeling depressed, disgusted or upset about your eating

After a binge, you may try to diet or eat normal meals. But restricting your eating may simply lead to more binge eating, creating a vicious cycle.

Based upon reading this, I would say that Binge Eating Disorder is closely related to a compulsion disorder. That being said I don't think it HAS to be a cycle... Yeah I agree that a binge isn't really planned being that it technically is an unplanned compulsion, but I also think it doesn't mean you need to actually commence the act in cycles or on a set time frame. If you "Binge" approx once per week, once per month, or once per year does that make it any less of a binge? Does it take away the drastic complusive behavior? No. So that being said I think that Binge Eating Disorder, and the term "Binging" are probably one in the same... it's the severity which can differ.

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ok but again you're missing the overall point I think....it is ok to overeat one a holiday/special occassion....even if people call it a "binge" it isn't...you made a conscious choice to splurge ona  holiday, big deal...life goes on as normal... just because you had a "binge like" episode doesn't mean it was necessarily bad or you have a problem or anything like that....it's a binge, but like you said with virtually no severity or resulting reprucssions (other than maybe some temp. bloating/water weight gain)....


binging in it's true and evil form is a HORRIBLE compulsive disorder that brings someone on an emotional and physical rollercoaster ride....and can be cyclical in nature (although like you said, not always)....


I don't think it is fair though for anyone to sit here and say that well all binging/splurging/ etc. on something like a holiday is BAD because it's "binging"....this is because the term is used incorrectly, which is fine I guess but be aware of the difference...

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