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how long did it take you to lose 20lbs?

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Ive been reading the forum quite a bit and have been clear back in the old pages and it seems to me some of you have lost about 50lbs in 3 or 4 months?

I only ask because they say you should only lose about 2 aweek??  and does anyone have any befor and after pix?

 and to my question how long has it taken you to lose 20 lbs? and how did ya do it??? thanx again!!!!
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Well, some obese people can lose 3-4 lbs a week safely under direction of their Doctor, which is probably where the 50lbs in 3 or 4 months comes from.  And on the  otherhand, when you get into a healthy weight range/near your goal, you are supposed to slow down weight loss to <1 lbs per week to get you closer to being in maintenence mode.

I have been doing this for about a month, and I have lost about 10 lbs, where as some people lose more in their first 4 weeks.

Took me 6 weeks, but I started out as class 2 obese. The first seven pounds came off in six days and it was about 2 lbs a week steadily after that. If you only have 20 lbs to lose, you should only be losing about a pound a week.

Edit: just checked your stats - we started off in about the same range. I eat 1500 calories a day and am mostly sedentary.
I just got to my 20 lb mark and it took me since February of this year with an entire lifestyle change - so 5.5 months so far. I lose about 3 lbs per month. Started out at 129-130 and am now 109-110.

I did it by completely 100% altering how I eat (though I have had some set-backs lately which need to be fixed). NO FAST FOOD whatsoever. I avoid rice as much as possible (I used to gobble it like crazy). I eat much more fruit and veggies than ever before. I increased my fiber intake to 25 g a day minimum. Trust me though, I eat a fair bit. Not as much as before but I NEVER EVER go below 1200 and rarely below 1300 calories. My average intake for past two months is actually 1500 calories.

I also increased my workout levels (I was sedentary before and now I walk up stairs and do some light weightlifting for arm tonight and some belly work). I should increase my workouts though b/c I am much thinner now but still flabby.
thanx guys!!  I really dont have a set date for 20lb loss.. the first week was so easy for me , so I was just wondering.... I know tough times are ahead..

HEY CAT you say we started about the same time?? Please keep in touch...

 OH ya I love rice too but have had none all week .. havent really had much of anything... Im planning one more week on the ellipitcal then I'll start going back to the gym..

MY problem is I go to work early and get home late (construction) so I can get to the YMCA at 5 and leave by 5:45 shower and head to work..

Ive been getting up at 4am and doing the ellip thing.. so far so good!!!!
3 months
ive lost 20 pounds so far and i am looking to loose around another 22 pounds - 30 pounds.

I hope I can do this by christmas!

it took 2 months to lose the first 20 and 4 months to lose the second 20 it gets harder the more you lose I have found anyway.
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a month or so
3 months and I have lost 16 lbs.  I exercise five days a week, usually average 6 hrs a week.  I think slow is fine with me.  I just keep on keepin' on. 
7 months to lose 22 pounds the first 10 pounds was through doing the south beach diet, the rest was simply by calorie counting, i havnt really excersised much, im planning to work on that in 2 months time to help shift the extra 20 pounds
I lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks.  I started out at about 230, so I had plenty to lose.  I also lost 7 pounds in my first week.

June 4: start date

Last Monday: down 28 pounds

Weigh in is tomorrow!

I am eating between 1100-1300 a day, depending on what I'm doing and where I'll be.   I also focus on getting 500 calories in before noon as an ABSOLUTE.  It helps keep me from eating too late at night (because I run out of calories!)... LOL

Hope that helps!
I kept a journal on my PC as I lost weight two years ago:  It took me 5 months to lose 20 lbs, which averages to a pound a week.  With the amount of exercise I did during that time, I could have lost 10-15 lbs more except that I had many moments of weakness where I said "To heck with it" and got Domino's on the phone, etc.  During those five months I never stopped exercising though.
It took me about 5 months which equals an even 1 pound per week weight loss.
It took me about 4 months to lose 20lbs. I had a slow start but then I started losing it about 1 and half  lb a week.
Just about two months to lose 20 lbs.

Wanted to lose 25, I'm down to keeping the last three off consistently (weight doesn't seem to want to stay where I want it to).
It took me 5 months to lose 20lbs. Some weeks I lose and some weeks I don't but overall about 4lbs a month and going steady :) 

I'm 5'6 started at 190, today 166
It took me two months.  I am on a very sensible plan, and I averaged about 10 pounds a month for the first 3 months.  Then it slowed down a bit.
I’ve been at this for 6 weeks…lost 15 lbs according to my regular scale (Just bought it a week ago)…20 according to my digital…I totally don’t trust that thing! It reminds me of that magic 8-ball thingy lol
For me it took 5 months to lose 20lbs, 164 to 144. Then another 2 months to lose 1 more pound, lol.  Slowly but surely! :)  I am on the "eat okay all week, no exercise, cheat when I need to " plan, lol.  I know I could be trying a lot harder, but I'm okay with it!!
about 2 months to lose 16.5 lbs  (by my digital....lol)

eat the right calories, cheat once a week, try to exercise (and eat more those days, even though they don't happen very often). 

I know i need to try harder, and i will once i lose a little more weight and need to exercise to lose   (i was 200 lbs, now 183.5 lbs)
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