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How long did it take you to lose your first 30 ibs?

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Hi, I'm trying to create a realistic time goal to lose my first 30 pounds....past experiences about slow weight loss and extremely quick are appreciated :)

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I have lost about 30lbs-I started in November. So..4 mths. I had a 4 week plateau though, which sucked. And I broke through that with increasing protein, decreasing carbs and eating maintenance for a week

Typically I lose 2lbs a week

Thanks Delaneia :)

I've lost 32.5 lbs in 10 weeks but I still need to lose more than twice that to get to my goal weight. Good luck to u!
It took me a lil longer... I averaged about 5lbs a month so it took me about 6 months... As of today im down 55

Congrats and good luck :) Thanks :)

Thanks :) Good luck and good job :D

It took me about a year to lose 30lbs, I still need to lose about 40 more, but slow and steady wins the race! Good luck to you.

Congrats on your dedication and weight loss :) Thanks :D

My total goal was to lose just over 30 lbs, and it took me about 10 months. Actually, I think the first 30 took about 8 months, the last 3lbs took 2 months.

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My first 30 lbs took approx 12 weeks then I hit a plateau for about 5 weeks before I started losing again.

You're welcome chickee :) Good luck to you ♥

And..I love your avatar slogan Sumayah

I started on Jan 2nd and have lost 31lbs so far

It took me a little over a year to lose 40 lbs. have kept it off, plus lost a few more for over a year.

Making small changes that you can stick with is key!! And definitely figure out what kinds of cardio and strength training you really like do those too will become a regular part of your new lifestyle :)
I've just started and have lost just over 6 pounds this week. I hope to lose 30 in 2 months so I think I'm on the right track.
I started January 10 I've lost 31 pounds. Good luck with your weight loss.
2 months. Although I had a fair amount to lose and worked with a nutritionist and personal trainer
A year. I deliberately did it slowly, and I feel great. No plans to return to former weight. 1.5 pounds from goal weight!

I think the first 30 took me about 3 months. But I lost about 10 pounds in the first two weeks, which was mostly water weight. The amount you should aim to lose per week depends on how much you weigh...losing 2 pounds a week is probably fine for someone who is obese or moderately overweight, but would most likely be too much for someone that's only slightly overweight or already at a healthy weight and only trying to lose vanity pounds.

I lost 28lbs in 4/5 months
About seven months for me. But I wasn't exercising the first month.

Then the next few weeks I was exercising but not counting calories....

Anyway, good luck!
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