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How Long Have You Kept Your weight off For?

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I have lost 58lbs in weight my concern is that i may gain weight or count calories for the rest of my lifeā?¦

I would like to know of anyone who has kept the weight off and how long they have been maintaining there weight for, Im looking for inspirationā?¦

With thanks

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I lost 135ish pounds, depending on the daily fluctuation, it'll be 5 years of maintaining that loss in December.  I still count calories, small price to pay.

I lost 80 lbs by Dec of 2010 and an additional 10 lbs since Jan of this year so maintained about 1.5 years and counting!

I lost 60 and have managed to keep around 52 off... Oh, for 5 years.  I count in a lazy effort to lose those 8lb again, but I'm at a healthy BMI, so I eat and exercise however I want to.

When I first joined CC, I lost almost 70 pounds after the birth of my daughter. I maintained that weight loss until becoming pregnant with my son.

Then I lost weight after the birth of my son 3.5 years ago. I went from about 170 to 120/125. I've been maintaining for about 2.5 years and I very loosely count calories. I mostly just log to make sure I'm getting the right ratios of macro- and micro-nutritents.

I lost 20-25 pounds on my own and kept it off effortlessly for a year before I joined CC. I lost another 30 pounds after I joined CC and started logging calories, and have maintained my new weight for nearly a year. I continued counting calories for the first few months after I transitioned to maintenance, then counted on-and-off for a few months before gradually stopping. I think the last time I counted was probably in February or March. I weigh myself once a week or so and don't worry about small fluctuations. It's normal for me to fluctuate by 6 or 7 pounds.

Before I lost the weight, I didn't even know I could lose weight and be thinner - I thought I was just "naturally" heavy - so it was shocking to realize that I'd let myself gain 55 pounds of extra weight without even realizing it. It took me a while to trust myself and to trust food again. It's hard to shake the feeling that all that fat you shed is lurking around a corner somewhere waiting to jump on you as soon as you let your guard down. But after a few months of maintenance, I know that's not how it works. I'm not going to get up to that weight again without significant lifestyle changes. I eat intuitively and generally have whatever I want - I'm just a little more thoughtful about my indulgences now.

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