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How long does it take to gain a pound

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I'm on vacation and  I'm trying not to gain weight. If i eat...say...2000 calories a day, which is 200 more than i'm supposed to be eating, am i going to gain weight by the end of this week?

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each and every minute you are gaining and losing...it's not like at the end of the week your body tallies it up and says "hmmm..i am running a surplus, better gain 2 pounds". so by eating 200 calories over maintenance, you will effectively be gaining .057 pounds per day, adding up to a bit over 1/3 pound for the week. the scale may fluctuate more than the actual gain due to fluid retention and the like but as far as actual weight gain, you are gaining and losing all the time. it doesn't "take a certain amount of time" per se. does that make sense? sorry if it sounds sarcastic, internet posts can do that :) just informative, not condescending. 

hmmm kind of....

weight watchers told me 1 lb =3500 calories.  So an excess 3500 calories of what you burn would be 1 lb of fat.  

200 calories more than you burn, times one week =1400 cal, which would be .4 of a pound. Pretty much the same thing Chrissy said.

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hmmm kind of....

which part don't you get? if you eat more than you need, you'll gain weight, that minute, that hour, that day...it will be minor but those minor additions will add up to about .4 pounds after a week, does that make sense?

If you walk for an hour or so every day on vacation, you won't gain anything. I think that's the most likely outcome.

Otherwise, yes, you need 3500 excess calories to gain a pound. Eating 200 calories over maintenance for 7 days would result in a gain of less than half a pound.

Hey I was asking myself the same question.

I've heard about the 3500 excess calories thing, but there's one thing I don't get : is it an addition of all the excess calories of the week ??

For example, I'm supposed to be eating 1800 calories to maintain my weight. I'm going on vacation and let's say I'll be eating about 3000 calories a day (just an example to get the idea) , which is 1200 excess calories. I'll be gaining 1 pound every three days ?


Yes, the 3500 calories is the amount you need over maintenance to gain a pound. It could take a day to gain that excess (one very food-filled day!), or it could take a year. ideally, it might never happen! The time frame is not important.

Yes, if you were to eat 1200 excess calories every day you'd be gaining about one lb every 3 days.

3500 calories = 1 lb of fat.  The scale when you come home may tell you that you have gained more than that due to water retention etc. but if you eat 200 calories over your daily maintance amount (1400 calories over the 7 days) you should gain 0.4lbs of fat.  My suggestion would be to not worry about it all that much because your body should stabilize back to your normal weight when you come home.  If you want to work off the fat put on quickly when you get home I would suggest you put in an extra 30 minutes of cardio each day for the week when you get home.  Any extra weight the scale says when you get home should stabilize over the first few days at home as you return to your normal diet and any water retention from the vacation disappears.  Good luck and have a good time on your vacation.

at least 50 pounds... dude... I'd cancel my vacation for sure...

200 calories extra from what? your deficit........it needs to be over maintenance . It seems almost everyone around here is on the 2lbs a week weight loss program, which is 1000 under maintenance. So I guess it depends on what your maintenance is. Smile

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