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How long do extra calories take to show up on the scale?

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Hi All!

So, I had a little weekend vacation and did not count calories - just ate what I wanted and how much I wanted.  A little break from the steady counting I've been doing for 7 months!

Anyway, I know I ate extra calories - probably a lot, but I don't know how many... so how long do you think it will take to see what kind of "damage" I did to show up on the scale so I can evaluate what if any changes I need to make to "fix it"?

Thanks for your help - you all are great!
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Well, it really depends. If you go back to eating healthy right away, it may not show up on the scale at all. The metabolism is mysterious that way. Or, if you ate a large quantity and still have the bulk of it in your digestive system, that might cause temporary weight gain. As for converting into fat, that happens almost on a daily basis, so if you gain fat it will show up within a day or two.

Pretty much just return to healthy eating habits and you should be back on track without too much to worry about.

I never thought about that when you eat extra calories because of a trip or something.  I would assume it would show up right away because its already in your system, but that weight could come from the fact the food hasn't properly digested yet and is still in your stomach since it takes some foods a few days to completely digest.  I would recommend doing an extra workout or weight lifting to balance it out.  If you did alot of working out before you ate alot....your metabolism should be high and would burn the calories faster.
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Don't worry.  You would have to eat 3500 cal to gain a pound of fat.  Just go back to eating right.  You may see a stall in wieght loss, or even a small gain.  Nothing that isn't reversable.  My suggestion would be to take a week off the scale and weight yourself later so you can give yourself time to get rid of any extras left over from the weekend and not beat yourself up about it.

The way I think about food is that it is ok to splurg on food every now and then.  Don't make a habit of it, because the habit is why you gained weight.  Not the once every 7 month weekend splurg.
Something else to consider. Fat just doesn't settle in one place it is distributed all over the body, so even a pound which I doubt was that much would be displaced all over so even if the scale shows a weight gain your clothes and such shouldn't fit any different now with a 5 to 7 pound gain that is a little different you would probably see that in the fitting, but if you go back to your normal eating and exercise you won't see it. I agree with Jen lay off the scale for a week let your body go back to normal should be just fine...
I just had a weekend splurge too... exceeded my maintenance calories by ~1,500 on Saturday and a few hundred on Sunday. Usually, for me, a "binge" is when I eat my maintenance calories... but still healthy food. So Saturday was horrible. I really feel like I let myself down.

BUT - I'm trying not to let it get me down. I'm heading to the gym straight after work today!
Thanks everyone.  I think the idea of laying off the scale for a week and letting myself off the hook till then is a great idea!  Now to see if I can do it.  My scale and I have a special relationship - never go a day without it :)

And.... I just found out my gym will be closed for the next 2 weeks.  I'll have to find something else to do to get back on track. 

I'm assuming that I'll have lost about a week of ground... so I'll catch back up!  I'm starting back right away with my plan.

Also - have NOT been hungry at all today.  I think my body knows there is extra food in my system and is working away at it instead of making me eat.  Pretty cool!
if you do that all the time you should look at how much you are eating and count it up. even if its only roughly.

dont avoid the truth.

that way you are more in control because you are aware of everything. no surprises as to why something happened as it did on the scale.

also you can budget in those weekends and avoid the uncertainty and enjoy yourself if you just look at what you have eaten.

i have made eating up to maintain cals part of my diet when i am in that situation. it makes it a lot easier to stay on track and not feel so diet burdened.
It's not a regular thing... This was an exception.  I did do a VERY rough estimate - but don't trust it completely.  Just waiting to see how things pan out.
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