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How long does it take you to eat one meal?

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Seriously, for me it takes about an hour-two hours... i eat so slow lol...atleast my boyfriend has no problem with that ^^

but anyways i was wondering how long does it take you guys to eat one meal?
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wow, i have the opposite problem.  i am a veryy fast eater.  i usually eat my meals in 10-15 minutes.  its bad i know, i've started to try consciously counting the number of times a chew per mouthful, but it's hard.
usually a 200-300 calorie meal takes me about half an hour.


It usually takes me all day to eat a whole meal, I'll eat little pieces here and there, because I fill up quickly.

Unless I'm in a binging mode, then I can just eat way past my "full" feeling. Luckily I can keep that in control most of the time.
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I mow down. Five minutes tops. 
Too fast :/ I rather snack.
it usually takes me about 15 minutes to a 1/2 hour to eat a 200-350 cal meal. 

if i havn't eaten for a while and i'm super hungry and in a hurry, i'll wolf my meal down. 

if it's a long drawn out family get together style meal, then a couple of hours at least.  haha we love our food. 
an hour to eat a meal?!?! i eat sooo quickly, i really need to slow down but its food and so good..
I eat meals in.. probably 10 minutes.  I can't believe you eat so slowly! I wish I'd eat that slow. I'd probably eat way less.
It depends what I'm eating. A big family dinner will take me about 45minutes to an hour, although then I'm usually conscious of how fast others are eating and slow down. Breakfast is usually 10 minutes, Lunch 20 and dinner about half an hour to 40 minutes. I'd like to eat slower because I'd probably eat less, but I also have a problem throwing food away so I'd end up eating it anyway :P
I have small snacks through out the dya except for dinner instead of big meals, but dinner takes me like 5-10 minutes to eat. I eat ay to quickly!
I really dont know how long it takes me, but if I'm sitting at a table I'm always the last one for about 3-5 min, and I only have one helping, but since me and my Boyfriend have been living in our new house we sit infront of the TV and eat. Wich I like because I can sit back, watch some TV, wait a bit, eat some more, Wait a bit, finnish up. It takes about an hour for me to eat at home.
I can finish a meal in 15 minutes, but I have also been making a concious effort to eat slower.  I noticed that the faster I eat, the more I eat.  However, when I eat slowly I tend to get a bit bored.
dont feel too alone, it takes me about an hour-hour 1/2 for me. i could probably do longer but after an hour i dont really want to eat anymore so i pick up my pace
it really depends what it is.

everything but cereal takes me at least 45 minutes or more.
i talk and eat (yeh i know really polite of me...lol)
or i am doing stuff while i eat

but i have been known to eat a chalupa in two bites if im in a rush.

eating slowly is better.

i just wondered...what takes you two hours to eat?

For an average meal about 30 minutes.  However, at home when the family sits down to eat dinner it is usually longer.  Conversation's going on etc slows it down and I love it!
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about a half hour to 45 min

I make sure my food is the exact right temperature for me to enjoy it, not to hot or i dont enjoy the taste. I make sure i take small bites so I can enjoy more of it. I always chew it and try to taste every bite individually... it makes me feel like i'm eating more than I am.

my boyfriend always complains about how long it takes me lol
ten minutes and its in my belly! i tried eating slower but always forget. Oh well. thats one of my smaller porblems.
I'm a fast eater so I can down a meal in about 10 minutes.  When I was a kid it used to drive me nuts eating with my parents.  My dad would take forever to eat and I'd be sitting there in a restaurant bored having finished my food 20 minutes ago.
am i the only one who eats slow *sniff sniff*

it took me 2 hours to finish a kids hamburger from burgerking :(
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