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Weight Loss
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How long before you SAW change?

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I'm 6'1, 252 pounds

The scale tells me that I have lost 10 pounds in the last 4 weeks, which I am really excited about. However, I haven't really noticed much of a change in my body. I understand that because I am already a big guy, it will take longer to SEE change, despite what the scale says.


How long before you all saw change in your body?

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Welll...the heavier you are the longer it takes to physically see results. With that said I started at 243 and it took 30 lbs for me to physically see a change. Sure I felt a difference in the way my clothes fit- they were downright baggy. And other people noticed as well...but I noticed after 30 lbs. And that was about 3 and a half months. So...

Well..*I* personally didn't see much change after working out for 3 months and dieting. However, when I started getting compliments from people I didn't know, as well as some of my friends (and my friend's mom! XD), I took a closer look and realized that, yeah, I have changed! And I look so much better now. Especially my arms and legs. I totally didn't even notice when I bought some yoga pants the other day in a size medium instead of large. I buy shirts in medium now too! I've always bought large sizes for so long, and now I'm so excited to be buying smaller. :)

If you keep at it, you may not immediately notice the changes yourself, but when other people start noticing it and bringing it up, you'll be pleasantly surprised! :D Don't give up! And don't get discouraged.

It was about 30 lbs for me to really start to see the difference.  I started at 227.  I am now at 176 and can tell a lot more.   All my old clothes are too big and I am getting into my "skinny" clothes again.  It is a great feeling and so worth all the hard work I have put in.

I started seeing results after about two weeks. Now I see changes almost weekly. I might notice that I can see muscles I couldn't before or a bone might be more prominent (NOT IN AN UNHEALTHY WAY) or some stretch marks might have faded a bit more--that was somthing I just noticed earlier this week. I'd been making myself sick worrying about stretch marks, but they've all but disappeared from the backs of my arms. Whoo!

Everyone's different. A loss of ten pounds might mean going down a size or two in clothing for one person, but it won't even be physically noticeable in another person--even if they're the same height and weight. It's actually futile to compare yourself to anyone else during weight loss. :P

check out my profile because I logged it, journal-ed it, and kept a picture journal as well.

Reason being, the first week it felt like nothing hapened. However after a couple weeks I noticed change, grab a camera and shoot some photos in the mirror, have a set distance and place to stand so you can get good comparison shots.

I still dont think I have lost as much as I have but thats because I still have a ways to go. I would not belive it had worked had I not taken the pics to prove it.

I also took measurements, over all, shrinkage.

The scale may or may not move, but your body sure does change shape, especially if you get exorcise.

Anyway, check my profile and journal out as I elaborated on a lot of the questions you have, because I had the same thing, And I also figured others would want to know, because there is a lot out there from people who have made huge changes. but not much out there about what happens the first few days and weeks. I would advise keeping a journal yourself, and taking pics and measurements, it helps keep you from giving up too.

I'm a guy, 5'8", and started at 385, so I actually saw results after about 30 days, and felt results around 60 days. And now, obviously, I can see and feel results in just about every activity and aspect of my life.

SW: 385 (1/20/10) CW: 301.8 (7/11/10) GW: 150 (12/25/11)

For guys: losing interabdominal fat (deep in your abdomen) helps your health a lot more than losing any other fat does, but the loss is the least visible. You can see the difference in your waist measurement (level of the navel) though. In a way, you are lucky if you lose that fat first, because that is the fat that is most associated with illnesses.

Like many other forum members, I didn't really notice it until my family began to comment on how different I looked - and that began at around 20 pounds.  At 30 pounds, some people at the office began to comment (not too many, though, I think they feel it is not politically correct to comment on a woman's appearance at work), but a few co-workers did comment on how great I looked - these folks know me well enough to express encouragement. 

One guy asked if I had "changed my hair", because it looks "really good".   Maybe he felt safe commenting on the hair, which I've changed slightly.  Or maybe he just feels that it's a hair style thing, rather than a LIFE style thing!!!

I am absolutely noticing the difference now, at 33+ pounds, just over halfway to my goal weight.  I've dropped 4 sizes, I am seeing muscle definition once more, and my face is leaner and the skin tone has improved greatly. 

Exercise has been the key factor, though.  I'd say that without the regular, intense  cardio exertion, this would have been far far slower and I don't think I'd look as healthy.  It has also helped keep my mood buoyant and my motivation high. 



I didn't see a change till almost a year. :/

You just have to believe your body is changing after some point.

I advocate taking your measurements - to me these are often more useful than the scale. Also you will really notice when your clothes start to become very baggy.

There are two seperate things.  When you notice.  And when others notice.


I found when I lost the bulk of my weight, I noticed as I went along but didn't get comments from other people until I had lost a whole lot -- almost all of it.   Then, all of a sudden everyone mentioned it.  At first, I thought people were not mentioning it because of manners ...but they truly didn't notice.  Shows how no one is paying that close attention to your body...only you are. I guess thats a good thing. :)

I think I started noticing at about 20lbs. I started at 208 and am now 162. I agree with everyone to take measurements, but also take pictures. You will be amazed, I just updated my porgress photo, and I really can't believe its me.

I started at 232 pounds and noticed my first bit of change around 200 pounds. This is when I started wearing different sizes.

After that I noticed again at around 185 and even more of a change between 185 and 175 :)

So that would be 30 pounds and then again after 45, and 55! The increments are definitely getting smaller, so hopefully I'll be something different in the next 10 pounds!


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it took me about 2 weeks although i was on a really gruelling diet

no solids for two weeks, and i had to drink a mixture of homemade lemonade, maple syrup and cayenne pepper



About 2 months after, people started commenting.  Now, about a year later, family I haven't seen in years drew blanks when I saw them and I had to re-introduce myself to them. It's hard to notice things yourself, since you see yourself all day. I recently found a picture that blew me away, clear results.

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