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How long does it take for you body to adjust to drinking water?

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The title pretty much says it all, but I'll elaborate:

I'm one of those people who HATES water.  I just DON'T drink it, because it makes my stomach feel gross, I hate what it tastes/doesn't taste like, and I just...generally don't like it.  A few days ago, though, I decided I really do need to drink water, because I KNOW it's good for you/necessary.  So, on both Saturday and Sunday, I drank a 20 oz bottle of water, plus my normal 12 oz latte, and yesterday, I drank my ENTIRE full nalgene, all 32 oz, plus 12 oz latte, plus cup of coffee with some almond milk.  Now, I know 20 oz/32oz is not even nearly enough, but considering my usual liquid intake is a 12 oz latte and that's it, that is a TON of water for me.

Here's the thing:  Last night, after finally finishing that stupid nalgene, I weighed myself about an hour later, before bed, just like always.  And I was 115.0 POUNDS.  The last few days, I've been sort of freaking out over a number of 113.0 lbs, before bed.  I told myself it MUST be the water, it HAS to be.  I overate a couple days last week, but it was only by a couple hundred calories, at most-- certainly nothing to gain so much weight off of.  But this morning, I'm still sitting t 113.8.  My scale is usually about 2lbs higher than other scales that I trust (ie: gym scale), but even so, I start to FREAK OUT if the number is above 110 (and 110 is a sort of warning number, to me).

Does the water seem to be a good explanation?  How long will it take for me to even out?!  I'm sorry that I'm acting to freaked and paranoid about this, but I'm NOT used to this happening.  My weight fluctuates, sure... but not like THIS.  I've sort of figured out what my body does, with regards to weight, and this is not normal.  It certainly doesn't make me want to TOUCH the waterbottle again....

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Anyone?  I just got back to the doctor (or other reasons-- back and knee pain), and of course they weighed me, and I was 114.9.  Maybe I'm completely overreacting, and I hate to sound like an annoying, obsessed girl, but if anyone has an insight/reassurance/anything I would really appreciate it!  Does drinking more water really "flush out" excess water?  That sounds so counter-intuitive!
er, yeah, that's the water.  16 oz of water equals one pounds so it's likely you gained those two pounds from drinking.  It should pass through relatively quickly though, unless maybe you're dehydrated?  Though you do get a lot of water from the food you eat so you don't have to drink 8 glasses a day.  Every time someone mentions putting on weight quickly on these forums people tend to say watch your sodium intake, because that can cause water retention.  Or maybe you needed the water and are using it?
I hate drinking water too!  Usually because of the taste/no taste factor.  Lately I've been drinking more and I've noticed my weight is higher in the evenings, but usually back to normal in the morning after potty time :P

Ug, thanks guys.  I know my posts sounds super obsessed, ridiculous and excessive, but I'm still getting over an eating disorder, so sometimes big "huge" jumps in weight, regardless of the reason, sort of freaks my mind out!

That is such a relief to hear that 16 oz of water = 1 lb.  I went to the gym this afternoon, and according to THAT scale I was 111... Since that's the scale I really believe and trust the most, it was good to see.  Yes, my weight may be up, but not by THAT much... and the water is a good explanation.

So, like I said, I've heard that drinking more water is good (duh) and that is sort of flushes out excess water...  Is that still the case, when I'm only taking in 12-32 oz of straight water?  (I do eat lots of fruit, so I'm assuming I get more water daily, but I'm talking about water out of a waterbottle, here)  And how long does it take?

Again, thanks for the patience!

I go through periods when I don't drink enough water.  When I start back on the water I generally only feel bloated for a day or two.  Then the water starts to really flush out. By day four I feel great. You really do have more energy and feel better when your body is fully hydrated.

It may sound counter intuitive, but drinking more water keeps you from retaining water. 

Umm, I think the water flushing water out has more to do with sodium intake than anything.  If you've had too much salt that can make you retain water and the best way to get rid of that is by flushing the salt water solution out.  (I'm going on biology not nutrition but the body is not a petri dish so I might be getting this wrong)  Drinking extra water might flush the salt out, if that's your problem but I don't know what it will do to the water (probably nothing).  If you want to know how much water you need I would refer you to the sticky up top, I'm guessing they've covered this.

  I wouldn't worry about the poundage though, it's not fat it's good old H2O and it's perfectly natural for your weight to fluctuate some with the amount of water and food you've got sitting in your stomach (some people seem so stunned to find they gain weight right after they eat-- it's not fat, it's your sandwich it has mass and it hasn't gone anywhere yet).  If the weight hasn't gone down that's either because you keep drinking water at a continual weight (yes, you've flushed out the 32 oz but didn't you use another 32 oz to do that?) or it could be from you're TOTM, girls tend to gain a bit of water weight before-- two pounds sounds about right for that too.   

moonikins-- ahhh, thank you, that is super encouraging.  I just forced myself to drink another 20oz bottle today, and believe me, my stomach is not happy about it.  I'm one of those people who actually feels sick to the stomach after drinking water, but I will keep trying for a while more!  Thanks!

missmichelle-- wow I totaly didn't even notice the sticky!  Thanks for the reference.  As for sodium, I'm really not a big sodium person.  I mean, VERY RARELY do I EVER go over the 2,500mg... Usually I'm at, or under, 2,000mg.  But, I guess any "extra" watever over what my body is used to may still be absorbed by it.  As far as TOTM, I WISH that were the case.  I keep putting off going to the doctor because I've been having issues for almost 2 years now getting it without medication.  Sigh.  Thaaaank you for the reassurance, though.  I really just need to remind myself it MUST just be water.  :)

on monday I weight myself and I was 2 pounds heavier than normal. It was the day after I ate chinese food so I'm guessing a had a lot of sodium.  On Tuesday I weighed myself and I was 3 pounds lighter (1 pound less than what I was before the weekend)...so just weigh yourself tomorrow (try to do it in the morning on an empty stomach so you don't get discouraged).

I never drank ANY water 3 years ago. Now, I HAVE to drink water. You should drink 1/2 your body weight in oz. I weight 165 so I drink about 80oz a day. I feel so bad and my bladder feels...dirty...yucky when I do NOT drink enough water. How I got myself to dirnk at first was by force. I got used to drinking it daily after about a month. I no longer think of the taste. Water is the key but only if you have enough. You must have enough water or you WILL retain it and avoiding water is not doing you any favors. Once your body gets used to having the water it needs EVERY day and knows you will continue it will FLUSH out, I promise. AS said above, sodium will cause water retintion but do not let that scare you away from drinking water, let it scare you away from sodium.

I crave water now, I hope you can train your body and mind to do the same. Now if only I can train my mind to stop eating.

I just added you as a friend. I read your bio, I am proud of you. Your are focused on your schooling and being healthy. I will be checking on you to see how your water drinking is coming along. You said your home is Seattle, I have ALWAYS wanted to live there. I have the weirdest obsession to just up and move to Washington, somewhere, anywhere there. Every since I saw the move "Ten things I Hate About You" I looked up Tacoma and all over the state on the internet. I just feel a drive to be there. What do you LOVE about it?
not drinking enough water will add to the knee and back pain (another thing to motivate you to stay drinking)

If you feel sick to your stomach - Try filtered water.
I hate all other water (except smartwater- thats good stuff)

When you are dehydrated you stomach will quease at drinking more water. Try an electorlyte drink as your water starter when that happens. You stomach will like it better. If water is too cold and your dehydrated...that will cause extra quease too.

A hydrated body has a faster metabolism - another motivational thing.

you should be having (without exercise) 1/2 your weight in ounces.

115/2 = 57 ounces

You body should adjust within a week of drinking your 60 ounces.
More if you exercise. TO determine how much you should drink post exercise. Weigh in before and after. Drink the change.

You can put me into the category of also hating water. I'll also pretty much only drink Poland Spring or the local supermarket's bottled water. I don't like the taste of water out of my faucet or brita filtered and I can't touch Avian or any other bottled brands. I always drink a bottle while working out and I try to get water whenever I eat out but if I'm not doing either, I'll sometimes not drink water the entire day. And I tend to drink 2 cups of coffee during the day and a cup of tea at night. Sometimes I'll be good for a week but then I'll run out of bottled water at work and just drink coffee all day until I buy more. I do notice that I feel better after I've had water but it still is hard for me to force myself to drink it.

It's almost certainly the water... But don't give up -- water and proper hydration are EXTREMELY important to weight loss and overall physical health.  Just a suggestion, there are a number of companies that make the "on the go" packs of mixes that can be added to a 20 oz. glass or bottle of water to change the flavor and, in some cases add vitamins/minerals.  Usually they only add 5 calories and they are really good (not to mention convenient).  Here's a link:

http://www.kraftfoods.com/CrystalLight/Variet ies/refreshment.htm

I really don't know if I can handle much more water, at least not now....  Does that mean that UNTIL I up the water, I will keep on being so heavy and huge?  Like, last night and today... I'm just bloated, man.  I can visibly see a difference.  Uck.

I know there are so many benefits to drinking water, though-- thanks everyone for reminding me!  The knee/back pain is definately a good motivator.  My knee hurts like heck today!  Ug.  Although like I said... there's no way I'm drinking 55+ ounces of water in a day, at least not now.

I've also read lots of articles discussing how the "drink so-and-so amount of water" is more a myth?  And that really, it's not necessary?  Maybe that's just wishful thinking, on my part...

And I love all the flavored water things, BUT!  For lent I gave up artificial sweeteners... so there goes all my options!  :( Hmmm....  I'll keep them in mind though, if I do decide to go back to them.

Thank you everyone!  It's good to know that, even if I DO weigh more, it's healthy... even if I feel like crap/gross these first few days/week...

Your thirst will catch up to you.
Drink that smart water stuff. It will help debloat.
When you are dehydrated like that you need electrolytes with the water to help your body balance it out. (smartwater has that)

Another thing is adding frozen berries to a water bottle and shake it up really hard. I like raspberries and strawberries. Something natural and less tart than plain ole' lemon. 
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I used to hate drinking water. So I would just drink small amounts and even then I would have to force it down. After a few days my body did adjust and I could drink more. It was really hard from me because I had an eating disorder when I was younger, so forcing anything down was emotionally difficult. Now I drink between 5-8 glasses a day with no problem and feel great. I sometimes even start to feel sick if I don't get enough, so I at least my body is used to it and wants it. Good luck.
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