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logging water

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Should I count milk when I log my water intake?
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Not if you are actually logging water.

no calories, no caffeine, no sugar are usually what is considered 'loggable' under the water category.

they say you don't really need 8 cups of water per day, this may be true, however I know that I, personally, lose weight more easily when I drink more water.  I love water, and other than coffee or the occasional glass of wine, it's all I drink -- I only log water and drink about 15-20 cups per day

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I log water and unsweetened tea. Everything else is just extra liquids (which is good!) but not water.
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*and decaffeinated
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Original Post by mark_addy:

Should I count milk when I log my water intake?

I don't-- but that's because I'm not a habitual water drinker. Knowing that I drank at least of 8 glasses of nothing but water has helped me to increase my intake and has helped me to avoid other less healthy choices since my body is not thirsty.

I've been able to stop drinking most soda, decreased my coffee intake drastically, and don't drink a lot of juice unless its the 100% fruit juice with no sugar added stuff. A glass of milk has been my nighttime ritual since I was a little girl and I only have it 2-3 times a week now-- it's A LOT of calories to consume right before bed for me.

Should I count coffee when I log my water intake? I take my coffee : black, no sugar milk or cream.

It depends on you and your goals really. Yes, technically it counts toward water as liquid and hydration, but if you're looking at it from a weight loss prospective, and are trying to stop drinking too much milk, juice, soda, etc and drink more water to flush toxins and  lose weight, then you might not want to count it..The only things you definately don't want to count towards water intake, (which also answers your question, wwguy, ) are caffinated beverages....(caffinated coffee, caffinated tea, caffinated sodas, etc...). You can count decaffinated options of these drinks, but you don't want to count the caffinated beverages because they cause some water loss instead of hydrating you. And you also don't want to count alchohol because it has the same effect. :)


Thanks for you clear specific information.

No, don't log milk.  Milk is milk.  Skim milk, almond milk, and soy milk have some water in them. But any drink where it would be difficult to know how much of the contents are water, i.e., soda, diet soda, milk, juice, anything with caffeine, etc., I do not count as water.  I DO, however, count anything that I know the water content of as water, i.e., water w/ crystal light, decaf coffee, decaf tea (I don't typically count tea or coffee because the caffeine), carbonated water.  While I avoid drinking more than a glass or two of water with crystal light, I find that it sometimes helps me meet my water quota if I can have a few glasses of flavored water. 

Even though we know the water content of coffee, I do not count caffeinated products because they are a diarrhetic. 

Star has given you the most appropriate answer - it depends on your goals.

However to be clear, liquid that is not water, caffeinated beverages, and even water contained in foods do contribute to your body's hydration. Coffee and other caffeinated beverages are not diuretics (references are listed at the bottom of the page).  Beverages that are not pure water (milk, soda, juice) are mostly water.

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