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Logans Roadhouse - Alcohol

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I'm wondering if there is any nutritional information out there on Logans Roadhouse and their alcoholic drink menu. On average, how much would you say a Roadhouse Tea from there would have calorie wise? ( It's a long island ice-tea ), margarita and the like? I'm curious whether going there to get ripped would end up making me fat or if it's safe. This would be a one night deal.

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LOL - a one night deal isn't going to make you fat. Meh maybe you'd gain a pound or two. General rule of thumb with alcohol - mixed drinks tend to contain massive calories.  They're pretty evil. Including juice ones. Diet soda with any alcohol is pretty low. 

Have fun : )

Well every morning I do an hours worth of stationary cycling at about 23-24 MPH on average (except when I push then it's more like 26-28) burning what my digital reader says is 701.6 Calories a morning, then I do 240 suspended sit ups (hanging) and then for two days I do half an hour of high impact and speed Martial Arts (Shaolin Kung Fu), I take two days off, do two more, take one day off and then repeat the process throughout the week (never missing a day)


So naturally I'm a little concerned about hurting my progress/setting myself back. Are you certain I won't if I indulge for a single night?

Even a white russian - made with milk and baileys, much higher calorie drinks - is maybe 300 calories for a big, tall glass.  So, I suppose you could have...11 or so of them, and gain a pound?  Like chickey said, a one-night deal is not a big deal.

EDIT: I don't recommend having 11 white russians.  Or 35 jack and diet cokes (similar calorie intake).  Or 23 regular beers (again, same).  Or binge drinking in any form.  Just wanted to give some perspective.

Alcohol does have the wonderful ability to dehydrate you; however, so you may have some water weight gain until you are re-hydrated.  So, while not advocating any sort of binge-drinking -- a couple of drinks in an evening (and almost no way to make a few equal the 3500 calories it takes to gain a pound of fate), should not be too bad.

The body is supposed to stop fat-burning while the liver metabolizes the alcohol -- so this is something to consider.  Tons of article on yahoo, if you are interested -- I didn't grab a specific one

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