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Liver, is it safe to eat?????

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ok, so i want to help my daughter who is struggling with enimia. I give her lost of iron rich foods, it's helpingm but she needs more. The iron pills make her sick, so she has to eat her iron. What about liver, it is high in iron, and she loves meat, so this might trick her into eating it-if it looks like meat she will eat it. lol.  

But my question is, is it safe to eat? it is a part of the animals body which cleans out toxins and what not.. if it is safe, which is better-beef or chicken. i can't get calf liver. so chicken or beef liver are the only options. let me know what you think.

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I love liver. It is high in cholesterol but if she is young I wouldn't worry much about that and if she only has it maybe once a week or so that would be ok.  I am not sure as far what is better beef or chicken.  Another good source of iron are raisins - Total cereals are high in iron also.  Some beans are also high in iron - not green but navy pinto lima and the like.  Refried beans are good source of iron.
I don't know about liver, but may I suggest oatmeal and bagels? Both are pretty high in iron.
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I have live rabbits, and when we kill them. We keep the liver, bake it or make it fit to eat. After that we take the liver chop it up, add onions, some vinegar than olive oil. And then it tastes delicious. LIver is good for you!    
People have been eating liver for thousands of years.  Of course it's safe to eat.  If you want some recipes, let me know.

Did you know that clams have more iron than liver?  Will she eat clam chowder?
And here's a really good article I found.  At the end, it has a list of foods that are high in iron

emeril suggests soaking liver in milk overnight to help reduce the toxins.  dont know if this is true or if it works or has any basis in reality whatsoever... but thought it was nifty and might at least alleviate your fears even if it doesnt actually do anything.

**good luck**
Here's an article that seems to address all of these concerns.

http://www.westonaprice.org/foodfeatures/live r.html

It says, in part, that the liver is not a storage organ for toxins.  Toxins concentrate in fatty tissues, not the liver.
You know, that's the thing; I've read about people who eat organ meats being at higher risk for certain things, but I forgot what. I know that doesn't help you, but I have a couple 'red flags' go up in my head about liver and other organ meats. That's where diseases are stored, at least moreso than in the muscle tissue. Cooking will generally destroy bacterial diseases, but I don't know about viruses. It can't be too unsafe, or you wouldn't be able to buy it at the supermarket.

I would reccomend Coco Wheats; you can find them at most grocery stores. They are chocolate flavoured farina, which is an ancient italian whole grain. I love it and eat it every morning. In one serving, you get 90% of your daily requirement for Iron, and 10% of calcium. Basically, it tastes like chocolate malt-o-meal. I add 1 tbsp sugar (like 30 calories, no big whoop), and 1 tbsp Smart Balance Light buttery spread, which is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and only 45 calories per tbsp. Tastes just like butter. Make that, and she won't even notice she's eating it for health, I promise!
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