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will a little piece of candy daily really ruin my weight loss?

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hey everyone! i've only been here about a month but i have to say this place is amazing to keep track of your weightloss! since i've started watching my weight to prepare for track season coming up in two months, (i've lost about 20 lbs over the last 5 months!! =) )i was starting to question my nutrition...i usually eat around 1200-1400 calories depending on the day..with the occasional binge lol. but i strength train 3 times a week, run at least 3x week and practice yoga daily... but lately i've been on a weight loss plateau..i would like to drop 7 lbs in two months (preferrably of body fat not muscle). i usually eat very healthy...lots of fruits and veggies, usually a 25% fat, 25% protein, and 50% carbs ratio. now in my diet i always include a small piece of candy such as chocolate or a mini candy bar totaling less than 100 calories. are these little treats every day going to keep me from dropping the fat even though i am exercising?

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Is the 100 calorie candy bar totalled in your daily 1200 - 1400 calorie total? If so, then it won't affect your weight loss. If it isn't inluded, then yes, it might. In theory, 100 extra calories is 10 extra pounds a year.

However...if you are exercising that much, you need to eat back your exercise calories, so your NET intake doesn't drop below 1200 - 1300 calories a day. Or you will be at risk for slowing down your metabolism, hard as it is to believe, it's true.
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yes..the 100 calories from the candy is added into the daily 1200-1400 calories. i was curious if the fat intake and calorie intake from the candy would make it harder for me to lose fat even though the daily calorie is still low. its hard to believe that 100 extra calories a day is 10 pounds a year!!
A MINI candy bar is 100 calories???!!! God, I HOPE not because I just bought FOUR bags of Dove DARK chocolates, of which I plan on ONLY eating one or two per day. 
a little candy bar is not going to have any effect if you are eating mostly nutritions foods and if you are exercising.  I think it's a good idea to build treats into our meal plans so we don't feel deprived, which only leads to overindulgence.
Okay, since the 100 calorie candy bar is included in your 1200 - 1400 daily calories, then it will absolutely NOT cause you to gain/maintain weight. You will still lose. Good luck!
I eat a piece of candy or chocolate every day and I never had any problems losing weight.

Alaynay, check the nutritional information on the pack of the package...
I have a piece of chocolate every once in a while, not quite every day.  I just make sure I have the calories in my "budget" for it.  It's especially nice when I've had a work out day and earned an extra 400 or so calories.  Remember, moderation is the key.  We can't give up everything.

:)  Kelly
Hiya ilisa,

so you mentioned that we should eat back our exercise calories, right?  However, according to some fitness mag/ personal trainers, they suggest that we cut back 250 calories on our diet, and in the meantime, we should burn another 250 calories by working out.  Say I eat back the 250 calories I burn thru exercising, is all my workout futile then?  What you say is sorta losing me.  :P

I think what she meant was that IF someone is eating their very minimum calories (for instance only 1200) then if they are exercising and burning about 250 cals a day, then they need to make sure that they actually eat about 1450 a day.  Otherwise, if they still eat 1200 and burn 250, then their body sees it as them only eating 950 cals and will slow the metabolism down.
Yep! You are right! ^^
I see, thanks.  :-)

No. Eat your candy, hell eat two pieces of candy. Its all about sustainability when you're going for long term goals and happiness and if you want your candy every day then do it. I'm not saying eat an entire bag of chocolates every day, but you know what I mean. 

Keep up the rest of your nutrition and enjoy yourself. I eat a cookie or some sort of sweet pretty much every day because that's what makes me happy and helps me to stay on track. When I avoid eating all sweets then I end up binging like crazy one day and that's worse because it kills my mood and motivation. Its better to let yourself have a bite or two of something you enjoy than to deprive yourself. 

Yes eat candy as well as mostly fruit and veges and meat. It is about total calories eaten and burned rather than food types
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