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Liquid diets....good? bad? what?!

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So I read that going on a liquid diet for a week (juices, soymilk, etc) can prove to be very cleansing and aid in weight this true? I mean I read it in cosmo (which is my personal bible) but i just want some other opinions. Thank ya much <3
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If Cosmo is your bible, you need a new religion. They print the most asinine things in magazines like Cosmo, Shape, Self, etc including this liquid diet crap.

It's magical how it aids in weight loss. Are you ready for this...IT'S LOW CALORIE. If you manage drink 2000 calories of juice somehow, it's the same as if you ate 2000 calories of lard.

As for In fact, your bowels will pretty much stop pushing stuff out if you're on a liquid diet and you'll need to drink salt water or give yourself an enema. Lovely, eh?

Eat a day of raw foods (while getting enough calories from raw nuts, avocados and oils) if you want to spruce up your diet and feel regenerated.
I lost weight on slimfast but it was years ago and personally I was hungry to much of the time.  Im sure it works for some folks though.  I agree that I dont buy into it being clensing.

If the liquids are not supplying things like protien, it is not going to be healthy.  I wouldnt consider a liquid diet without running it past my doctor unless maybe to replace an occasional meal with a liquid supplement that provides balanced nutrients.

Personally would rather get those nutrients and calories from something that will satisfy my hunger.

I often diet, using protein shakes that are low in sugar - Muscle Milk is a good one (but harder to find for a good price). It's higher in fat, but more satisfying and doesn't mess with my blood sugar.

I don't follow the "two shakes and a reasonable meal" deal... I figure - I'm not going to drink my meals forever, so I should get used to eating regular meals that fit under my calorie needs for losing weight. But, I do enjoy them when I'm running late, or am in a hurry (as an effort to avoid fast food)... at least lower sugar ones have a more balanced nutritional combo.

 I follow this rule - if it seems too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true.... there are NO quick fixes...

liquid diets BLOW. I followed one for a little bit and felt like crap. I couldnt concentrate, I was always tired, and I felt like I was running on an emergency battery.

Also, cosmo is ****.
Any diet that stricts or ELIMINATES any solid food, or in your case all solid food, is not good.
Pretty much everybody here is going to tell you not to do it, that I makes them feel like crap and that you wont loose weight. I think thats all about half true. Most liquid diets are not going to equal 2000 calories per day. So right there you are already reducing calories. And yes, you will feel like total crap. Any weight you loose will most likely come back when you start to eat solid food. But, if you have a serious psych. addiction to food and the act of eating then one to three days of liquid may help. I fast at least every few months for up one or two weeks at a time. No big deal for me. I'm not saying you should do that. But it's something to consider.

Any plan recommended by a magazine who's contribution to periodical wisdom consists of "are you a bad girl" and "are you with your soul mate" quizzes is probably something to steer away from.  Fashion advice? Makeup? Personal Care products? Yeah, I might consult Cosmo (Vogue is better for that), but for diet and health related issues it is certainly not a bible.

As for the idea of a liquid diet itself, I have to ask where is your fiber going to come from?  It certainly doesn't sound like it would be too healthy for your bowels.


I duno about the liquid diet.. but please people, don't stomp on the bible!!!! Innocent


Yeah you only loose weight on these diets because they say to drink, for example, 64 ounces of grapefruit juice a day and not to ingest anything else. That's only like 800 calories, that's why you lose weight, because it's a serious calorie deficit. And you will end up feeling hungry all the time and probably also dizzy and weak. I think grapefruit juice and cranberry juice can be cleansing, to your urinary tract and maybe your kidneys, but that's it. Just to drink nothing but liquids though isn't going to be "cleansing". If you want to cleanse yous intestines, take a shot of mineral oil every day. And that's what they are talking about when they say you should "cleanse" your system..... your intestines and your Colon.......If you want to cleanse I would suggest a glass of grapefruit juice and a shot of mineral oil everyday and to loose weight, good diet and exercise!
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