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Weight Loss
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lighter life

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i am so depressed about my lack of weight loss i am considering doing lighter life which seems to be very successful with drastic weight loss results, any one done that diet?

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I know two people who have done it and lost large amounts of weight very quickly. They lost the weight, but they ended up looking very haggard in the face because the loss was extremely rapid. I also know that people who do it have a high risk of forming gall stones due to the semi-fasting/rapid weightloss you experience with this programme. You also risk developing excess skin. If I were you, I would type into Google "Lighter life health risks" and "Lighter life gall stones" and have a read. It pays to do your research I think.

What are you doing so far to lose weight? Have you been checked for any health issues, like thyroid or diabetes, that might affect your ability to lose weight?

She did it, but it didn't work out so well for her.

ok thanks for that advice

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