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Weight Loss
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20 or less challenge

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Mondays come so fast!!

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Here's my stats so far:

began: 154 

7th week: 147.0

I haven't lost anything since last week, so I haven't reached my goal. I will continue trying to lose. If anyonr else out there want to go another 8 weeks, let me know. Good luck to everyone
Hi!  Today marks eight weeks since I started the 20 lbs or Less Challenge January 15th.  After losing a lb per week the first couple of weeks, and staying at 32.2% bodyfat, I started a new job in February and let my exercise go by the wayside, esp. the last couple of weeks, so this morning I was up to 178 - up 3 lbs from the beginning, with 32.9 % bodyfat.  Sorry to disappoint, but I believe in being honest, and that might help someone else.

It's a transition time . . .

Guess what!  It's Monday - a fresh beginning to log my food and pay more careful attention, plus step up the exercise.

Best wishes to everyone who participated!  I enjoyed reading your entries and your progress!

My goals will be more modest in the future:  just stick to one lb raw veggies/one lb cooked veggies everyday, and try to walk 1/2 hour everyday.

Louise :)
Hi I am new with all this. This is my first time trying to loose weight since having three kids (ack)! I am started by wanting to loose 18 lbs and get down to 140, I am down to 148 and quite happy. But now have hit a plateau and can feel that breaking point when I want to give up, but I a truly trying to push through it.
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Hey I'm 20.  I was wondering if I could  join.

I am 5'9"  and weigh 169.4.  This is offically day one for me.
hey guys, I'll keep this thread going, so feel free to weigh in on mondays and check how we are losing.  We can try to motivate and help out each other here. If you guys need anything, let me know. But please try not to lose more than 2 lbs a week. we want this weight to stay off. :)

I'll post starting weight, last week weight, and current weight and my goal.

height 5"1 1/2'      Age 19



cw: 145.4

gw for the 8 week challenge: 135

we should reach our 8 weeks on may 14. I hope that we can all lose a healthy amount by that time.
Thanx for keeping this thread going!  Let's keep on keeping on!

height 5'' 11' Age 29

sw 157

lw 148

cw 147

gw 140

I have hit a plateau, which is so frustrating, and makes me want to give up at times and so I am taking it one day at a time right now trying to push through it!
I'm 5'1"  Only 10 more to go but it's taking a while.  I've been with calorie-count since May 2006 and hope to get to my goal this May.  One pound at a time: we can do it!    

sw 157


cw 135

gw 125
I'll keep this thread going for as long as you guys wish. :) We are all in this together.



cw: 144.6

gw: 135

prdmommyof3, maybe try to add 100 calories or so to your diet. Sometimes that helps when you get to a plateau. I know I did in december when I started here. I was at 1200 cals, and wasn't losing, I added 200 calories and the fat started burning off. It sounds weird but sometimes it works. :)

Songchild, we have similar starting stats. I'm so proud of how far you've come. Keep up the good work. One lb at a time. :)
I'll start off today,  .



cw: 145.4

gw: 135

friday I was at 143.4, so I think i'm just bloated. I'll be back to normal next week, hopefully.
I would like to join also. I am looking to lose 15-20 lbs. i'm kind of on a plateau right now so maybe this will get me back on track. i might try adding some calories also.

sw: 165

lw: 145.0

cw: 144.6

gw: 125
I would love to join!!  right now i'm about 149 and looking to lose about 15-20 lbs to be 130-135.  My first goal is for 5 lbs weight loss....I have a cruise coming up at the end of april so I've been working out lots and not eating any sugar-filled treats but unfortunately haven't been seeing the results I was hoping for...even after almost 4 weeks of this!!  :(  Hopefully I'm building muscle which will melt the fat away as my metabolism increases!  :) so in summary:

SW: 149

CW: 149

GW1:  145 (April 9)

GW2:  140 (April 23)

GW3:  130 (May 21 - 8 week challenge!)
I wish you all lots of luck in the challenge. I hope we can all reach our goal weight. It's never too late to join.
5'1", female, active, busty, medium build SW: 118 CW (2 1/2 weeks later): 112 GW: honestly, i'm not sure. whatever it takes for me to look my best, toned, healthy. My guess? around 105.
Here is this week's weigh in



cw 144 (yeah!!!)

gw 140

wow, I don't know what I did differently in the last week and a half, but it would be nice to be able to keep this up!

Goal weight here I come!!!
I'm 5'2", I used to be a workout freak (lost 20 pounds in a couple months and had a hott bod); then senior year of college plus planning a wedding kicked in.  6 months later, my tone is shot!

SW: 135
CW: 130
GW: 115
sw: 154

lw: 145.4

cw: 145

gw: 135

I got off the wagon lately, but I'm hoping back on. I'm starting to work out again after a week of doing nothing. I've been so busy with school and exams, and stress.... No more excuses I'm getting back on track.

Keep up the good work. You guys are doing great!
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I'm new to calorie count and i'd like to join as well.

I'm 5ft 5", 126 target weight is 118 lbs. I know that if I have a group of people to do this with it will help me stay on track.

welcome eden,

The more the merrier. :) good luck with your loss. I'm rooting for you. If you need anything feel free to let me know. :)
sw: 154

lw: 145

cw: 144.4

gw: 135

even after a high sodium/sugar easter celebration, I still managed to lose some and I stayed at 1300cals.  I logged everything when I got home and was supprised I didn't go over. :)

I hope everyone else had a good easter and still was able to lose, if not then we always have next week. :)
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