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lemons really good for you?

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my godmother is a real health nut, and she told me that if i were to squeeze half a lemon in an 8oz glass of water it would chelp to cleanse my body. she also said that sprinkling some cayeane pepper into the water would help to speed up my metabolism. what do you guys think about this?
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I do remember reading on a nutrition site somewhere that spicy foods can speed up your metabolism...I will try to locate that site for you.

As for the lemon in water....Water alone will help cleanse your system....some people just don't like tasteless water, so a slight lemon taste may help...I love it both ways....I think it's more important that you just get the water, regardless of what you put in it.  But that's just my opinion.
Sounds like some variation of the "colon cleanse" or lemonade diet. I've read about those on the Web. You get 30 days of nothing but maple syrup, lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper, with various herbal concoctions (which you have to buy, of course) and psyllium powder. It's supposed to detoxify your colon. Sounds dangerous to me, and I wouldn't risk it.

A little lemon and cayenne in your regular drinking water can't hurt, though, if you like the taste. If nothing else you'll get a little extra vitamin C.

Someone told me that eating an entire lemon speeds up your metabolism too? Wonder if that's true?
This is one of a couple sites that claim spicy food can raise your metabolism... .aspx?cp-documentid=100096731
eating a whole lemon, spicy foods, green tea tablets...i'm trying whatever i can to get fast results. I'm just hoping they work.

has anybody tried any certain foods to cleanse/speed up your metabolism and actually found that it WORKED?
Oh no, jem599, I'm doomed. I have a high-stress job, get fewer than 6 hours of sleep a night, and can't eat highly spiced food!

Lemon does help to "cleanse the system". 

My boyfriend tends  to get kidney stones and the last bout was really serious (surgery).  As part of his preventive care he has been advised to incorporate lemon juice into his diet.

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I've read something similar in Prevention magazine about hot spices like cinnimon speeding up your metabolism.

It said to have add an extra tsp of cinnamon to your diet a day.

It didn't say how much it would rev up your metabolism though...

I'm trying by adding cinnamon to my unsweetened applesauce...not putting alot of faith in it though, it makes my applesauce taste better!

And about lemons, sometimes I like adding lemons or lemon juice to my water for a nice change...I don't know anything about it cleansing me?
No, I have never tried anything (and I tried a lot) that actually worked.  I've come to the conclusion that there is no quick fix.  You have to do the work of changing the way you eat and exercise for life.
My Grandmother ate 1 lemon a day from 20 to 98 years old and she was a perfect weight her whole life and had little medical problems and died in her sleep.

BUT as with anything - the lemon may have had nothing to do with it and it was just good genes.  However, my Mother died of Cardiac complications at age 69 and had a fair amount of medical issues and she never prescribed to the lemon theory.

Who really knows and unless there are hard core studies done then it is just a guess.  However, not one that would hurt you so go for it!
I drink a cup of black coffee about an hour to two hours before I go to the gym. It speeds up my metabolism and I burn alot more calories.
actually cinammon regulates blood sugar.  I'm hypoglycemic and add cinammon to my coffee and to other things to keep myself on an even keel.  I swear by it :) and it does make some things taste better :)

As for lemons I have heard they have a cleansing benefit and I do add them to water sometimes.  I used to eat them when I was little, seriously, cut them up and eat them lol
Lemons in hot water also aid digestion if you are, erm, "backed up".

This is from my nutritionist, I didn't make it up! :-)
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