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Weight Loss
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So exactly how many calories are burned by shaking your leg while sitting at your desk......think I might have overdone it with the coffee this morning :-D  Trying to alternate legs before my right one becomes super buff and I start walking funny because of it!
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I read stuff about twitching awhile back.  some people think that twitchers burn almost 100 more calories per day than non-twitchers.  I twitch all the time...the leg is goin at it as we speak :-P
As is mine :p

I pictured what you said.... That cracked me up!!!!
well the, does eye twitching count?  think i'm going to have to recalculate my daily expenditure then :-)
My mom is a constant foot twitcher, seriously! She just sits and twitches, not on purpose, it's just habit now I guess. She's also a skinny as a fence.
Ali, some fences are really wide!

I twitch out of habit...i don't even know I'm doing it until someone tells me to stop.  lemme find some article...
fence posts, however, tend to be quite thin!

lily, as soon as i read your topic, my leg started twitching!
Sometimes when i sit on the couch I shake my leg but I dont even notice that im doing it. Just a few days ago my sister told me to stop b/c it was shaking the entire couch. So I did. A few minutes later I was doing it again. I dont even notice that im doing it so if it lets me burn an extra 100 caloeies I say let it shake.
Bwah, yeah, I ment a fence POST.
I twitch AND clear my throat far more often than I'm conscious of.... I have a friend who actually teases me about how often I clear my throat.  Wonder if that counts toward the extra 100 calories? =)
I stumbled across this article, it seems that there has been some research into this.

Quote from the article, "She said this line of research suggests that frequent unconscious movement, such as fidgeting, may burn calories and help control weight."
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