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ok just a question. Do you think that if a person just eats lean cusines that they can lose weight? Or has anyone out there tried it?

I just need to have meals that are controlled but I cant afford weight watchers...any ideas
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you can lose weight eating anything, just in sensible portions.
If you can eat Lean Cuisine and feel satisified, it can work--but it isn't terrible healthy.  You need lots more whole grains that they offer, and less sugar, salt, etc.

For me, those frozen things just don't leave me feeling fed.  Remember, too, that you want to learn to live with food so that you can KEEP the weight off, and you certainly won't want to eat that stuff forever.
Weight Watchers is like $16.95 a month online and you can eat anything....... (just log the points).

Besides eating a lean cuisine for lunch and dinner, what would you eat for breakfast? or snacks?  One lean cuisine a day 7 days a week will cost you more then what you would pay to do WW online.

I started WW(for the 2nd time) on Jan 10th (because I had been successful at it in the past), and then stumbled on here on Jan 11th by mistake, and I began logging all my food on weight watchers and here, and it turned out that the the points i was allowed to eat on WW was in line with the calories that CC says I can eat... So I dumped WW and am just doing CC for FREE!

Besides that, I can honestly say that CC has the best support system/forums and nice people.. Go into one of the WW forums and if you are a newbie or have a dumb question (in their eyes), they are U-G-L-Y to you!

Good luck in whatever you decide to do!  :)
lean cuisine..i used to eat one every day for dinner until that lady found a dead mouse in hers. now i cant even THINK about eating them. makes me sick.
yes ma'am you can, thats all i eat, if i dont i do what i did last night and get carried away, i coordinate my meals with what i make my husband for dinner, whatever i make him, i buy the same thing only in a lean cuisine, healthy choice, or smart ones meal....so far since jan. 3rd, ive lost almost 20 pounds (and thats with being dog sick for 2 weeks now, and having a free day every week, or like this weekend, a free weekend, lol), and i dont just eat lean cuisines, i got tired of eating the same meals over and over, so i eat all the kinds they have (south beach, lean cuisine, helthy choice, and smart ones), i have south beach diet breakfast wraps for breakfast, special k bars for snacks, healthy choice soups for lunch, and whichever meal for dinner, my favs that i would recommend as the most filling are the healthy choice ones, they come with yummy deserts in em!!! and if you like pizza, get the french bread pizzas, there really filling and taste just like the stouffer ones!!! they also have desserts and treats as well, like eclairs, strawberry shortcake, double fudge cake, and cookies and ice cream sundae, i dont ever feel deprived, anyways hope i was of help....

good luck, raro

<edit> hairgurl is right tho, it does get expensive, and counting calories is alot easier than adding all them stinking points up!!
Like someone mentioned before, it's not a brilliant idea. You can't live on those forever, well, you can - but do you want to? Plus they have tons of sodium and to me.. It's not fresh and not very tastey. But if you want to, go for it.
I eat one most days for lunch.  Healthy Choice is my favorite too.  It's more filling and lower in calories and fat than the others.  However, I also eat 3 servings of veggies along with it.  So a 3 cup salad, or 1 1/2 cups of green beans, broccoli etc cooked.  The combination fills me up and is about 330 calories, not bad at all.

For dinner I cook.  Tonight I had tilapia, baked with a bread crumb topping, it's from a healthy cookbook of some sort.  On the side I had 1/2 cup of cooked rice pilaf (rice a roni made with about 2 tsp of olive oil) and 3 servings of collard greens.  I need to check the calories, I'm guessing about 370 to 400 or so, not much more than lunch, and a whole lot healthier..
I have done it in the past and was successful. However, I wouldn't do it again because of the amount of sodium and fat for the amount of calories in each one. I also prefer the nutrition of whole foods rather than processed ones.

SInce I like the convenience of them though, I make my own. Whenever I cook I try to make extra and put together "meals" to keep in the freezer. That way, I can control the ingredients.
It's possible, but it will probably cost you more to eat Lean Cuisine's than to join Weight Watchers.

One of the ways I was able to lose weight was to buy a food scale and measure out my portions.  Oh... and don't eat junkfood!
I usually have a lean cuisine and apple for lunch- and they now make some meals that are lower sodium- you just have to read the labels people! And I think they are great for portion control. Plus= at work they are very convienient. (sp) Especially since I'm surrounded by at least 5 fast food restuarants, Applebee's and Sizzler... I think they are a fine tool to use as long as you read labels and also add fruit and vegetables.  According to the scale on Saturday- I was down 15 pounds since Jan. 7th.  Plus I have been watching portion control at night and walking more.... there are so many varieties out there that it will be hard to get bored...
I eat them 3-4 times a week when I'm short on time and cant make a more balanced meal to take with me to work. I'm really like the lean cuisine pizzas and paninis lately. They are good for portion control, and if you add a fruit or veggie, they do fill you up!!
For lunch, lean cuisine, healthy choice, ..... are great. The best invention for portion control. The next best thing, they are a time saver,  the calories are all counted for you. There are so many choices, I don't see myself getting bored. I have them for lunch, but I do take the time out to make dinner which includes grains, and salads.  So I suppose if you ate TV dinners 3 times a day, you would get sick of them.

I wouldn't eat ONLY Lean Cuisines- I eat them every day for lunch, but I also eat a piece of fruit or low fat yogurt with it.  And I try to eat something packed with whole grains for breakfast and with dinner (rice, 12 grain bread, oatmeal, etc) to balance it out.  They do have lots of soium, etc, so try to balance that in the rest of your meals too.  You can lose weight eating anything as long as you stay in your calorie range (theoretically) but that doesn't make it healthy and so you need to supplement it.
i usually just eat lean cuisine for dinner, since that's the time of the day where u shouldnt eat a lot...and it''s helped me.
I'd say "Yuck" and watch out for your sodium levels. I dont mind splitting a lean cuisine over 2 nights, and serving with something else (like getting a lasagne, and only having 1/2 with veggies and salad, or a hot pot and baking it in a capsicum)
They're not like super good for you, they're low cal because they dont give you much in the way of meat. I find them acceptable as "I have no time" foods, but tahts just me. It'd be way too expensive. You'd be better off stocking up on the bigger ones, cutting them in half and serving with a fresh side salad. I find they taste oily (despite being lower in fat) and like they need salt (despite being hugely high in sodium)

Just stay in your cal range with real food. Maybe use their flavours as ideas and make your own?
My big issue with frozen meals are that they tend to be preservative and additive laden and therefore not really the healthiest of choices, particularly not if they are consumed daily and they most certainly shouldn't be eaten for every single meal.  The problem with most packaged foods is that they may have low calories but they also lack pure nutrition.  Just another thing to consider.  I do have a frozen dinner occassionaly for simplicities sake but I try to make it a rare occurence. 
I love the lean cuisine, smart ones, and south beach diet meals.  I usually add onions, peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms that I grill on the stove to the pasta meals to make them more filling and I have a piece of low cal toasted bread with a little garlic and butter spray for a total meal that is usually under 400 cals. Also I stock up on them when they are on sale so it's not too expensive.
They have alot of sodium. I would maybe stick to lunch and add a salad. One of those frozen dinners never satisfy me for dinner. If you can deal with them all day everyday I guess you would loose weight but the preservatives and all might not do you well.

They are easy though, I keep them in my freezer when I don't feel like making a lunch to bring to work.
I agree that the sodium is kind of high, but not really that bad if you watch your sodium for other foods you eat during the day.

I have been eating a lean cuisine for lunch OR dinner (not both because of the sodium) everyday since I started my lifestyle change and have lost 25 lbs so far..I agree that they are not as healthy as making your own dinner/lunch with fresh foods, but its better than eating something bad. Most lean cuisine are preservative free (it exludes the casual eating classics, IIRC) It works for me, and thats all that matters.

They satisfy me- but I always eat it with fruits/veggies. I agree that they are not particulary what you would call filling. Just enough to not leave me hungry for a few hours.

Whatever works I guess.

I have one for lunch almost every day I think they are great but really high in sodium, but they are a great meal in a way that you know exactly how much of what you are eating.  But I wouldn't recommend living of them, have a sensible breakfast and snacks and a lean cuisine for lunch then sensible dinner. I replace only one meal a day with a lean cuisine it does help if you aren't big on counting and measuring.
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