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So... 2lbs per week = 7000 Calories?

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I recently learned that to lose 1lb of fat one needs to burn 3500 calories. So in theory if I target 2lbs per week I would need to have a deficit of 7000 calories which is equal to a 1000 calorie deficit per day. Am I right in my assumption?

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But please be careful, some people who have less than 20lbs to lose should not carry a deficit that high.

It's never a good idea to go over a 1000 calorie a day deficit either. (i.e. no more than 2lbs a week)
you are correct.  As a male, however, you should not eat fewer than 1500 calories daily
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I have 74lbs to lose so I'm not that concerned about the deficit. My calorie burner indicates I burn about 2600 calories per day plus I usually burn about 400 more calories through exercise so that would bring my burn total to 3000. My calorie intake goal is going to be 2000. I was initially targeting a deficit of 500 to 700 but now with this new information I'll change it to 1000 and see what difference it makes.

Thanks for the replies.


So it won't sound so bad, just burn 500 calories and eat 500 less than you normally would and that will be your 1000 calorie deficit.  Let us know how it goes this week.
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One pound of fat can supply 3500 calories.  Having a 3500 calorie deficit doesn't mean you will burn just fat, however.  If you're exercising, the calories you burn might just be 30-50% fat.  You will also burn carbs and proteins in the muscle...so, as the experts all say, burn a little more calories each day than you take in so you will gradually lose the fat.  Too fast and you might burn up too much muscle.
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