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How many lbs is a size 14/13?

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I have a size 14/13 pair of jeans and I am tempted to try them on. But before I do, I want to ask you guys: what weight is a sz. 14 at 5'5? I don't want to get too discouraged and will wait if it is too far off from my weight now, but if I could even get these on  it would be a boost to my motivation (even if they are too tight to wear yet). I know there are factors that may figure in, but I just want a general idea. So can anyone tell me approx. how many lbs is a size 14?
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I'm 5'5 right now. 160 lbs. And sizes depend.
I just bought a pair of shorts from Aero that I fit into a 11/12 in.
The brand SO, made just for kohls? I couldn't get a 13 up over my hips... (THAT makes you feel bad about yourself, so side note:NEVER BUY THAT BRAND!)
LEI I just bought a 15. (13 was way too tight, but i need a belt with the 15, GRRR).
And in jeans I've had for 4-5 years.... (yeah i keep EVERYthing) I can still fit into my 7/8s (a bit tight i admit) in a few...

So, not only does it depend on your build, but on the brand. I wish every brand was universal sizing!!
I'm almost 5'5 and not muscular - my body type is slightly pear with a belly.  I found that 13s fit like 12s - I probably wore a size 14 around my highest weight of 165 lb.  Now I'm 148 (yeesh) and wear an 8-10.  Then again, my mother is 5'6 and 140, and she wears a 12-14.  Shape is everything.
I'm 5'4 with an hourglass shape (Bigger hips/thighs and bust and smaller waist) and at my current weight, 180, I'm comfortable in a size 14 pants and a size 12 in skirts.  I can wear some size 12 pants but they are a little tight on me and give me a bit of a muffintop.

When I started I was 199.5 and I was in a size 16.
I started out in a size 16 weight was 215 im down now to 188 and into a size 14 which fits me quite well not skintight. im 5 f 6. Hope this helps a little but everyones body is so different and we vary in how we carry our weight.
It varies dramatically even in the same person. When I was 20, I wore a size 14 at about 155 pounds. But I weighed 155 at 28, too, and then I was a size 10, every now and then a 12 if the brand ran small. 5'4" both times.

okay. so...i think i'm like a crazy exception to all sizing rules.

i weigh 200 lbs. I am 5'9"

and i am a size 10/12 in jeans and a 14 in dresses.

now...according to most sizing tools according to weight...i should be wearing like an 18/20...but I haven't worn an 18 since i weighed 225 lbs. 

I try my hardest to ignore my weight in lbs...because I honestly don't think that I look it. And im pretty sure that if I lost enough weight to get down to the average weight for a girl my height...i think i would look sick. 

so i am a strong believer in that whole it totally varies person to person


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Hi Mary6, I am 5'9" (or really 5'8" 1/2 !)  and I weight 186lbs with clothes and shoes on.

I can comfortably wearing a size US 14, and I can also sometimes wear a size US 12, depending on what kind of clothes they are.

I think it depends on how tall you are (I presume if I was this weight and shorter, my size would go up) and also how your weight is distributed - I am heaviest in the chest, back and waist, but I have relatively thin hips and thighs.  So for my suits (which I wear everyday for work) I wear a size US 14, but I have had the hips taken in because they were too baggy.

Hope this helps!
ps I used to be size 6 (and used to take the hips in on them too!) so I have a ways to go here

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I'm 5'7 169 and a size 10/12, at my lowest 121 i could squeeze into a 6, but barely..it really depends on how your weight is distributed, my friend who is the same height and weighs 135 wears a 12 and she definitely looks smaller than me..its so weird

I'm 5'7" 177 pounds and I wear a size 14/15. Trying to get in the single digits!

Well it depends because i'm about 190 but you wouldn't think that when you see me and i'm a size 13/14 im about 5'5 almost 5'6  and I wore size 14 up to when I was about 210.

When I was 180 I was still a 13 (because I have big hips)

It all depends weight doesn't say the whole story were all different!


It sooooo, totally depends. Everyone is made different. I am 5"3 3/4 and weigh about 168. I usually wear a 14, some 12's. I have bigger thighs and butt, so I gotta cover those up somehow!

I'm 5'5" and have been wearing a size 13/14 from 188 to 180 lbs.

This really is kind of a silly question, considering the fact that even if you're the same height and weight as someone, your weight could be VERY different. It just depends on your body type. As for me, I'm 5'0", and I'm a size 13/14 starting around 175+ pounds.

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I'm 14, 5'5 and weigh 167 and I wear a loose 14 so normally 12 in AE jeans
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