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120-130 lbs = What Size

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I know EVERYONE is different but according to CC I should weigh about 124lbs ... I, myself, have never weighed that much ever in my life. My question I want to know is for the females who range between 120-130lbs or have been amongst that weight, how tall are you and what size are/was you? If you don't mind saying. I'm just trying to get a general idea about what size I would approximately be. 

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My lowest weight in the last 3 years has been 121lbs.

I'm 5'8" and it wasn't healthy at all. I looked almost skeletal. I'm going back down to 132ish which is my comfortable weight.

I'm 5'5 and i'm around 135 And i wear a size 5 to 7 in pants :( trying to get back in to my jeans from last year a 3

Im 5"3-5"4 120 (ish)lbs (changes from day to day) and wear a size 8 or 9. everyone says i dont look that big, but im pretty sure the hips are the cause of that :(

5'6, approx 130- i wear a size 4 or 27 jeans. Size 5 in juniors.

4 years ago, I was 122 pounds and could fit into a size 2.  It's easy for me to lose my waist, hips and thighs when i make time for excercising. I just jump on the treadmill for an hour a day. But with school, i don't always have time to do that.

cs17, thats just like me.  I'm 5'4" and when i was 130ish I was a size 10/12.  I'm pretty sure if I got down to 120 ever that I'd be an 8 or 9 too

I weight 129 and im 5"4 and a size in skinny jeans 5/6 or in regular pants a 7

Wow, I'm a little shocked and intrigued. I don't know if I'll go down to 124 lbs like the site suggests, but I never ever have owned a pair of 8 or even 10 pants. I would die if I was able to pull that off.

I'm 5'6 and i weigh 133lbs (i gained one pound boo!) and I wear a size 4-6. My hips are rather large though 37.5 so i that why i need to wear a bigger size since my waist is 26.5 and i have a small bust to

I am 5'4 = 163 cms

124 pounds or so = 57 kilos

Last time I measured my waist,it was 27 inches..68 cms or so..I am going to measure again.. just lost the freaking metre Frown

Anyways..my goal weight is 54 kilos =118 pounds

Btw,I do not really look small..I am more of a medium frame size..

This is my picture yeah

Good luck..

I think,also,that I carry most of my extra weight in my tummy...

Although 68 cms might sound small for a waist size..but not in reality..not really..

I'm 5'4" and currently ~143 lbs. I wear size 6-8 usually. But I'm fairly muscular underneath the bit of squishiness I'm trying to eliminate. Ten years ago when I weighed more like 125-130, I was a 4-6. (Ah, the ten years between 21 and 31. How fun.)

I agree with the other posters that weight and clothing size don't mean much compared to how you feel and how toned you look.

I am 5'6, weigh 120 and I usually wear size 1 or 3 in Juniors. Small framed...

Sizes change for me based on the store. I hope the following is helpful. I'm 5'3, proportional, but gain weight in the arms and shoulders. Narrower hips, muscular legs. I'm always called "athletic looking" and petite. I weight between 119-122 and these are my sizes:

Jean size: between a 26 and a 27

Gap Jeans: 2 Ankle

Express: 2 short

Banana= zero

Juniors- 5, occasionally a 3 or 7

H and M: 4 

Old Navy=0 or 2.



i'm 5'5 and a half and 119 lbs


levis: sz 3 curvy

true religion/ rock and repub" 26 with a really strong leather belt

lee's: 2

gap: 4 with a belt



5'1" about 120 lbs...jeans size 3 or 4, 2 if it runs big.

5'0 130 size 4-6

This is quite an interesting thread, getting to compare oneself to others:) Where else would you find out other womens' height and weight so freely? :) Anyway,  on the subject if having a baby changes your hips: I would definitely say that it's different for every woman.  For some, childbirth changes their frame, for others not so much.  I have two kids (3 and 1), but now I'm smaller then I have ever been during my adult life! Before kids, I was a 6/8.  Currently I'm 5'4.5", 122 (working towards 115), size 2/4 and definitely smaller in the hips now (i.e. my old pants and skirts just fall off).  I do think that it's because of working out.  I never used to do any kind of exercise.  I wasn't big, but it was all fat.  Now, i run about 25 miles a week, so i got some toning going.  Hope this adds some info, sorry so long :)

hi everyone



sizes: 3-5,2-4,27 depending on the brand

small (almost med:wrist is just under 6 in.) frame

GW: 120lb (pre boyfriend weight :P)



good luck to all!Cool




im 5'1" and weigh 122(ish) i currently wear a size 1 or size 0. I spend alot of time at the gym and am fitting into the same clothes that i wore at 105-110 without exercise.

I'm 5'10 1/2"

When I was 125 pounds I was about a size 2 or 3.


(that was a long time ago, btw)

 I'm also intrigued at the ladies under, say, 5'5" who are/were 120-130 pounds and in size 0-4's.  I would normally imagine that would be at least a size 6-8. 

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