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How many lbs is a size 14/13?

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I have a size 14/13 pair of jeans and I am tempted to try them on. But before I do, I want to ask you guys: what weight is a sz. 14 at 5'5? I don't want to get too discouraged and will wait if it is too far off from my weight now, but if I could even get these on  it would be a boost to my motivation (even if they are too tight to wear yet). I know there are factors that may figure in, but I just want a general idea. So can anyone tell me approx. how many lbs is a size 14?
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It just depends on how your built. I'm 5'7 and at 180 I was a size 13/14... It just depends on each person. I suggest going to your favorite store and just trying on a pair. If you aren't there yet, just keep up the great work you're doing.
You are right this is a tricky question.  For me I was wearing 14's from 204 down to 185.  At 180 I am comfortable in 12's.  But I have been told I carry my weight well (whatever that means). 

I think you should try them on to see where you are at.  I tried the 12's on at 190 and knew I needed to push to get in them.  Now if only I can in 10's but alas that feels so far away.

Almost forgot - I am 5 foot 3 inches.

Good Luck!

Tammy :)

When started out, I was 244.5 and in a size 20 (tight) ~ I'm 5'3 and I know I was wearing a 14 when I was in the 180's ~  I'm now 168 and in an 8-10 in some jeans and a 10-12 in others~ You'll get there! Just stick with it!!


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  • now:168
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Depends sooo much on the cut and the BRAND!! In levis i wear a 9 ok ok if they are stretch hehehe, Old Navy I wear anything form a 10-12. Im 5 7 and now weigh 195, when i was in the 180s i wore a 10. Yet some jeans ya my big toe wouldnt even think about getting into them!!Its not about weight its about size and def cut of jeans...
I am 5'9, 199 lbs(was 210) and wear size 14 although some size 14 are little loose.
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Well, now I'm depressed reading all this.

I'm 5'2" and 135 pounds.  And a size 12 jean on a good day.  Does this mean I really do have huge hips?

I just don't get it!  I know I'm busty (36D) but hippy too?  Should I be grateful I have small ankles and wrists or does this just mean my brain has no weight at all?!?

Mary, if you are a size 16 now, and it's too big, go ahead and try the 14's.  But do it with the right frame of mind.  You know you're taking care of your body.  If they don't fit today, that doesn't mean they won't fit tomorrow.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
yeah, i'm 5'4" and wear a 14 from 175lb down to where I am now (161).  Actually, the jeans I have on right now from J. Jill are a size 12 - they run really big! They actually recommended at the store to get at least 1, if not 2, sizes smaller than you usually wear.  (so if you want to cheat and get into a smaller size... hehe)
i am 5'2" and used to wear a size 12 at 150 lbs. now i am down to 145 and a size 10 (yay). but i think i have wide hips and a large butt, and to top it off a (slowly receding) belly. i think it depends on the person really, since we all probably carry weight in different places.

by the way, hello, this is my 1st post, but i have been addicted to this site for about a month! it is great.
I'm 5'2" and at 157 I'm in a 14 ...

The funny thing about jeans is that EVERY pair fits differently ... I could try on 2 pairs of the same brand, same style, same size, and one will fit, but the other won't .... stupid jeans. You'll just have to try the jeans on to see if they'll fit you or not.
I'm 198 and i'm a 14 and i'm also 5' 5''.

I think my stomache and my legs get most of my fat so I hope that helps.
i am 150, 5 7 and i wear size 10 in jeans. last year i weighed like 140 and i wore a size 10. i think ive been wearing a size ten for the past like 3 or 4 years even thoough my weight changes constantly
Thanks to everyone who replied to my question. Wow, there is a vast range here and I guess no pat answer to my question even in general terms. I am 5'5 and 167 lbs and did find that I can get into the size 14s though they are a bit tight. Still, it was encouraging to get them zipped.

The size to weight thing must be figured by many other added factors as well as height, like bone structure and build. I just did not know it varied so very much. In any case, thanks for this info and support.
I am wearing size 13/14 and I am around 165-168lbs. @ 5'6"
I heard that 10 lbs is one size...I'm not sure where I heard that though, and it has proven true for me.  Everytime I loose 10-15 lbs I go down one size.
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I'm getting really depressed reading these posts... Here's my info...

I'm 5'7:

160lbs = size 12

170lbs = size 14

180lbs = size 16

190lbs = size 18
Maybe using weight to determine pant size isn't the best approach. Two people can be the same height and the same weight but be very different sizes based on how muscular they are.
I am 5'5 and when i was 160-175 i was size 14
Just a little perspective for you all here! I'm 5'8'' and this morning's weight was 331lbs. I cannot wear jeans. Not even Lane Bryant's largest cut. It's really embarassing. I'm a 26/28 for the most part. My goal when this is all over is to comfortably wear a size 14 jeans and 1X t-shirt and be sexy in them! LOL Just thought I'd give you all some perspective on your struggles!
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Im  130 lb and 5ยด2...i bought a 9 (Jlo) like two weeks ago...i was so excited...i was nicely tight...u know...sexy...lol... i got a beatifull shape in those jeans...that really helps cuz all my other jeans were like too big...but one week after it doesnt look that great...now is like the others...too big...should i try an 8? o_O

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