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Weight Loss
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What does 160 lbs. look like?

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Ever since I found out I weighed the same as Tyra Banks, I have been intrigued with what other 160'ish lbs looks like. 

We can be so self critical about our weight, but at that same time we feel like that same weight looks good on someone else.  This is a reality check.

Post back, my 160'ish lb. friends with photos.  It would be fun and interesting to see what 160 really looks like. 
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160 is just a number. How it looks depends on each individual's fat distribution, how tall they are, how much muscle they have. 160 doesnt have a look. People do.
Check out my profile - I just posted two pictures I took a few minutes ago...

I'm at 159 right now.  And, I agree with ricen that 160 looks different on everybody.  I started at 167 and am trying to get down to 130-135 (once I hit about 135 I'll see what I look like and based on that I'll see if I need to continue losing weight or just tone).  I'm interested on seeing what other 160 people look like... hmm...

C'mon people... let's see those 160s!!!  =D
My default profile pic is at 160.2 and Im 5'6...
on my 6 foot dad it looks like he is sick =P  not that that helps you im sure....  but its all about how you carry the weight honestly.
oh yeah... forgot to mention that i am only 5'2"...

I am 5'2" and was about 160 in my photo...however it's just a head shot and I don't think its a great indicator of 160.   Like many others, I never looked my weight.
160 sure looks better on you guys than me!!!  My photos are just over 160.  I'm probably a lot older, though - I'm 57.

Nikki, you have to set one photo at default, or we can't see them. 
this is what i looked like at 160: njy9.png
oops! ha, thanks for the info diana!  i made one a default so now ya'll can see the pics i posted...
God, it depends. I am 164 and 5'3" and I look slightly overweight.
My friend is 164 and 5'11" and she looks like a frigging model.
I'm 5'3 and am 173. When I went to the doctor the other week, she looked surprised at my weight and said something of the sort like "you do not look this weight at all". She thought I was maybe 150 or so. It really does depend on the body type. Strange though. I wish I had a good picture.
I'm 5'10 and I weigh 165, though my BMI is somewhere between 23 and 24 I still have lots of flab, pisses me off, I'm therefore aiming to drop to 145-150 or so.
BMI's are a funny thing...  I recently learned that some strong bodies like George Clooney and Governor Arnold, according to ther BMI's are obese. 
My cousin just dropped 20 lbs and now looks AMAZING!!!  At 160 lbs and about 5' 8"- 5' 9"

Now, I am 5'1" and 145 and I look it! 
i am in the same boat as runbabyrun. 170 pounds and even my trainer was surprised (doc's too). my body fat is high (29%) but my muscle mass is higher than normal. if you have real muscles the scale weight will certainly be higher than it looks.
My current photo is at ~165.
This is an interesting tool to see what different heights/weights look like: eight.shtml

I weigh between 160 and 165 (it fluctuates like crazy in this range).  This is natural eating, not counting calories.  I am 5'4.  I went to the doctor's yesterday and the nurse weighed me.  She had it on 120 and went up to about 130 and was like "no way."  I told her to quit wasting tim eand put the thing on 150 and go up about 10 or 15.  She lost it.  She couldn't believe I weighed 166.5 (doctors office with shoes/clothes/purse).  I've been told this my whole life- that I don't look as heavy as I am.  I don't get it!!!! 
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