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Weight Loss
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Anyone want the challenge? 

Edit: To join just give your stats and weigh in on fridays. You could also say you diet and exercise plan on how you want to lose the 10lbs so maybe other people can get ideas. :]  
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I'm totally into the template you guys are using. I'm recommitting today... and my biggest change is going to be no alcohol at home during the week!

Height: 5'9

Starting Weight:  150 lbs.

Current Weight: 148 lbs.

Halloween Goal: 140 lbs.

Ultimate Goal: 130 lbs.

hey im deff in to!



Height: 5'5

Starting Weight:  135lbs

Current Weight: 135

Halloween Goal: 120lbs

Ultimate Goal: get back to 115 that I use to be!

I'll join! As of today I am 160 pounds at 5' 8". My goal is 145. 150 by Halloween seems doable.

Hey I'm in.


Height: 5'6"

Weight: 142lbs.

Goal Weight by Halloween: 135lbs.

I'll check in again Friday!  Good luck all.  We can do it!



Age 26

Height 5"6

Weight 134

it would be great to weight 124 by Halloween. I am in the challenge!!!!

I'm up for the challenge

Age: 58 

Height: 5'1

Starting Weight:  188 lbs.

Current Weight: 185 lbs.

Halloween Goal: 178 lbs.

Ultimate Goal: 135 lbs.

Im weighing in tomorrow =]

sry guys, ive been so busy with cross country, karate, and homework that i literally have NO time during the week to check in. luckily, im working out every day.

so how was everyones week? no cheating? haha.
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5 ' 3"

Started CC - 139.5

Last week 127
This Week 126

Halloween goal - 120

Yay a pound gone this week.  My defecit for the week for around 3600.  I love it when the math makes sense.  3500 cals = 1 pound which is exactly what I lost.  :D 

last week: 141

this week: 140.5

my halloween goal: 131

I also went to my endocronologist this week and got to ask a lot of questions and get steered in the right direction! I just feel so much better when i'm healthy! good luck to everyone and kailie..congrats on the pound!!

weighed myself this morning...WHY CANT I LOSE ANYMORE? gah i'm currently 122.2, same as two weeks ago. but hey, atleast i lost the .6 i gained LAST week....gah....back to the drawing board ><

but one thing thats SO frustrating is that in like 2 months, i've lost THREE POUNDS. THATS IT. ONLY THREE POUNDS.
im weighing some time idk when. i cant tomorrow (which is when i usually do) because my friends will be over... :/

bleh. wish me luck...haha

I weighed in yesterday at 136 lbs. So I've lost 6 lbs. since early Sept., I think. Yay, me! :) I've been "semi-fasting" for a few days, so that's probably why I've lost that much weight but.. oh well. I like the number, and I think I might be noticing a diff.

Only 6 lbs. 'till my "goal". Though I don't think that in 6 lbs. the fat I want to be gone will be gone, so I might have to change my goal to 125.. hm.

I'm down a pound to 154, so only 9 lbs to go!

I think we should all promise to have our photo taken in a fancy dress outfit if we hit our goal...
I'm making progress! Here are my stats for this week:

Starting Weight:  172 lbs.
Current Weight: 169 lbs.
Halloween Goal: 162 lbs.
Ultimate Goal: 150 lbs.

i want to be 119 by halloween as well!
Count me in!!!!
230 now 220 would be nice!!!! No candy for me!!!

count me in too! i'm so excited ! :D:D

Age: 17

Height: 5'3''

Starting Weight: 137.7 lbs (62.2kg)

Halloween goal: 127.8lbs (58.1kg)

Ultimate Goal: 114lbs



I'm in for it

Age: 17

Height: 5'3"

Starting Weight: 130lbs

Halloween Goal: 120lbs


I'd love to as well! My goal was 130 but at this rate (I am down to 134 already, but still could lose more than the 4 pounds - I still look rather chunky), I think 125 would be best. So, I will try my best! I don't want to go under 1200 cals a day and I am working out, so we'll see if it works...Oh, and I'm 5'8" .

Good luck to us all!
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