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What does 5lbs of fat look like?

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I have tried searching the net, but it is impossible to find what I am actually looking for.

The reason I am thinking along these lines is that I saw in someone's prfile a hand holding 1lb and 5lbs of fat.

I can picture bags of sugar, but wouldn't density be different.

Any help in a picture of what 5lbs/ 10lbs looks like in terms of size would be appreciated and give me direction to how I may look if I am well behaved.

Kind regards
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Potatoes, go to the grocery store, they come in both 5 and 10 lb bags!
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Thanks Flgirl, but I think I have not explained myself adequately. Where I have the problem is that in terms of mass would 5lbs of potatoes look like 5lbs of fat?

If I had 5lbs of foam it would look a huge volume that I would lose from say my stomache.

Likewise if I held 5lbs of steel, it would look like hardly any difference coming off the inches.

I can picture the weight, but not the actual volume.
Someone on here had a picture on his or her profile of five pounds of fat.  Think, al think! who was it???

Also, i think it would look different on everyone (sorry--maybe that's obvious).  But it totally depends on your size and shape and where you lsoe weight from.

Haha!  Remember when Oprah lugged out bags of fat on her show to show what the amount of weight she lost looked like?  That was funny.  She looked so weird that thin. 
i saw a picture of 5lbs fat on han's profile.  I am sure she will be around soon to comment on it.
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Man I wished I had seen that episode :)

I am totally hopeless at visualising. Planning.... spot on, noting what I see, but visualising? Nope...... never going to happen.

I appear to be a typical bloke with the steriotypical beer gut.

I would imagine that around 90% of weight loss will be my stomache.

Sure look kind of funny with skinny legs/ arms and a big belly. Almost like if Kate Moss was 6 months pregnant if you will ;)
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Quality! Han....... Thank you :)

Again.... thanks everyone for really fast and helpful replies.

Oh and making my boring workday go faster :)

kind regards
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Really, really hope Han does not get upset for me using this from her profile.

Han>> Hope this has not been a problem, and will delete should you approve.

Find a website for a company that has suplies for nutritionists and similar folks. (I don't know of one off the top of my head, but they're not hard to find.) They sell models of 5 lbs of fat, 10 lbs of fat, buckets of fat, etc. They also sell models of sugar cubes representing how much sugar we should eat in a day, etc. Very interesting. The pictures are worth the brief time finding the site.
What about 5, 1-pound packages of butter?  That's fat...

After reading you post, I did some looking myself.  Google "body fat replica"  you will get some good results.  If I was a little more computer savvy I would attach one of the picutes I saved, but I don't know how, sorry~!
What a good way to motivate ourselves! Nice topic. I would love to see what 40lbs of fat would look like. Actually, it would probaly be more like 30lbs since you lose muscle no matter how hard you try, but still, 30lbs of fat would be motivational to me. Hmmm......
check out this website  www.mypetfat.com
I didn't see that one, very cool!

Picture 5lbs. of fatty ground beef.  That does it for me.  That's a lot of fat!!

*bookmarks mypetfat*
got no probs with helping out even if i wasn't here to say it hehehe!
Many thanks everyone.

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