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Weight Loss
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224 lbs, 5'4 , BMI 38.1 female, goal weigh 145 lbs Looking for people with similar stats for support!

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HI, like the descriptions says I'm looking for people who have similar stats as me to be weight loss partners. I'm not looking for the once person in the United States who fits my stats exactly, but I am looking for people who have like more than 40 lbs to lose. The more people the better.

What I had in mind: Weigh in once a week, check up with each other daily or bidaily, just basically give each other support and advice. If you're interested please respond to this thread and/or email me on calorie-count or my yahoo email, which can be found on my profile. I hope to hear from LOTS of you lol.
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My stats arent the same now, but when i started last fall i weighed 217 and am now down to 163.5 lbs. I want to lose 20-30 more and would love some encouragement.  what days were you thinking about for weigh in days. Maybe friday?...i know i usually splurge on the weekend but do really well all week so fridays are better then mondays...he he.

I'm brand new, just one week into calorie counting. I don't own a scale, but weigh at my doctor's office every 3-4 months. How old are you? My stats are worse than yours, and if you are young & healthy--I need somebody old & slightly disabled...ya know?

This weight loss for life is quite a challenge, and I want my body back! but it's been gone 20 years. I have a lot of bad habits to un-learn. Do ya think we'd mesh?

Hi, I used to weigh 267 I have now plateaued at 205 for about a month. I think its because I lost 20 lb since starting cc in January and since that is more than 10% of my body weight it has pretty much given up on weight loss for awhile lol. Anyhow, Ive upped my workouts and am working on a better diet. I have far too many cheat days...and I know it. Iv'e gotten really into running I started the couch potato to 5k about 2 weeks ago and just ran my best was 14 minutes lol, but I only stopped twice for less than 30 secs each time. My best run ever in my life. My husband is about to go into the army he ships off next month. I'm really considering going in as well and I have to get my bmi under 20 so I guess that is why Im here...and to look and feel better. Glad you joined, there is a great community here.

I am 5'5" and 189.  I started at 205.  Not great progress, but at least moving in the right direction (most of the time anyway).  I still have 50+ pounds to lose. 

Like earth_mom, I am an old lady (54) and struggling with the effect of too much weight on a body that is no longer young.  Weight loss has been slow for me.  I figure it will take two years to reach my goal at the rate I have been losing, but there isn't a good alternative, so I keep trying.

Keep the faith and you shall be rewarded.

I am 224 lb, 6'0, started as 246,5. My goal is 155lb, I need to look good for my husband's graduation. It is in 2 years still, so I have time. I'd love to join you in challenge. I could use some support.

I LOVE cooking and now looking for healthy recipes has become my obsession. I'd love to share some.


I'd love to join your team. I've been dieting and exercizing for 4 weeks now and lost 10 lbs... big deal! I've been swimming for 60 to 90 minutes 4X a week and nothing is happening... scale wise. So I'm happy to join your group. I need support :-)


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This sounds like the group for me.  I'm almost 43 years old, 5'3, started at 202 in Mid-Feb., and now I'm at 189, which is pretty discouraging.  I know that slow weight loss is better, but I feel like I'm working really hard to only have lost 13 pounds in 3 months.  My target calorie consumption is 1750, which I come very close to averaging.  Some days it's only 1500, but then about once a week it's about 2100.  I exercise 3-4 times a week for at least 1 hour.  My average calorie burn on the days I exercise is about 500 calories.  The thing that keeps me going is that I can actually endure a little exercise now.  Rather than feeling like I want to die after a work-out.  I feel invigorated.  I can definitely use some support.

my stats are pretty close.  I'm between 229-232 right now lol and my bmi is 38.2.  i'm 5'4.  started at 250 and trying to get down to 145 eventually.  i'd love to join your team.  i'm falling off the wagon lately and need some motivation lol 


I would like a support partner too. I've only been using this site for a few weeks, but I've been on a weight loss program for several months. I started out at 258 (and I'm only 5 foot tall) and I'm down to 207. So, even though I've lost 50 pounds I still have 67 pounds to go.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Count me in.  My weight started some where around 219.  Now it hovers between 195 and 193.  I started thinking about living healthy last August and right now, yup, I am slow.  Progress is progress.  I am just back from three grand hiking days and am home, fighting the good fight.  Also am tussling with our local weed police- anyone else want to come join me in making a place super tidy when its around 85 above??  Come join the fray.  My goal is to get down to 150 or less- 150 sounds like a dream scape but oh well.  My right now goal is to get down to 190.  So here I am, not too cute cause I am sweating, not perspiring.  Did get some more of the front cleaned up- progress there, too. I am a plant aholic as well as a sugar holic.  A true sinner. 

Okay so Im 5'4'' and used to weigh 224, thats where I started 2 years ago.  Im now down to 150, my new goal is 140.  If you want any advice or support Im willing to help in that way.  If not I hope you are successful  Smile.  Good luck.

I just wanted to pop in here and tell you that it CAN be done. Whoever is reply in this post has a long journey ahead of them. Not too bad tho, and it's rewarding none the less.

I've lost 174 pounds successfully with diet and light exercise.

Topped at 294 pounds, I'm now weighing in between 120-123 and I'm 5'5. Sooo if I can do it, trust me... :)

Ah this is fun.

Alright time to go make chicken taco wraps. Yum.


i'm almost exactly the same as you... my highest weight was 230 or so.  now i'm sitting at 200, 5'5" with another 57 pounds or so to go. 

accountability is exactly what i'm looking for...someone who will beat me over the head if i make excuses for myself... :P



hi.i am new here and just finding my way around here.i am 227lbs.wanting to to get to 150lbs,i find it is a hight number to get to so i just want to start off with even 199lbs..the goals are smaller but i find it will be a start..

Hey there.... I'm almost 25 yrs old, weight about 214 right now and need to get down to 150 --- hopefully by 3/31/09.  I'm getting married in April and bought a dress that was too small.  By the time the wedding rolls around, I'm hoping it not only fits, but needs to be taken in some!

New here - but my stats are similar. 5'2". 219lbs...ick. I had lost about 10 pounds and it's crept back on me.... I've found it difficult previously to get motivated because the kids were all so little and needing things. Now that the youngest is finally 2 - I feel some of the old energy creeping back. :-) Just in time to chase away accumulated baby fat.

Original Post by askme:

hi.i am new here and just finding my way around here.i am 227lbs.wanting to to get to 150lbs,i find it is a hight number to get to so i just want to start off with even 199lbs..the goals are smaller but i find it will be a start..


I feel the same way.  When I think about the 60 pounds that I need to lose - it's just too overwhelming.  I think it's the reason it took me so long to actually start my journey.  So, I've decided to break it down into smaller increments.  I'm hoping at 10 pounds at a time, I'll stay motivated.

Just wondering how everyone in the group is doing. 

I'm weighing in tonight, so I'm crossing my fingers.

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I'm so happy that I found this group! I'm 44 years old 185 pounds, 5'2" and just starting, again, to try and lose the weight. I really hate to exercise but know that I have to get over that and get going to see any progress. My goal is 140 right now but I may change that to 130 once I get there. I have tried every diet that I can think of with success for a little while on some but then I fall off the wagon and end up weighing more than before. About 9 years ago I basically stopped eating and got down to 105 pounds, that was bad and I don't want to get back to that again. I have thought of joining Jenny Craig or something like that for accountability but it's just way too expensive plus I want to learn how to eat to lose and keep the weight off. 

Thanks Smile


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