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i'm 5'6'' and 170. i don't have anyone at home to do any of this with. i need a buddy to motivate me. help!!
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hey i'm 16
5'6'' and about 145
if you wanna be buddies that'd be awesome
: )
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Hello! I'm 5'8 and 161. I have no one here either, I'll help :)
5'6" 137 lbs.  Glad to help. Cool
5'8" 162 here:)
5'6" and 168! id say that's pretty darn close
hey i'm 5'6'' at 120lb down from 135lb, would love to help you!
5'6" & 163 :) Welcome!
okay, i've been on CC for a while, but i'm kinda new at this. so...what's next. i guess i need someone to check on me, give me hell when i don't work out, make me feel guilty enough to jog a couple miles if i was really considering doing nothing that day...anyone feel up to it? :D
Hey! 5'8 and 140lbs, but I was 5'6 and 170 - had a nice little growth spurt just before my 16th.  I would love to be buddies if you're interested still 
It looks like you have a very realistic goal - I'm 5'6" too, started at 168, and down to 153-154 (unless the low battery in my scale has been giving me a low reading the past few days... that would be sad). I'm aiming to get to 135, and after 3 months of hard work, I'm almost half there. You can do this! Don't forget to go for your jog today.
Thanx for the encouragement amethystgirl, its already helped. Yeah absolutely, I'd love to be buddies with you Ally....do u realize how long it has taken me to write those two sentences? geez. well, i suppose y'all can tell me what you've done to lose weight.[?]


I'm also 5'6", and I was 170 back in May - now I'm 154 (4 more lbs to go until my first personal goal).  I'm not in the age ball park (I'm 36), but I would be happy to share any tips that might help.

The first thing I started doing last year (when I was at my max of 198), was to start doing at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, but low impact (Walking, light pilates on an exercise ball).  But the real difference was made when I started monitoring my portion sizes.  I started looking at labels, and was astounded at how much I was overeating.  At first I just cut restaurant portions in half, but logging my food here at CC is what really educated me on what a portion size actually looks like.  (3 oz of chicken is the size of a deck of playing cards, a balled up fist is about a cup, etc.) 

My exercise now consists of Tae Bo, Power Yoga, lunch time walks, and Pilates when I can squeeze it in, and my diet includes a lot more vegetables and whole grains.

If you have any questions, ask away!  Good luck!

Yes, question: Are there any exercises I can do with essentially nothing? All I have at home is a treadmill, a small stairstepper, a bike(but I live in the north), 2lb and 3lb weights, and one 5lb weight (i lost the other, don't know how).

So far for workouts, I just get on the treadmill for 30- 60 minutes, at about 3.8-4.0mph. Stairstepper: usually 5-15 minutes; Bike: 20-40 minutes. I've never done anything like Tae Bo, Yoga, Pilates, and other such. Any ideas?

Well, all you need for Tae Bo is one of the DVDs, a DVD player, some workout clothes, and a pair of shoes.  If you can't invest in the DVD, Blockbuster and Netflix carries a wide range of both Tae Bo and other workouts, and you can return them if you don't like it.

Yoga and Pilates only require comfortable clothes, a DVD and a yoga mat (~$15 at Target).  DVDs for these types of workouts are also available through Blockbuster and Netflix.  There are also a few places on the web where you can get free routines (yogatoday.com, for example).

The treadmill, stepper, and bike are already good pieces of equipment to have to vary your workout, and it sounds like it's pretty rigorous already.  (I've personally never been fond of equipment - I found them too boring and they all wound up turning into clothes/towel racks.)

As for other workouts, a good resource to check is the "exercise" section here at CC.  You can design your own with the options listed, or go with the "12 week plan" which is pre-structured. 

Good exercises to do with absolutely no equipment at all:  lunges, squats, leg lifts, pushups (either full or at the knee), crunches (and variations), jumping jacks, and walking.

There's an exercise section here? I'll have to endeavor to find that.

Yeah, my bike is actually a coat rack, because my room is so small, but I do use it as a bike . . . most of the time. :D

For those workouts I listed, I never really use them all together. It's either the treadmill or the bike or the stairstepper. Then I do some situps(50), obliques(40), and pushups(30). Myself, I've never really liked lunges and squats (bad knees). But jumpings jacks, that I'll have to try.

If you're on CC plus, there's a tab for it at the top of the page.  I haven't been on CC classic in so long, I wouldn't know how to find it, but I'm sure it's still there.

I know you said "workouts with essentially nothing", but you might also consider investing in a jumprope.  They're very inexpensive, and can give you a decent cardio workout if you get tired of jumping jacks.

Wow, 16 and bad knees?  My hubby can definitely relate to that - he had very bad knee problems in high school because of soccer.  

Jump rope. Sounds interesting. I will have to ask my mom about it on friday (maybe I'll get lucky).

Yep. Bad knees run in the family, unfortunate. They don't really bother me too much if I don't 'aggravate' them.
If you have bad knees, then skipping (jumprope) isnt the bast, as its basically just repetitive jumping. Swimming is probably the best exercise for ensuring they dont get overly pressured...I'm not one to talk though, I have bad knees and insist on further ruining them with netball and volleyball...hehe

lol. i've never actually paid attention to what could bother my knees, unless it's something immediate (like squats). what is netball? never heard of it. i like volleyball, but my forearms haven't got much on them, so the ball always makes my them bright red. not always fun.

Hi Im 5'6" and im 147pds... I am doing this kinda on my own too, so any support is good :)

I think we can add each other as friends on this site to, and that way we could do weekly weigh ins and ask for advice and stuff.

Im hoping to hit my Goal of 130pds. 

I have also just started reading the book by Dr. Phil (about weight and the 7 keys to success)... It is really good!!! If you are from Canada, it is onsale for $5.00 on Chapters.ca.... with shipping it is only $11.55

Anyways... my biggest advice is WATER... I have trouble with it but it is really important


good luck, chat soon!


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