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Weight Loss
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I know you are going to say it's water.  Well, it's not apparently water.  Let me explain.

2 weeks ago on like a Tuesday I had a gain of 5 lbs over night!  Then two days later I jumped up another 5 lbs over night!!!  Everyone was like, oh, relax, it's water and it'll go away.

TWO weeks later and I'm still at the same weight.........179 lbs.  It won't budge!  I'm eating under 1500 calories a day.  Oh, btw, I'm female, 44 yrs old, 5'6" and medium build.  I'm opretty much sedentary bc I have a horrible back issue.  Exercising is extremely tough for me, as it increases my back and leg pain.  I walk when I can atleast 1 mile a day.  If its too cold, below 60*, I can't go out.  Causes more pain in my legs (nerve damage). 

I just wonder if this has happened to anyone else and what you did to lose the weight again.  It won't budge for me!  I've even tried zig zagging my calories too.  No difference in weight.


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Physically you can't gain that amount of fat from eating 1500 cals day... even if you're sedentary.  So it must be something else and the most likely candidate is fluid.   I don't think it's the usual 'ate too much salt' fluid given that it hasn't gone away, however.  Are you on any medications for your back pain?  Sometimes certain drugs can cause unexpected gains...  If so, could be worth going to see your doctor.

In your case, I really think you should see a doctor. When you tell the doctor about this, and your need for a workable weight loss plan, they may order tests, you be sure thyroid and all that good stuff is where it needs to be before recommending something.


I've read some of your other posts, and you seem to be struggling a lot, even on not many calories, so yeah..see the doc.


Does your scale need a new battery? Mine started acting weird a few weeks before the error message came on to let me know the battery needed to be replaced.

Get a family member to weigh themselves too and see if their weight has gone up 10 lbs - my old scale was really touchy and for years gave me the readout that I (and everyone else) was 10 lbs heavier than I actually was. 

Also, consider whether your clothes fit differently.  10 pounds is enough to make a noticeable difference in how your clothes fit.

If it's a flakey scale, they should fit the same.  If it's water weight, they might be a bit snug, but not the same as if it was 10 actual pounds of muscle or fat. 

If I were you, I would check the scale first as others suggested.  Weigh yourself on a different scale also if you can.  If you are certain that it's not the scale you own or you are 179ish on another scale, please go to the doc.  It is simply not possible based on your caloric intake and I don't think fluid retention typically lasts that long if all else in "normal".

I hope this ends up getting resolved for you in a reasonable way. I'm dealing with an unaccountable weight-gain today too, and I'm in total panic-mode over it.

Let us know the result if you try a different scale...

I tried another scale and the same weight showed up.  Yeah, I've been struggling for some time.  I've never had a jump like this though.  Only like a week before ttom I gain about 7-8 lbs and then it disappears afterwards. I have always been that way.

Well, ttom has made his apearance today so we'll see if this gain goes away now.  I feel like an experiment!  It's just weird, is all.  And now it won't go away!  SHEESH!!!!

If my weight doesn't go down soon, I'll bring it to my dr's attention.  About my meds.  I know the one could have the side effect of weight gain. My neurontin.  But I've been on it for years and I've lost 60 pounds while taking it. I haven't increased the dosage of it either.  I can't go up anymore! So I really don't think thats it. 

I'm a mystery, can anyone solve me? lol

I would sledgehammer the scale and wait a week before buying a new one.

I agree with others that you should see your doctor.  I have kidney disease, and sudden, large weight gains like yours can mean that your kidneys aren't working properly.  If that is the case, you want to know sooner, rather than later.


Good luck!  Please let us know how you make out.

first of all how many inches are we talking? and water can sometimes last a long time if there is an underlying issue.

Do the "keep it simple, stupid" approach.  First check your scale, especially if your clothes don't seem snug as previously suggested.

But, if that is not the case, absolutely make an appointment with your doctor or female clinic.  So many things can be eliminated by simple blood tests - thyroid, kidney, liver are all blood tests.

Don't panic - just check your scale or go to your clinic if need be.  Fear is your worst enemy.  Good luck!

YOU ARE ON NEURONTIN TOO?!?!? I have been taking it for years and have gained weight but my doc said "oh I don't think it's that." but I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I feel like someone is with me here!!!

I have lost weight on it too but I seem to struggle a lot to get it off.

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