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Weight Loss
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Late 30's looking to lose 20-25 lbs

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Hi, Well I have reached the high weight of 160 lbs. I am 5'5" and age 38. I think I will do better if I have a small weekly group with which to check in. If you are interested I would love input on weigh-in day. I think Saturday would be the best. That way I will be motivated to not over-indulge on Friday night, a bad habit I currently have.

I love food, and I love wine. My goal is to practice moderation with both. In this group we could discuss recipes, fitness, goals, setbacks, etc.

Let's do this and be fit for summer!

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hi, I'm 40, and in a similar situation. I'm 5'2", 137ish (have been stuck there for months and months, mostly due to my own fault), and want to be about 115. 


I also love food and wine and need to have a plan that allows me both, but just less! I'm not willing to go on a stark diet that I can't maintain the rest of my life or that won't allow me to go to friends' houses for dinner or celebrate birthdays, etc.

Hello!!!  My name is Kris, I am 37  5'4 and now weigh 225. i started calorie counting on 3/16/11 when i weighed 234    Im tired of being this way and have a new outlook on my life. Would love some motivators to chat with every now and then who have the same goal   CHANGE!!!!!  i began exercising yesterday went on a 2mile walk with my daughter took us about 45min i hope to make it in shorter time as we progress daily..... so hope i can join and sure could use some good healthy low cal meal and snack ideas    thanx

Great! So happy to have some pals. Sounds like we have some things in common too. Especially the part of CHANGE.

I am considering today "day 1". I'm starting with a breakfast of creamy buckwheat with some brown sugar and lowfat milk.

I too do not want to go on a strict diet that I can't maintain.

As for fitness, I plan to start the 10 lb slimdown series. I can access it for free on demand. Also, I plan to get some walking in.

Happy Sunday!, Karen


I started a low carb plan in earnest, last week. I am 156# down from 160.

I am 37, 5'7" and my current goal is 149...

I would love a check in group to stay on track. I regained my weight after losing last year so I know I have to lose and maintain!

I have been walking my dog every day and eating a deficit this week to great success...but I know you always lose more at I hope to keep up with the plan for a month...


Three crucial things.


1. Stop Drinking alcohol

2. No fast foods or processed foods

3. Stay active


Good morning everyone. Well I had my first Saturday weigh-in and...well I am still at my starting weight of 160.

I have had a pretty good week. I've done a 20-30 minute circuit training every day. My energy level is up and I feel fantastic. I have also been taking longer walks with my dogs.

As for food, I stayed at a calorie deficit most days. I had a minor slip on Thursday with some wine and pizza. For me, that makes for an excellent week. Better than I have done in a long time.

How was your week?

Super job!

I felt the extra energy first as well and then the scale moved a few days later.

I am eating a low carb plan for now with lots of dog walking!

SW 160

CW 155

GW 149

Hi there I would love to join this group.  it has been a long haul trying to lose and maintain my weight. Jan of this yr I started watching what i at and tryed to loose weight seriosly with some sucess.  Im 31 yrs old 5 4 and a bit and here are my stats

sw - 197 Jan of this yr

cw - 168 today

gw - 150 for now

Good morning all.

This week has been up and down for me. Much like last week as i did have one day of happy hour with a coworker. 3 beers and no excercise Wednesday. Oh well, I know that is how I am and therefore consider it okay. At least it was only one day :).

That said I am down a half pound. I'll take it. Slow and steady wins the race I guess.

I am happy with how I am doing. It's about making changes that I can maintain for life and that takes time. Soon enough I know I will start losing at a higher pace.

How was your week?

So far since March 17th i have lost 13 pounds.....its exciting to see the pounds go and making healthy choices even though unhealthy ones surround me daily.  Yesterday i met a goal i walked 4.4 miles. I listened to some great workout music and kept walkin  so proud of myself a little stiff this mornin but well worth it.  Well hope everyone has a great weekend till next saturday Yall take care

Way to go Krisg!

WOW, Krisg...great job on the 4.4 miles!

SW 160

CW 152

GW 149

My scale has stalled for a few days at this weight but I know I am reshaping my body so I am keeping on the plan!

Happy weekend!

Hello everyone!

May I Join?

I'm 35 and 5"1. I'm at 152.2L as of this morning. Would like to go down to 120 by Xmas....sooner would be nice.. but by fall/winter.  My mini goal.. lose a size by June 11th.

Talk to you all in the morning!

Good morning!

Man, was I bad this week. Potluck at work and I ate a lot. Last night I went out and drank a lot. Up one pound this morning.

I didn't even want to post today but the whole point of this for me is to keep me accountable.

I will get back on track and hope to have better news next weekend!

How did you guys do?

Good Mornin to all......  i too have had an off week.  The weather has been horrid and now its snowin  Makes me wanna eat and thats not good!!!!! I also gained one pound so gotta get back on track and hope that next week is better.....Wisconsin weather is so unpridictable!!!!!  well hope everyone has a good week till next saturday my fellow weight losers!!!!!!

Hi guys,

I am Lila from Greece. I am 36, height 5'3'' and weight 143 pounds. My goal is to reach 126 pounds in time for the summer. Too ambitious? Embarassed

I am on diet for the last 4 weeks. This week I started very well with 1200 kcal each day, but then from Thursday on I got discouraged because I am loosing so slowly, so I gave in snacks and chocolate. Today also I had a binge.

The thing is that I get tired easily. I want quick results so I am thinking of starting a 3 day fast juice. But then again I am afraid I won't lose that much and I ll get discouraged again.

Propably I need a not so strict diet, exercise more and get more busy in my social life, go out more often, so that I don't think constantly about food.

Good morning!

Last weekend was an indulgent birthday weekend. However, I was able to get back on track this week and am down a pound. :)

I turned 39 and am redefining my lifestyle. I've long been setting goals but not really following through. Now I will follow through. I am budgeting both my calories and my finances. The two should go together well since saving money means less eating out and less drinking. Also, the cool rainy season should be coming to an end meaning more outdoor activities.

Today I am going for a hike. I'm bringing whole wheat crackers with some swiss cheese and turkey and cucumber. Dinner tonight will be a big salad with some grilled chicken. I'll be washing it all down with some seltzer water instead of wine.

Tomorrow I will take a long walk around town with my dogs and start back on circuit training. Should make for a good start to next week. I have two goals for next week. One is to continue on my wine-less streak (so far just 4 days, but hey it was my birthday). The other is to stay completely away from sweets!

How was your week?

Good Morning!!!!!!   Was a good week !!!!  Grocery shopping is a new experience even had my kids checking the nutrition labels...... Well down to 215 lbs   twl 18 lbs since May 16th 2011.  My goal is to take my 4.4 mile brisk walk every other day and then the other days do workout video or DANCE around my house for an hour!!!!!! lol    Its gloomy outside but i feel like the sun is shining on me.......   Way to go on the WINELESS days and to many more ahead.......  i'll be here for ya if ya need me!!!!  

HI All,

I am moving in the right direction albeit slowly. I lost .2# today...

SW 160



I am close to my current goal, but will adjust it down to 145 in a few months if I can maintain under 150. I think last year I tried to do too much to fast. Got down to 146 but it returned over the winter...

Anyway, Working on low starch diet, walk/jog with my dog, and healthy choices...

I tried FAGE yogurt (mixed it with stevia, vanilla and cinnamon) and it is great...almost like whipped cream to top my fruit and satisfy the sweet tooth...

Still looking for a low cal chocolate option, but I have a bit of chocolate when I must, once or twice a week, and just count it in my calories...

I am trying my best to stay motivated as the weight loss slows...but I can feel my body reshaping and my clothes fit better...


I need to do some strength training/cross that is my next step...

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Hey is this group still active? I want to lose 25 lbs and need some motivation!

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