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Last 5-10 lbs Challenge! Esp. for college students!

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I always see these weight loss challenges, but I haven't found one for people trying to lose those last few inches or pounds. So I decided to start one! This is going to be about a 2 month challenge, so it is especially good for those college students (like me!) to shed the last bit of weight before school starts. But anyone is welcome of course. I need to be accountable to someone(I'm sooo close to my goal!), and these challenges really seem to work! Weigh-ins can be once a week, every Friday. Include:

Start Weight:

Goal Weight:

and any measurements that you are working on. For me it is waist and hips.

We will start this Friday, August 3rd with starting weights/inches and end on September 21st. Sign up if interested! :)
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So I am not a college student but do need to lose the last 3-5 lbs (I know it's gonna be tough). So can I join?!?

Starting weight: 109 lbs
Goal weight: 105 lbs

I have no specific measurement goals except to have them continue to go down. My waist (holding the muscles firmly) is 27.5 inches at belly button, 26 at narrowest, hips are 34.5 inches. I have already lost 3.5 inches already from my hips and 3.5 inches from my belly so am already thrilled.
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I'm a college kid and would love to lose those last lbs before going back!

Starting weight: 131 lbs (as of a couple of days ago, I'll check on the 3rd)

Goal weight: 125 lbs

I don't know my measurements but if I happen to think about it, I'll add those in.

Good luck all!
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I have a bit more than 5 lbs to lose, but I am trying to get 5 pounds down for the beginning of school. Just finished college and starting law school in the fall.

Starting weight 141 trendline

Current goal: To be solidly in the 130's (so, 135)

Ultimate goal: 120-125

Going to try and figure out my measurements tonight cause I had wanted to anyway.
I reallllllllllly need to start taking proper measurements!  I will do that this week and try and stay along with this post!

Start Weight: 125

Goal Weight: 120

I'm trying to lose very slowly, about half a pound a week, so I think this goal is okay for Sept 21.

Good luck everyone!

Elle, I started at that exact weight (141) and 7 months later I'm 125!  Again, I did it slowly, but it feels great!
Yay Im so excited for everyone that has signed up so far! It is such a great motivation to have all of you joining me :)
Im not a COLLEGE student but i am a STUDENT. I need to lose about 10 more pounds.

140 starting

130 goal by school...

ulitimate goal---120

So it's not Friday yet but I will put in my weights now. I'll put up my measurements in a couple days.

Starting weight: 118

Goal weight: 113 (or less!)

Good luck to everyone! We can do this :D
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college student that would LOVE to loose a couple more lbs before going back to school!

starting weight: 137

goal weight: 130

ultimate goal: 125-120

we got this!! woo! :o)
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I've been trying to lose my freshman fifteen all summer, but haven't made much progress. :( I'm planning on kicking it into high gear now though, so this is great.

Start weight: 118

Goal weight: 110

Ultimate goal: 100

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I'm a college student trying to lose 10-15 before I go back to school labor day weekend.  I feel like I have wasted most of my summer in the respect of getting really fit and could have upped the exercise level but I'm only starting now.  :/

Start weight: 148

Goal Weight: 138

Ultimate goal: 133 
I already have my BS- but i am only 24?! 

I have about 8 lbs to lose.  I need to take my measurments because I have no idea what they are...

Currently 131.6

GOAL :123

I would like to have hit 125 by September 8th.... 
i'm almost there!!! Just need to get those last few

current weight: 103

Goal weight:100
I have 8 pounds to lose!

current weight: 128

Goal weight: 120
I would really like to lose 5-10 pounds by the time school starts, so I don't have to worry about losing weight this year and focus on my grades.

start weight: 120

goal weight: 115

ultimate goal: 110

I also want to tone my arms abs and thighs.
I want to lose 14pounds and I will do it! (College freshman in a few weeks)

start weight: 124

goal weight: 110

I want slimmer legs and more ab definition. It will help me run faster I am gonna race.

We should post our heights! I am 5 foot 6.5
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Starting Weight- 130

Weight now- 120

Goal- 115

After losing 10 pounds I'm getting lazy.. so im glad to have a support group and lose my weight just in time for my b-day!
college student, still have 14 left to go, but could use support of other people who have to put up with dining commons and other urges (such as partying.. ugh, my downfall) 

current weight: 133

8/10 weigh in: 132.8  NOT BAD... a lot more work to do though :)

TWELVE days 'til MOVE IN!  yikes!

goal by september 21 - 125
Going into junior year, height 5'7

Current weight 137

Goal weight 130

I slipped a little this past month but I'm serious again.  We can do it 

oh and sstreck, we have similar stats but your stomach looks so much better than mine, any advice?
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I am 5'1" trying to get rid off the last couple of pounds..

Starting at 112lbs

goal 100lbs

I need the support to keep me on track, i like working out and i do it on a regular basis but its hard when all your friends are not into it at all :s
Personally I think THIS is the hardest challenge of all.

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