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large ribcage anyone?

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This is kindof a strange question.  I have an abnormally large ribcage.  I admit I have abdominal fat, too. No matter how much weight I lose, I still have these ribs that stick out.  It makes it hard to find clothes that flatter.  I just wondered if anyone else has this problem, or am I a freak of nature?
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i've never been overweight, but for some reason my rib cage  (especially upper ribs under the clavicles) have always been defined.
i feel my ribs have a medium build even though the rest of me is small boned :/

There is definitely something wrong with my body.

I am 18, weigh roughly 8.5 stone, have a flat tummy and some muscle definition but have a huge ribcage. I disagree completely with some of the points raised ie.

a large ribcage actualy makes your breasts look smaller because they are concealed by the ribcage which comes out past them, looking like they are sat on top of the ribcage.

having a large ribcage actually limits the size of my waist; no matter how much I lose wieght or exercise, even when I target that specific area, my waist can get no smaller. I have noticed that many other women, despite not being toned in any way, regardless of their ribcage size, have dinky waists.

I also have large hips, legs and buttocks but I am toned so that is no problem. But what gets me is that my frame and bone structure always makes me appear fatter than I am. I wish I could have a cosmetic surgeon take a bone saw to my ribs and make them smaller but apparently that is not only is that illegal but would probably kill me anyway.

Anybody else have similar figure to me and can help? Any suggestions to forcibly make my waist noticeably smaller?

magiclindsey- i totally agree with your statements.  although i'm not toned, i feel like my ribcage keeps me from looking nice and slender. instead i look thick in clothes and malnourished showing my midsection.  i've also been told i look like i weigh more than i do.  i don't think there's anything to do but try and wear clothes most flattering to your body.  i find i usually look slimmer in an empire type cut or detail that emphasizes right under the bust or a low rise pant.  anything higher or lower than the actual "waist".
Wow!! I thought I was the only one. I swear, my ribcage is GIGANTIC. Ughh I hate it, I have the weirdest midsection ever. I always wear long shirts, which I think helps, but I have a long torso as well.

And I am on the thin side, but my rib cage makes me look larger. Like I wish my ribs were like most normal women, where it is small right under their breasts. You know what I mean?

And to top it off, I have very small breasts. An A cup.. but sometimes I need a 38, but it is hard to find a 38 A!! But now my secret is buying bras from the girls department!! I found some 36 A's which fit perfectly.
Original Post by thinksubro:
Like I wish my ribs were like most normal women, where it is small right under their breasts. You know what I mean?

Exactly what you mean. What scares me most is that is has made me very self-conscious, shallow/judgemental and even competitive with other women who do have the bone structure we would rather have. Sometimes it's very hard not to just hate women who have potruding round bellies but still look thinner in clothes because they have a tiny ribcage. I have no idea how to stop this dangerous thinking because there is simply no cosmetic, dietary or other cure for having a larger ribcage and no matter what you wear, you will always look at least a size larger than other women.


 I know exactly what you mean!!! Like I see all these girls with normal ribcages and I get so jealous. All the time I wish mine was normal. And girls with normal ribcages just don't understand. I can't just wear normal fitting shirts, I try to find things that disguise my abnormally large ribcage.

And I don't know if you have this problem too, but my midsection is so strange. Like I'm not big, but when I sit down I get 3 rolls!! (Which I think is partially due to how my ribcage is shaped). Hate it!!

Ughh, if only it was normal, things would be so much easier!!

yeah, I have this problem too. I can't believe so many other people do too! It makes me feel so much better.

Having a large ribcage makes me feel like I will never look slender. It makes me look larger, and I have to buy much larger tops than other people. I don't have any fat at all on my ribs, and they are still huge. I wear a 38" bra, and I am really small chested. It does make your boobs seem much smaller!

I hate it. This has always been one of the things I hated  most about myself, because there is nothing I can do about it!  No matter how much weight I lose, it won't change it:( 

My ribcage is also huge. On those make-over shows or in magazines when they talk about right under your breasts being the smallest part of your torso it makes me want to slap them because I'm not built like that. It looks fine on my brother, makes him look more built than he is, but on a girl, ew! It used to bother me a lot more when I was younger but now I have realized there is truly nothing I can do about it and I just have to live with it. It sure makes dresses and bras a pain though.
I have ribs like a football player, and a very short waist to boot. I'm 5'8", and when sitting I am the same height as my 5'2" friends, but my legs are as long as a 6-footer's. Makes plane trips miserable.

I have always been straight up-and-down: at 140 lbs and at 240 lbs, I've never really had a defined waist. (I am lucky inasmuch as my lower ribcage doesn't stick out more than my upper ribcage - the  "angle" is correct, I'm just wide). My shoulders are wider than my hips and I have a relatively flat butt (mesomorph). My legs never got very big even when I was category 2 obese. I look sort of like an ice cream cone when standing. My WHR will never, ever get to the "desirable" 0.8. (Right now I have a 41 inch waist and 43 inch hips)

I'm a Celtic mutt, no Inca blood here (in response to that question).

In high school used to wish that I could have three extra vertebrae in my lower back, because that would make me 5'11" and perfectly proportioned. Now I've grown to accept that this is just how I'm made, and I have assets, too (legs, cleavage, height, thick hair, etc.) and it's not really fair to complain. I look at what some other people have to face every single day in their lives, and feel lucky.
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im 16

and i have only just realised i think i have a large rib cage

i still carry weight around my stomcuh a bit


if i breath in alot

my ribs stick out ALOT

and also

if i dont breath in

they stick out

i dont like it :(
My ribcage seems to be a normal size, but its starting to show, and im worried it will look ugly if i lose anymore. My collar bone has always been quite prominante, but now the ribs in my chest show to. Trouble is im very pear shaped so my hips and bum still need to lose 3" till ill be happy with them. Im planning to drop just 6lbs more which will take me to 125lbs and about 19% BF, though im sure ill still have large hips.

i have the big ribcage problem too. no matter how thin i've gotten (i was very underweight due to illness for a while), my ribcage sticks out, holding out my shirts so i look much heavier than i am.

even when i gain weight, there's a lot of bones sticking out.

i also have a very LONG ribcage. i think maybe my ribcage was made for an elephant...

Hey I have this problem too! My mom said I inheirited form the men on my father's side, my dad, brother, and granpa all have these huge ribcages, which looks just great on them, but terrible on a girl!!

I completely agree witht the girl who said when she sits down she had 3 rolls, it makes me so self-conscious! I even soemtimes try to pull my bra down over my ribcage roll, to be more comftorable. It had always been this way, I lost 30 pounds last summer, and everything has gotten thinner, except for my ribcage, it drives me crazy!! I hate it!!!!

I also have a large ribcage. Shopping for prom/homecoming dresses in high school was such a pain. I was down to a size 4 about six months ago and my ribs were the same size as they always had been. I'm assuming it's from having a larger bone structure in general. I wouldn't fuss about it. I'm sure it fits your body type just fine.

As far as finding the right tops, I've learned to steer clear of tops that are particularly snug around there b/c they're usually not cut for my size. HOWEVER, as with most things, you never know until you try. I've found that tops I assumed wouldn't be flattering, fit well.

So, in essence, dress for what you have rather than what you wish you had, and you'll always look fabulous!

sarahapple: I try to pull my bra down over my ribcage too! Haha, I thought I was the only one.

Yeah! I feel so much better. I lost all the weight but I can't get the ideal 36" around my chest because of my very large rib cage.

Thanks for posting everyone! SO Nice to Share!


Ellie May!

I have this problem too! When I was a teenager I was really thin and my ribcage stuck way out. I remember having to stop shopping for kids dresses when I was younger because of my broad shoulders and rib cage. Even when I went to get my wedding dress they said I had a very broad rib cage. Dresses never fit right, anything with a zip is going to fit completely wrong because it will only zip up to my waist. Then of course if I get a bigger size it's too big in the hips and the chest. I am so jealous of my mother in law because she has this tiny rib cage and can wear those small dresses. Oh and bras I buy in the kids section too. If I plug my measurements in to one of those bra size calculators, it gives me an error message. It's because if you add 5 inches to my ribcage number it ends up being like 3 inches bigger than my chest. And your chest is supposed to be bigger than the band size. Not mine! I particularly like Maidenform girls sports bras. They have thin adjustable straps but are styled more like a thin, cotton sports bra. I bought a ton of them once I found that they fit well.

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Omg, I've never noticed this on myself or anyone before.

Now you all have me nervous.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately too! I have a HUGE rib cage, and that pisses me off so bad. No matter how thin I would be *by my weight* I look fat. -_-' I have no fat whatsoever on my chest, actually its almost grossly bony. But I still look big.

Not that I want to frighten anyone, but I have found the reason for my large sticking out ribs. As I was concerned about this, I Spoke to my GP. My doctor diagnosed my with idiopathic (=of no known cause) adolescent scoliosis (=twisted spine).

The reason my ribcage is distended, which may be the same for some of you, is that my spine twists to the side slightly - and although this has no bearing on my posture or the look of my back (its apparently mild, huh!) it has pulled every single rib (as they are attached to your vertebrae) out of place, giving me a sticky out, uneven ribcage. This explains why my sister, who has exactly the same bone proportions as me, except the scoliosis, looks so much more ''normal'' and can fit into those slim dresses and tops you mention.

If you can see on one side of your back a slight hump and your ribs tend to stick out more on one side in particular, or if you experience any back pain, I would go to your doctor and ask about it. In the US I know they do tests at school but if you are from the UK you will just not be told about it, unless it is glaringly obvious you have it, and you just have to be brave enough to find out for yourself.

I hope this helps rather than causes people to panic. I only want people to know as its a condition that needs to be monitored, and could offer explanation to those seeking one.

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