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large ribcage anyone?

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This is kindof a strange question.  I have an abnormally large ribcage.  I admit I have abdominal fat, too. No matter how much weight I lose, I still have these ribs that stick out.  It makes it hard to find clothes that flatter.  I just wondered if anyone else has this problem, or am I a freak of nature?
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Have you always been this way? Are you, or where you, a smoker? Do you have asthma? These things can cause your lungs to increase your ribcage size, or so I've read.

I swear my ribcage expanded after my pregnancies; I'm only 5' tall and short-waisted .... there was no place else for my babies to go!

And pregnancies screwed up my waistline permanently! Before pregnancies, I used to have a 23 inch waist... in my experience, no matter how much weight I lose, it'll never go any lower than 27 inches. That makes it hard to find clothes that fit... considering my hips are very narrow. For 33-34 inch waist you're "supposed to" have a 23-24 inch waist, or 25 inch waist max. Sigh... only in my dreams! But now I'm rambling....

I recommend that you go ahead and splurge on a good tailor. Go ahead, do it now, just a few items of versatile clothing such as a great custom-fit blazer and a crisp white shirt, to make you feel fabulous in the body you have now. The better you feel about yourself, the easier it is to lose weight, IMO.

The plus side of having a large ribcage is:

- your breasts will look bigger

- your waist will look comparatively smaller

Yes, I've always been this way.  The problem is that it makes my waist larger and my breasts seem smaller.  It is the lower edge of my ribcage that sticks out so much.  I have a C cup and my ribs stick out almost as much as my breasts.  Thanks for the hint about the tailor, good idea.
Yes, I've always been this way.  The problem is that it makes my waist larger and my breasts seem smaller.  It is the lower edge of my ribcage that sticks out so much.  I have a C cup and my ribs stick out almost as much as my breasts.  Thanks for the hint about the tailor, good idea.
me too. i put weight on in my hips and stomach but i stil have my rib bones pop out, w/e makes me feel a little less fat...
Hey yoyonomo ~

I have a huge ribcage too, always have (which, as a singer, I don't mind so much, except for aesthetically!) - even after losing almost 50lbs this year!! :-) Like jenmcc, I have a narrow hips/butt as well. As you can tell (or you can just check out the photos on my profile) I am pretty apple-shaped/top heavy.

For my ribcage hat I do is this - I buy pants/skirts that show off my toned legs and I wear long or layered tops. It makes my torso appear more slender/leaner because a longer top creates more length.

Hope this makes sense, and good luck!

~ Colleen
i have absolutely no explanation for why i have a large rib cage to be honest lol. I never smoked. granted my mom did but once she knew she was pregnant with me she stopped cold turkey. I wish i didnt though because i feel like it makes me look bulky, i guess theres not much you can do to decrease the size of ur rib cage haha :(
I know why. That is the way you were made from our lord above. I am short and I also have ribs that stick out. Actually I think they are quiet appealing. This is funny so dont laugh too hard. When I lay flat on the bed and look down it looks like I have 4 boobs. Now that is a blessing. giggles Think of your ribs as an asset. One more thing that is beautiful. Huggers to all of us and thank you lord for the McRib
i read a long time ago that your rib cage adapts to the size of your body. so if you were overweight.. well your ribs will be larger.  mine are too! I'm going to research this :) Not sure if they shrink.
I have this problem too, and I agree, it does make the belly look bigger, the boobies smaller. So you're not alone.
i used to be over weight, why will it not adapt now when im not haha.. so unfair.
I have a giant rib cage too. It's so annoying - I can wear a six in pants but need a 10/12 in dresses sometimes.

Do any of y'all also have trouble sizing yourself for bras? If I go with the add 5 inches to your rib measurements, then subtract your bust to find your cup size, I end up supposedly needing a 42 negative-A
aahh! I'm in the same boat, totally. I know I'm only 16, but my ribs stick out WAY more than my boobs. haha! the only thing I can do is like, suck them in, in a weird uncomfortable way that can't be sustained for very long.. gah it's a drag.
I have the same problem too. 

When I wear dresses, I have to get a bigger size too, just so it fits my ribs first.

I am glad to see other people have the same problem.  So now I don't feel so bad.

I am an apple too.
Do any of you have South American ancestry?

The Inca and their descendants are known for their extra-large chests and lungs. They adapted over thousands of years to the low-oxygen content living high in the Andes mountains. They have a much easier time breathing at those high altitudes than people with smaller lungs, as they take in more air with every breath.

I guess it's probable that there are other races of people who adapted in a similar manner to high altitudes around the planet, so there could be other bloodlines that have this trait as well. It's possible that there are bloodlines from the Himalayas, the Alps, etc that have developed large chests as well. (Not to mention that it could just be random genetic chance in any given case.)
I don't know. I think I have a large ribcage, but it could just look that way because my waist is small and I have a tendency to lose weight in the chest/back/stomach before anywhere else, so my ribs start poking out a bit even if I'm a bit on the heavy side.

I have a large ribcage as well.  Mine is configured a little different than most that are described above.  I am an hour glass shape, with my shoulders almost exactly the same as my hips and a much smaller waist.  My ribs bow out very wide up at top and my breast bone is the most prominant point in front like if you look at the rib cage of a chicken(without the prow bone, of course).  If I wear a shirt that is somewhat fitted to my body, I have the shape of someone who is corseted, or like a body builder because the difference in waist and chest size is so big and because my big ribs actually hold my arms away from my body a little bit.  I my measurements are:

~39 inch hips, ~32 inch waist, ~35.5 inches around ribs below bust, ~37.5 inches at bust, ~37.5 inches above my bust, at the highest point on my torso, just below my arms.

It may also be notworthy that, like many of the other women in this thread, I have almost no chest.  I do not wear a bra anymore, except my sport bra at the gym,  because I don't actually need one and because even custom bra shops have a hard time getting someone a flattering, non-training, size 32 AAA bra.

If we don't have much breast tissue,and many of us are apple shaped, maybe having a large rib cage is related to having a little bit more male hormone than the average woman.  Just a thought.
haha wow. i didnt realize this many ppl had my rib issue too. kind of comforting i suppose.

I have small chest, huge ribs, smaller waist. so i buy large shirts, but cant buy shirts that are large for ppl with large boobs, so shopping for shirts or dresses suck.

I FOUND A STYLE that hides my ribs but shows my stomach size. I swear those REALLY SHORT sweatshirts that just barely cover over my ribs, and then wear a tight tank top under so it shows my stomach size but hides my ribs. i would really suggest that if you think your body is my size.
i also have a ribcage problem, although i'd say the rest of my bones are small.  i used to be 20 pounds chubbier when i was a teen growing up, due to the bad eating habits of my family so maybe that's why.  it's made me develop a slouching habit, to avoid showing my lower ribcage but makes my tummy look awful.
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I always thought I was crazy for thinking I had a big ribcage... glad to hear I'm not! lol  Mine expanded with my first pregnancy and has never gone back down.  I have a large frame anyway, so I can live with it I guess.
Our ribcages are meant to flex, and people who are very overweight and have a lot of visceral fat (around organs) have rib cages that compensate for that, ie streched out. I know people are built different structurally, but visceral fat can account for changes in ribcage size for some people. 
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