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Large arms: Will they ever be smaller?!

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Hello! I have large arms... it's a tragic combination of fat and muscle and I  don't know if I should just ignore my arms as in not lift weights with them in hopes that they will slim them down.

Will lifting weights keep my arms getting bigger or will it help "eat" the fat? And if I should life weights should they be really light?

I want thin arms... toned but not like I could kick all the boys asses.

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i would lift weights but got high rep low weight so you build lean muscle
i heard that when you build muscle, and you are overweight, it generally builds underneath the fat making you appear bigger then you really are. i personally would focus on cardio, losing the fat and then start on weights.
no, it wont make u bulk up, weights actually BURN more fat than cardio!!  Lift away, women are not made to bulk up!!  When i dont lift, i lose LESS, lifting makes me lose more!!
Weightlifting is terrific for fat loss. You will lose much more fat per pound of weight lost than if you don't lift weights. Don't give it up for cardio, that's bad advice. Cardio will burn off lean muscle mass along with fat. Eat at a calorie deficit and lift heavy weights. Try HIIT for cardio if you are fit enough to do it. If you aren't comfortable with this, research until you are!

Lifting light weights for lots of reps does absolutely nothing and is also bad advice. 'Lean muscle' is just a buzzword. There's just muscle. It gets bigger or it gets smaller. The best way to make it bigger is to hit it with heavy weights for low amounts of reps (less than 12). The best way to make it smaller is to ignore it.

If you'd be happy with having smaller, still flabby arms then stop hitting your arms with the weights. Or you can focus on losing bodyfat. You may have genetically muscular arms as well.
Lifting weights actually made my arms tighter and smaller.  I think, for women, it's pretty difficult to get huge arms... you'd have to do some serious lifting.  
Generally speaking women will not "bulk up" no matter how much you lift.  We're just not really built that way (unless you're taking some kind of suppliment)  This is not to say that we can't get muscular arms from lifting.  I've always had a lot of muscle in the arms, it's from gymnastics, swimming and lifting for about 10 years...

Lifting has always made me lose more weight than just cardio alone, but if you're really looking to take some bulk out of your arms I would focus a little more on cardio and fat loss rather than lifting for the time being.  That way you'll take some of the fat off of the arms leaving the lean muscle behind.  Part of the reason you probably feel bulky is that you're building muscle underneath the fat that's already there.
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i play tennis and i supplement with weights (i don't know if it's high reps--right now i'm at 5lb weights with 3 reps of 15 and several different exercises). 

it tones my arms.  they haven't really bulked up. :)
I feel you.  My arms are rather big also..hasn't always been this way though.  I found that when I first attempted to lose weight about 2 years ago my arms got smaller w/the rest of my body and at that time I was clueless of the right way to lose weight so I was only doing cardio for exercise.  I was afraid to lift thinking my arms were going to get buff lol.
Thank you guys! I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply! I just got my computer back. I think I'm going to keep lifting weights because it seems like my arms are getting smaller. Thank you so much!
Will lifting weights keep my arms getting bigger or will it help "eat" the fat? And if I should life weights should they be really light?

Lift, lift, lift.  My sister has the exact same problem.  She is very thin but has the fattest, chunderiest (that's not even a word) arms even with a 14% body fat.  Intense lifting 3x a week helped a lot.

It is interesting how many people seem to be under the illusion that women are not 'made' for big arms. Some women who contain higher levels of testosterone will most definitely build bulky muscle easier than others. 

There are also certain body structure types that get involved when it comes to building muscle. I, for example, come from a family who's women are all bigger and stronger than average women - without having to do much. We all do not fit normal shirts/jackets properly, due to our shoulder width. Even though we may not be fat, our shoulders are wide and our arms strong. At this point I wear a size 36 - which is actually too big for my waste, but just fits my shoulder width. 

When you look back in history (or even now) at different women: chinese were typically smaller and skinnier, African women had more pronounced bottox and chest (which is still the case, I lived there), whilst there are European cultures and bloodlines that are built from small, tall and lean, to big, bulky and strong. These do not have to have anything to do with fat - although I do not deny that fat can be a major contributing factor. 

I myself listened to people who told me women will not grow bigger arms, and changed from running 45 mins and a daily palates routine, to boxing and running. The running had not made my arms 'small', but the fat was gone. The boxing (as well as swimming) however, really buff up my arms! Even though the training required for boxing is mostly strength combined with cardio. To top that off, I am not on a specific diet - I just eat healthy food, and 6x a day in smaller portions.

The way I try to accept my wider build, is by exorcising at least 30 mins a day for five days a week, and just knowing that I do what I can to be healthy - and that it is just 'different' to what the media shows me to be aesthetically pleasing. Happiness is found inside of you, not in being or wanting to be someone else altogether.   

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