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ladies: can we talk about breasts post-weight loss

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I am really concerned about what my breasts willl look like once I reach my goal weight. I don't want them to sag

they're extra fatty right now with my extra weight

i'm only 22 right now, I don't want to have to worry about that right now :(

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I'm hoping weight training(chest workouts) should help out, cuz my boobies did kinda go south after I lost the weight and I'm only 20...sigh. Not to mention going from a 36C to a 34A...double sigh.

Wow this wasn't an encouraging post at all. I fail...:p

I also will provide a less than inspirational account/ confession.

Having lost 80 pounds and watched my breasts deflate from a 40DD to a 34B, I can say that weightloss, while ravishing the rest of my body, neglected my tender tatties. They are as I said, deflated, as balloons that shrivel after a few too many days. My stretch marks damaged my skin so badly that despite my young age, they aren't going to "snap" back into place like the rest of my body did. It's worst really when I bend over, and you can see the lines droop from my chest before the weighted ducts.

However, it's beyond worth it. The health benefits of losing weight stretch far beyond the importance I place on the disguisable. Don't worry about it, just continue onwards! Weight training may help restore some "bulk" where fat used to be as oliviak88 suggested, so it shouldn't be a worry or fear.

Save up the money for surgury and have 'em look better one day than Mama Nature coulda given ya :D

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i hate the idea of having my breasts done... but i suppose if i were to just get a bit of a lift it wouldn't be like i'm changing my body, because honestly i love my body.

I wonder if it would leave me with gross scars though

Try barely making it to B at your highest weight, and then having to start stuffing because you got rid of all your old bras thinking you had finally gotten some real boobs.  My bras are all wrinkly.  >_<

Original Post by tealparadise:

My bras are all wrinkly.  >_<

 So are mine- I can't afford to buy new ones that fit properly, not that I'm still wearing the DDs but a C is still ample room if I need a good hiding spot for a flask or a money clip. Gah.

I went from a 42DD to a 36 (maybe 34 now?)DD when I lost my 30 pounds. So the breasts themselves did get somewhat smaller, but they stayed in the same proportion with my torso. They're not noticeably saggier, but then I lost the weight fairly slowly... and of course when you're talking about natural DDs, the term "saggy" becomes somewhat relative. :-)

The amount you're losing plays a role, but the way your particular body disposes of fat is probably the most important factor. I lose very evenly all over, hence the boob preservation; some people lose from the breasts first, some not at all. There are a few other posts on this topic where people have shared stories from every point on the spectrum; the consensus seems to be that you can't really tell until you lose the weight, but pretty much no matter what happens, they agree with vron: it's totally worth it.

I'm 23 and I've lost 30+ pounds, and I initially started with a C cup, now I'm filling a B. They're noticeably smaller, but they don't sag (I was initially 165 pounds) and I think the smaller size looks quite alright on my current body... But yes, unfortunately, losing weight = losing some tit mass :(

But it all depends on how your body loses weight. Not everyone loses weight from the same parts of their body. And no one wants saggy tits, but the benefits of being healthy goes above and beyond saggy tits, no? :)

My trainer did mention though, that chest exercises, using either machines or free weights, will help prevent saggy tits, so maybe you can find out more about those. Good luck!

I went from having cleavage in a C to having extra room in a B.  Breasts are made of fat.  You lose fat, you lose boobs... that's just how it is! I'm 22, as well, and mine aren't saggy after my loss... still perky, just little and perky!  :)   After I have kids, I am getting implants, I've already decided.  There are things that you can do after having breast surgery to keep from getting scars (silicone patches do wonders-- my mother-in-law is a surgeon), so if you need to get a lift after you lose your weight, I say do it.

Hi There

I have lost 50lbs and my breasts look better than ever! I went from a 40D to a 36D. I am still in a D cup, but they look so much perkier. The weight loss def helped the way they look. I wouldnt be worried, weight loss is much more important than a little sag if that does occur.

It seems that breast sagging is due to a lot of factors like how big your breasts are to begin with (the larger they are, the more they are vulnerable to gravity, which stretches out your ligaments in the breasts), genetics (how elastic your skin is naturally), age (obviously younger is better in this case), nutrition, etc.

None of these are factors we can really change except for nutrition.  So make sure you are getting your daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals, etc. every day.

Surgery can always be an option like you said, but should not be taken lightly.  Bras can always help your cause with clothes on and for anyone who sees you without your clothes on, well.. I hope you are with someone who loves your body the way it is (including you too!)!

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Im 18yrs, before i lost 30lbs i was a 32DD, but now, after some professional measurements, my breast size only has decreases 1/2 of a inch. But i understand you ladies! they do feel like they are dropping down. unfortunately thats just something that a nice fitting bra and a flattering shirt is going to have to fix.

I am pretty sure that if you have a smoken body from all of this hard work, a man aint going to care if the chachas are looking a little deflated (thats what lingerie is for!!!)

Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, if stretch marks are bothering you, then invest in some lotions or creams that can revitalize your skin!

I went from 178 to 145 and my boobies got much smaller too. I found that bench presses and push ups do WONDERFUL things for the muscles underneath the boobs, keeping them where they're supposed to be. Mine are in much better shape than they ever have been (I'm 28 yo). Keep working the muscles girls!

well im almost 20 and  ive lost about 60 pounds. however i was never really big chested to begin with. I was a 36 B and am now a 34-36 A. It sucks cause i lost what little I did have. I always thought that the breast size was somewhat genetic but in my family my mom has 40DDD and even my grandmother has always been in the C range. It just sucks.   

Don't worry.  If weight loss doesn't make them sag, kids or age will.  Something's gonna get you sooner or later.  That's why God made bras.  Leave 'em on.

i watched a documentary about breasts, and there was this old lady on there who had probably A cup boobs, and I couldn't believe how much they sagged.  It happens to everyone.

I have been loosing and gaining weight ...so my boobies have also done the same.The trick is to excercise and wear the right size bra for good support.

And while excercising too wear a sports bra .Do the chest excercises and a bit of jogging will also help  keeping them from sagging .Your quite young so the sag wont come at this age .If i was 30+ i would worry about sagging.Because befor then your body will adjust by using your skins elasticity.While loosing weight try getting new bra if your cup size has decreased and dont wear the old bigger sized bras. Also after 30 it some time depends what kinda skin you have ,loose or tight.

I really wish there was good news for this, for I myself am dealing with breast issues.

I lost about 20 pounds recently, and before my weight loss, I was barely a B. Now an A cup is too big!! I can purchase my bras in the childrens department.

It has kinda thrown off the confidence factor. Im happy with my weight loss and the way the REST of my body looks, but now I'm almost as flat as a little boy.

I just wish I had the money for a boob job, because this is very frustrating and humiliating in my eyes. I hate it, but don't want to gain my weight back just for the boobs (and whos to know that would even happen).

I am 52 and have lost 58 lbs in last 9 months.  I have about 20 more lbs to lose.  I have been carrying this extra weight for a lot of years.    I have went from 42DD to 38D.  I would be happy with 38D but my boobs have totally deflated.   Without a bra they just hang and there is no volume.   I am trying to do exercises to strengthen the muscles but I think if I want them to ever have any volume and be perkier I will need surgery.  I wish I had lost this weight sooner but overall I am very happy with my results.  I was wearing a size 20 and now I am wearing a size 8. 

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