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5'2 ladies, what size are you?

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Kind of a weird question but I'm wondering where all you 5'2ers stand in terms of clothing sizes? Is muscle mass really that big of a factor or does weight matter more? I'm technicslly 5'1 3/4 but I'm going with 5'2. Haha.

I am 133 pounds with 21% body fat and wear a small or medium shirt (34C bust) and a 4-5 pant... how in the world is my wedding dress a size 12? LOL I've only lost 15 pounds since I bought it so clearly it's going to get taken in but seeing it in writing really freaked me out!

Anyway, what about everyone else if you don't mind sharing?


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Well, I'm not 5' 2", but close (5' 3 1/2"), and will reply because I am very muscular, which might be of use. I've been lifting weights for 18 years.

I am 110 lbs. and a size 00, between 15 and 16% body fat. When I was 19 lbs. heavier I was a size 2/4 and a small in tops. I'm sure I'm able to fit into smaller sizes because of muscle. But I also have a very small frame.

I am a 32C, but generally still wear an XS top.

I don't have the answer to the wedding-dress thing myself: I've never tried one on, or a bridesmaid dress for that matter. But every designer seems to have his/her own means of sizing, hmm? And maybe it is something peculiar to wedding dresses. It sounds like you should just ignore the size, since it is an aberration in your everyday life.

Hi, I just got done with a wedding myself as a bridesmaid.  I am 5'2", 138lbs and my fat ratio is probably on the high side because I can easily lose 20lbs where I'm at.  My bridesmaid dress was a size 12 which is the traditional size.  I am also a 38D so that adds to things.  If you want to know what your "true" size is especially when it comes to custom order gowns like wedding dresses, go to a fabric shop.  Check out the measurements on the back of any patterns.  That should give you a good bearing of why your dress is a 12.  Hope it helps.

Don't worry about the size.  I have been a bridesmaid about 8 times, and not once has the bride or have I bought the same size in "wedding clothes" that we buy in regular clothing.  I am 5' 1.5" and weight 149 right now.  My chest is a 34I.  In pants I am wearing a 10, but I still need a 12 or 14 on top to get across the girls.

Thanks for the replies so far girls! I tried my dress on a few weeks back and it was much much looser, I just can't believe that 15 pounds can make that much of a difference. It made me feel good to hear that it's not just me!

Ah: I think I understand the question now. Cool

15 pounds is huge when you're short and already pretty small. I lost 19 lbs. and wasn't able to fit into any of my old clothes. The skirts literally fell right off of me when I had lost only 12. So clearly the wedding dress is sized differently than regular clothes. But you are also probably quite a bit smaller than you were before.

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Glad to hear that there is someone else in shoes. We seem to be the same size. I am also about 5'1", and  weigh130lbs with the same measurements. I also have resenly lost a few lbs...about 20 since January of this year. I do know that normal clothing runs pretty consistant (size wise) however when it comes to formal wear they are always on the larger size. Don't be discuraged....it is the same for all women:)

I am 5'3 but my size is a 2 or 4 in jeans and a S in tops. I wouldnt worry about dress sizes. I have worn anywhere from a 6 to a 14 in dresses. It just depends on the brand.

Congrats on getting married!!

Yeap Dress size and pant size are not the same.  I have consistently worn a size 12 jeans for years but my formal dresses were always purchased from the woman's department.  Usually an 18. 

My younger sister got the shock of her life when she found her self buying at size 22 dress. 

When talking about a wedding gown the size shouldn't matter. what should matter ultimately is how it fits.  I have seen women wear gowns that weren't fitted properly and it shows. 

Personally I am not going to venture into a bridal store until I have lost 40lbs and then we can see what fits. :) 

Actually, if you compare a size 6 wedding dress and a regular dress the wedding dress will look like a size 2.  The reason for that is that back in the days all clothes were much much smaller (aka European sizes) but especialy in the US because of a lot of ED's and little girls starve almost to death to fit into those sizes like it matters the most (it really doesn't), the companies had to make the sizes bigger.  Sorry to say guys but when you buy a size 2 from GAP or Express or Banana, is not a real 2, is more like a 4 or 6.  But on the wedding dresses the sizes never changed.  Even some designers (those very expensive ones...)go with the regular sizing that's why when you buy desinger clothes, you always end up with bigger size and wondering why-lol.  

Oh by the way I got married about 1.5 years ego and that was one of my questions as well and I read it in a wedding magazine and my planner confirmed it too.

Haha I went gown shopping for my dress and the woman REFUSED to bring me my actual size. She asked my bra size (32 C) and then brought me a 38 C. When my mother saw it she brought it out and asked for the proper size so I got a 36 C. Huh. I looked like Ginger Spice in her corsets from a few years back.

She then insisted on bringing me a size 6 when I'm a size 2. When I mentioned it she smirked and said "these run small". She THEN had to pin everything on to me because it was too big! My Maid of Honor, sister in law and I thought it was hilarious. My mother.. not so much. :D.

I was interested in this topic.  I don't know about wedding dress sizes but I wear a size 6 and I weigh 116 lb. right now.  I read all over this forum where people weigh about 20 lb. more than me but wear a small size.  I am a pear shape, hence the bigger size, I hate it!!  I wear a sm/med in tops.  My arms are very muscular so I wear a med in fitted sleeve tops.  Otherwise I'd burst the seams like the hulk!

I'm 5'2" and 135 lbs. right now (working towards 120-125) and for bottoms, I fit anywhere from a size 10 to size 6.  It really does depend on brand though, because my tops (34A cup) can range from a large to small. 

For my sister's wedding almost two years ago, I was about 128 lbs. and wore a size 8 dress.....ha ha, it was kind of maddening at the time because my friend who was also a bridesmaid, a couple of inches shorter and probably 18lbs lighter, had a size 4.  That really torqued me--4 sizes smaller!!!!!  But I got over it eventually LOL, and looking back at pictures, I looked just as good as she did....size DOESN'T matter!  : )

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I'm 5'2" and about 107 pounds.  I wear a size 5 in jeans and usually size small shirts.  I have a small frame according to the wrist test, but big hips!  I've never tried on a wedding dress, but most of my formal dresses (like for prom, etc.) are size 3.

I'm a little over 5'2", my BF is 35% and I'm about 145lbs. I live in the UK, but I think our sizes are two bigger than America's, so me being a UK10-12 in tops and a UK14 in bottoms means I am a 6-8 in tops and a 10 in bottoms, I think.

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=( You ladies are all tiny!! between 110 lbs and 130lbs! I am 5'3 and 160 lbs! No idea what my body fat % is.. I jus joined this site (incase none of you recognize my name) I am a size 9 in jeans, and not sure about tops.. I know I fit in Medium-Larges...

I'm between 5'2"-3" and thanks to different stores skewing their sizes, I'm not really sure what size I am anymore!

Since losing a couple of pounds, I've lost fat in the one area I didn't want to -- my boobs! Because of that, I wear anywhere between an extra small and a medium in tops. In pants and dresses I can range anywhere between a size 2 and a size 6.  I wouldn't freak out about the size of your wedding dress, if you know what you wear for your pants and those sizes still fit you, you're fine!  It's probably just the way the dresses are made, or maybe who they're made by.  Don't sweat it!!

Question for you other short gals -- WHERE DO YOU GET JEANS?! Finding short/petite jeans is so hard and I don't want to spend a ton of money!

Hi.  I'm 5'3" and I weigh about 121.  Pants I wear 5/6 and shirts usually a Med or Larg depending upon the brand (I'm a 34 DDD).  I've lost almost 30 pounds and I used to wear a 11/12 pants and a Large or XL top.

madetoshine---I buy my jeans at Maurices, American Eagle, Old Navy, you just have to look for the "short" if you are wearing flatter shoes.  If I am wearing heels/boots, I usually just get the regular length.  I just found two pairs of jeans at a consignment shop it town.  They are like new!

I HATE Old Navy jeans! I found a cute pair and tried on three different sizes -- the 6 was too big, the 2 was too small, and the 4 wasn't too big, except that in the back there was this HUGE gap where instead of the denim hugging my body, it just stuck out, like right above where my butt crack is (haha sorry, I guess that's not a pretty visual).  So weird, and a belt didn't help any.  Such a let down. :(

Hiii!  Noob here.  And I'm 5/2 and weigh 179 lbs.

And the rest of my reply is....(LOL)

I wear around a 14 in bottoms, and my chest is 36 DDD (yeah thats not a typo) so my tops run from L to XL.

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