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Weight Loss
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ladies...5'4", 130's...want to lose 10 pounds

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Hey I'm in one support group, but feel I need more.  I am 132-135 dependning on the day.  I'm 26 years old.  I want to get back to 120, or at least feel comfortable with myself.  Anyone want to join me for support to log daily/weekly whatever of our progress and what we do to get there?  I've been at this for 6 months with no motivation or determination.  Summer has rolled around, so I need to turn myself around.

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I am 5'3", but would love to join you. I started at 150 last August and have made it to 124. My goal is 115. When I first started I wanted to get there by Valentine's day, but obviously that didn't happen. I have convinced my self that slow and steady is the best way, but at times that final ten pounds seems so hard to reach. How often do you want to do weigh ins? Good luck. We can do this.

I'm in, if that's all right!  I'm 5'4, just had my second baby four months ago, and I'm nursing him.  I am an avid runner (I'd run every day if I could) and I eat around 2,000 cals every day.  I'm 132.5, and I'd like to reach 125 by the beginning of July. 



I will join you. I'm 5'3" and 21 years old. I started CC about a month and half ago to get ready for my cruise (we leave this sunday). My starting weight was 117 and my goal weight is 105. I have dropped several (my current weight is 111) pounds already, but I want to continue to lose weight. I exercise 5-6 times a week (running, swimming, and strength training). For me at least, since I am not anywhere near overweight and I have a healthy BMI, this weight loss seems really hard. It takes me about a week to drop 1-2 lbs, whereas others on CC seem to drop 5-10 lbs in a day. Im trying to convince myself that if it takes this long for me to drop the weight it will stay off.

I'm in, given the exception that I am 5'8" and 152 lbs. I'm 16 years old and have been through the worst year of my life with my parents divorcing and my mom becoming an alcoholic. Food has been my only escape and after about 2 months of daily binges, I've decided that I need to stop. I'm going to jump start detoxification by following the sacred heart diet for two weeks, then return to pure, and whole foods. No preservatives. No added sugars. I also need more motivation to lose weight, so I think participating in a group will be fun:)

I would like to join, I'm 5'2". When I started I was 126, I haven't weighed myself since, I will on Monday. I want to get down to about 115. I've already lost 10 pounds and these last ten are killing me. I've been eating a lot healthier and drinking green tea like its my job, but I'm a junk food junkie and I'll eat til I feel sick.
Hey, I'd like to join! I'm 24, 5"3, started at 131lbs and am now on 127lbs. I'd like to get to 120 :)

I'm in! I'm 24 years old and 5'3. My highest weight was 158 lbs, but now I'm down to around 133 lbs. My goal is to be 123 lbs and well-toned by this time next year.

I eat pretty healthily, but I really need to work on exercising.

Hello! I'd love to join. I'm 5'4 and 135. I've been up and down the last few years. Have lost 7lbs the past 2 months and was 145 this time last year. Want to get down to 127 within the next 3 months. I love to exercise and have noticed some major changes lifting weights, but I tend to struggle with my diet.
I am in too.... I just had a baby 5 months ago and want to get back in shape. I do not own a scale but I have guessed I weigh around 135-130, and want to be at 125 end of June so let's see! I have been doing this since around three weeks and feeling great! I would love the support!!!!


I'm 5'3" and weigh 135. I've weighed 130 lbs for years and at one point weighed a wonderful 123lbs (felt like the perfect weight for me). Suddenly over the past few months, despite paying extra attention to my diet and working out more, I've gained 5 lbs out of no where. Now that summer is here, I have to try on each item I would have worn without issue last year to make sure it still fits :S

I have made an appointment to get my BMI checked at my local gym (it was 22 about a year and six months ago) I figure with working out some of the weight may be muscle I have built. My goal is to lose 10 lbs and see how I feel at that weight. 


Since I thought I have been doing really well until I stepped on the scale or tried to get my skinny jeans on I'm at the end of my rope and think I need to consult some professionals. I'm thinking a detox/cleanse to "reset" my system may be a good next step. What are your weight loss plans going forward?

Original Post by langey12:

Hey I'm in one support group, but feel I need more.  I am 132-135 dependning on the day.  I'm 26 years old.  I want to get back to 120, or at least feel comfortable with myself.  Anyone want to join me for support to log daily/weekly whatever of our progress and what we do to get there?  I've been at this for 6 months with no motivation or determination.  Summer has rolled around, so I need to turn myself around.

Okay! You are my twin!!!

I definitely need support to get this last bit of weight off.
I REALLY need to start working out.

I would love to do a weekly weigh in. If anyone else here is interested?

Tomorrow is my weigh day! I am a bit nervous, it seems like these last ten pounds are the hardest. I saw family over the weekend that I had not seen in a long time and they noticed that I had lost. That was very encouraging for me, I have not had very many comments on my weight loss and was beginning to wonder if it was even noticeable!

totally forgot about this topic but I'm back!  Haha!  So what is everyone doing to help achieve their goal.  Me, nothing so far.  I need to start with a small focus and work up from there.  I've been weighing in at 134 this week, despite my 132.4 weigh in at the beginning of the month.  MEasurements have went UP since March.  NOT OK!  My closet is close to needing to be addressed.  I'd rather not! 

I was 123.8 this morning, not where I would have liked, but every bit counts! It is my lowest in several years. 8.8 to go!

Goals:    6/8:  131    6/15:  130   6/22:  129.5     6/29:  128

I won't kill myself on these goals.  That 3 pounds in 4 weeks!  If I hit 130, I'm rewarding myself with grey nail polish.  When I hit 125 a new summer shirt.  My final goal a new swimsuit! 

Hi there,

I would also jump in, I need motivation and also see what's the weight loss for people with similar stats. I'm 27, 5'3 (162cm). Last May I reached my highest weight, 159 (72kg) and decided I have to pull myself together. Gradually lost down to 132 (60kg) for about 4 months, built more muscle so I went down one size and look more toned. But then over the past 2 months I let it go a bit, decreased my exercise because I hate my gym, and weight crept up to 137 :(((. My goal weight is 125 (56-57 kg). It seems so close, but I cant reach it....:(( Currently I try to eat clean, non processed foods, low fat about 1200-1300 a day, bike and do some strength training at home.... Any tips, ideas and support are welcome. Good luck all :)


@langey 12 The closet is a big check, for me it's also an alarm bell. Maybe it's just water retention bloating and that's why clothes fit tighter, keep going and I'm sure it will feel better in a week or so :)

I know I have retained a lot of water.  Next Wed is my TOM and I have eaten nothing but junk all week.  I need to focus on healthy meals and no chips, chocolate and ice cream.  I weighed in at 137 this morning, which is up 2 pounds from yesterday.  We had a bad supper last night and ice cream.  So, this weekend I intend to eat better and not drink at all.  I will weigh in again on Monday and see if it helped.  I plan to drink a ton of water as well.

I would like to join this group!  Last summer, I was 5'4", 120 lb, and very happy. Then, I stress ate a little bit and ended up going to 130 lb by December.  So frustrated with myself, I started to eat very little to lose the weight... only to end up binging and make it to 150 pounds by May!!!  So now I want to lose 30 pounds, by Thanksgiving.  I have lost 2 in the past 10 days, but hoping to get down to 130-135 by mid august, and then drop the remaining 10-15 lbs by Thanksgiving.


So my question is... what is everyone's meal plan like, and exercise schedule?


I eat somewhere between 1400-1700 calories a day and run 5 days a week to burn somewhere between 500-700 calories per run.

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Count me in too! I'm 5'4 and 138ish same as most of you I'd like to reach 120 ;) so happy to have found you guys ;)

So this week I start being more serious.  I plan to really watch what I eat.  I got rid of some junk food that I was binging on so that should help.  I need to grocery shop too and get myself some healthy snacks.  I am thinking about zig-zag calorie counting.  I should get my heart rate monitor this week, which also tracks calories burned.  I'm pretty excited.  If I count and know what I'm burning I will be more successful.  I'm not really sure what I burn during the day at work, so when I workout, it's possible I may have too much of a deficit.  But I need to lose.  After trying to wear summer clothes this weekend, it was a rude awakening.  They did not look good at all!

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