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Ladies who are 150 pounds, what is your jeans size?

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I have gained some weight recently. The scale says I am 150 pounds. size 6 started to be a bit tight, what is your size? thanks.

I just don't believe the scale. I might be more than 150.

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no way you are more than 150.  when i was 150 i wore a size 10/12.  my family has always been a bit hippy though. 
im 5'8"
even at my skinniest (about 125, which was a little too thin for my body type) i wore a 5/7. but i guess it also depends on the brand of jeans.
Jealousssss.  I'm 160 and I wear 12/14s.  But I'm kind of short.  =(

I am 5'7" and for me 150 lbs is 6/8. I am ~162 lbs and 8/10 now in jeans. I am top heavy and I have narrow hips. My top size now is about a size 12 or 10 in larger brands like Gap.

I'm at 147 right now, and I'm just starting to squeeze into 8's.  I'm 5'6".

It really depends on your body structure, you can't really compare acuratly by weight. But if you measured your waist and hips you would have a better accuracy of what size you are :)

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10 or 11
I'm 5'7", around 140-142 and I am an 8 or 10 in most brands. I have noticed that in clothing suited for "older" women the sizes run big and I can wear a 6 but in clothing for "juniors" or younger women I have to wear a 14 or so.
i'm 145lbs right now and in 10 to 12's for jeans, but i'm short, only 5'0
I'm 5' 6" and when I was 150 I wore a size 12. Not only does it depend on your body shape and where you put weight, it depends where you shop (I do WalMart sizes). Alot of higher-class places make the size numbers smaller so people feel better about themselves. Sneaky!
I'm 5'8"  149lbs and I'm wearing 8/10.  The 10's are starting to be baggy and the 8's are fitting better.  Strength training is making that happen!
im 148ish pounds 5ft5 and wear a UK size 12 (asda brand). I'm guessing this is an american 8 as an american 0 is a UK 4..

yea im 150 exactly and wear a size 10 but i am only 5'3''
im 5'3 and when i was 150 i was about a 7, 8 or 9, depending on where i went.
When I was 150 lbs I wore size 10 jeans (I'm 5'7"), but they were snug, so I usually wore my 12s unless I wanted to be a hoochy mamma. Tongue out

size 10/11

or 30/31 depending how they size them

I'm 145-146, 5'8''....and I fit in size 9 jeans.  I also just bought a size 7/8 skirt :)  Used to wear size 10-11 when I was at 153.  I've got hips, though... But I love my hips ^.^ they give me feminine curves ;)

This makes me feel so much better!  I am 5'6 and around 155 and I wear around a 12 but if I get into juniors I am a 13-15.  It all depends and I am a total gym rat!  But I am bottom heavy also, it all depends on your shape.
ok ladies. thanks very much. I guess I am 150 not 200 ... I feel very fat because I have gained extra pounds recently. How many pounds?? I am not sure..I guess it depends on the brand.

I need to know something else. what is your waist line? this is very important for me as at 150, my waist line is 33.5 inches.
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