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Ladies- how many pounds between dress sizes?

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Does anybody know how many pounds you need to lose before you go down a size in clothes?
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Isn't it like an inch from everywhere?  I know if I lose and inch or two in my thighs, I go down a size in pants, but as for poundage, I would sure like to know as well, since I have clothes in all different sizes.  I'm a 12, but most times can wear a 10, and my best pants and jeans ever are an 8 which I refuse to throw away, they are Ralph Lauren!
I have heard that it takes 10lbs to drop 1 pant size.  I have lost 35lbs and have gone from a size 12 to size 4-6.  So, roughly 4-5 pant sizes.
hmmm I'm not really sure to be honest. I have lost an inch around my waist but I haven't changed my pants size (gotta get the belly and the booty to catch up first) lol.

I would say it would depend more on the inches you have lost rather than how many pounds you drop. Weight can fall from anywhere and you dont always lose it in the places you'd like. So get out that measuring tape :)
It also depends on where you lose your weight.  I've dropped ~15lbs, but only about an inch off my hips, so my sizing hasn't changed (though my clothes fit better).  It's really the inches that count when changing dress sizes.  When I went to college, my weight went up, but my pants size went down.  I was losing inches but building muscle. 

Of course, I don't know how many inches you have to lose before changing dress sizes.  I'd need a nice chart for that. 
I lost roughly 10 pounds and I dropped from a size 4 to a size 2. The waist on my pants are always big though. I have muscular theighs and it sucks to try to squeeze them into jeans. lol sadly i have no ass. BUt I'm pretty sure I just lost weight around my butt though. so who knows.
Thanks for all the help!  I was just curious.  The bridal shop said I am a perfect 10 (I know their sizes are bigger, but it's a head thing).  I would rather be a perfect 8, or better yet a perfect 6.

10-4 xxpois0nedheart on the muscular thighs and butt too for me.  I have big muscly thighs (thanks Mom & Dad for 10 years of dance lessons!) and the ghetto booty goin' on.  It seems that no matter how much weight I lose, they never change.  It's so frustrating!
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