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To the 5'5 - 5'6 ladies, how many calories do you eat each day?!

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For some reason I am not losing weight! Despite having a weekly deficit of at least 3,500 calories for the past month (and not exercising so no muscle gain here) I have only lost around 2 pounds! I usually fluctuate between 165 and 162 all week.

I recently had surgery (hence why I am not exercising but I have full walking mobility otherwise) so I guess it could be somehow tied into that but I am not entirely sure. I just keep on chugging along and hope that the weight loss will kick in soon.

Anyway I am 5'5 and a half with a meduim build. I shoot for 1,400 calories 5 days a week. My current calorie expenditure is 2,100 and my calorie expenditure for my goal weight is 1,800. My weekly calorie average is usually between 1,500 - 1,600 calories. So I am almost positive that I am not in starvation mode... Who knows what is going on with my body, it is all sorts of wacky (since I just got off a long stretch of antibiotics, pain meds and surgery) right now!

But I am curious to hear how many calories the 5'5 to 5'6 ladies out there consume each day. Also what your weekly average and/or weekly calorie deficit is (if you do that) and what your build is (petite, meduim build, large build etc...).

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well i'm about 5'5" adn at 224 right now. I'm taking in 1600 cals a day adn that has seemed to work pretty well so far. I lost 7 pounds last month! there are days when I'm over but I never take in more than 2000 in a day. It says my daily expenditure is 2500 cals.
Well I am 5'5 and I eat only 1100-1200 a day and I have lost 21bs so far. I started in February.
veeny85 do you exercise? id so do you eat back the calories you burn? asking just out of curiosity coz i still don't get the point of exercising if you're just gonna eat it all back so I'm wondering if you do... CONGRATS by the way : ) good job
I'm 5'6 currently I weigh 153 I'm shooting for 135 . Right now I'm eating around 1300-1500 calories a day and I work out on the elliptical/treadmill/or stairstepper for a combination of around 35 min three times a week. I also alternate lifting arms and legs on those days. PLEASE STICK WITH IT. I know how discouraging it can be becasue it is SO slow coming off. But i'm see the results just slower then I'd like. I'd like to hit my goal weight by 1 Aug. And lifting won't hurt your "weight" The added muscle actually eats the fat. Even if the scale is saying otherwise the muscle is helping and you'll look better in the long run.
5'6"  Started at 256, currently 219, goal 145.

According to the tools, my daily mantenance is 1967 calories and I eat between 1300 - 1450 a day, with an occasional zig-zag up to 1550.  I make sure that my "grade" for the day doesn't go below a B+.

I've been losing 5-6 lbs a month.  Sometimes I'll go several days without losing anything, but then drop a couple of pounds in a day.

I have trouble exercizing (arthritis), but on those days I do walk, I am very careful to eat back my calories.

I'm 27 and 5'6 medium build 180lbs, and I aim for a net of 1400 cal/day.  It's slow but steady weight loss but if I don't drink my water rations I don't loose anything.

I am curious about your numbers my expenditure is only 1900/day with sedentary lifestyle and I am bigger then you. How are you calculating 2100? The goal calories of 1800 seem high as well.

I would also be very careful with your cal count.  You mention you aim for 1400 5 days a week how much are you eating on the other 2 days? You don't have to eat very many calories on those two days to effectively erase your work for the entire week.
berryblue031, yeah I definitely eat way more on the weekends. But I figure that as long as my average for the week is 1,500 I am still good. I have been wondering if I blow it on the weekends as well. But the math still adds up to me losing weight even with eating more on the weekends. I am so confused.

Also I put in light activity usually since I commute on public transit and live in a city. So although I am not exactly running marathons I walk at least 2 miles a day, and up at least 5 flights of stairs. I consider that light but maybe I am wrong?

But at 164 pounds my exenditure is 2,100 and at 130 pounds it is 1,900. This is under light activity.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!
around 1200 and so far with slim 6 i have lost 12 pounds and  i started counting calories i think in sometime late . so my weight loss was between time periods of mid- feb until mid march and about 5 pounds dropped in jan
im 154

goal weight : 135
i'm 5'6 and i eat on average about 1800 calories/day.  i think i have a medium (maybe large?) build (how do you tell again??)  i burn about 400 calories everyday with a variety of activities.  if i didn't exercise regularly i'd be so sad reducing my caloric intake because i'm a total foodie!  i'm on the custom julie-style food lovers diet haha.  i aim for a deficit of at least 3500 cals/week. 

i lost 50 pounds over the course of a year and i didn't usually go under 1700 calories each day.  mind you, it took a friggen year to lose that weight! 

i weigh 160 right now and my heaviest was 213.  my goal weigh is 150 and then i'll see if it suits me. 
I am 5'5"  and currently weigh 171.5.  I started on Dec 26 '06 at 199.5, my goal weight is 140ish.  So I've lost 28 lbs so far.  My calorie average is 1500-1600 a day, and that is just an average.  I'm usually all over the place with the calories!  I excersize quite a bit, burning between 400-800 a day through a variety of weight lifting, aerobics, yoga, jogging, and I just started a spinning class!  So I try to eat more on the days I work out, doesn't always end up that way though.  And sometimes I eat 1700 cals on my 'rest' days.... not a perfect plan but it seems to be working!
I'm 5'6, 182 pounds.  My expenditure is 1900+/day.  I aim for 1400-1600 calories/day, but sometimes it gets up to 1700 or 1800.  Never more than my expenditure, though.  The first month, I lost 5 pounds, second month another 3-5, but I've been stuck at 182 since the end of February.  It's getting so frustrating!
I started at 140 now at 116lbs and I'm 5'5 1/2

The thing is I dont have a computer at home so I try and plan ahead. At work I eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack. I have from 600-1000 calories, and then go home and have a snack and dinner. Possibly a beer as well. So get around 1,200 Cals a day to 2,000 cals a day. On Fridays I try and compensate for going out so I have around 500 at work, but I usualy go over 2,000 for the day anyways. The rest of the weekend Im ususally good. Oh and I dont excersize, But I do walk from building to building every day, so thats about 45 min of walking.

EDIT: Spelling error. Ooops.~
5'5" here, and I aim for between 1200 and 1500 each day.  I usually end up consuming between 1400-1600 because that's what my body needs to function, and I still have a nice deficit.

I also try to eat around 200-300 calories every 2-3 hours, and make sure I get protein and 'good carbs' every time I eat.  Oh yeah, and I drink half my body weight in ounces of water (I'm 134, I drink 77 oz water).  It makes my metabolism happy.
I'm 5'5", small frame, I aim for 1350 which is a 750 deficit. I exercise and eat back. I'm at 164 now, down from 172, goal 135 (maybe 125-130 later depending on how I feel).
i'm 5'6" w/ a stocky, slavic medium-to-thick frame ;P

starting weight: 178
current weight: 160
goal weight: 140 [possibly lower, around 130 or so, if i still have a spare tire wheni get to 140!]

it took 2.5 months to lose those 18 pounds.  not bad, though it took the past nearly 4 weeks to go from 161 to 160! :)  for awhile i cheated on weekends but i'm no longer allowing myself to just "eat whatever" on saturday and sunday!

i get most of my calories from nutrient-dense food like fresh raw and steamed vegetables, 3-4 servings of fresh fruit, 0.5-1 cup cooked brown rice, lots of beans [no canned, trying to cut out alot of sodium!], tofu, occasionally fresh salmon or tuna.

i aim for 1200-1350 calories a day depending on how hungry i am.  i also eat no less than 25g of fiber per day, oftentimes 35-40g.  i have been very sedentary [i sit on me arse all day at work AND all evening at home, ha] until this past week, in which i've started walking for about 30 minutes a day.  i hope to start jogging and slowly working my way to be fit to run 3 consecutive miles!  this is of course will be over a period of 2-3 months!  once i increase my activity level, i will up the calories accordingly.

you're doing great!  it took almost a month for me to drop a pound, and now that i'm out of that plateau i hope to start losing 2 pounds per week.
I am 5' 5.5", currently at 158lbs, trying to get to 135lbs.  I take in 1200-1300 calories per day. and I exercise twice a day (sometimes once on Sat and Sun), doing cardio every day and weights 3 times a week.  I don't "eat back" my calories like everyone suggests, I really feel there is a difference between the calories you eat and the calories you work off. 

I say this because up until three weeks ago I consumed about 2200 calories per day with the same exercise routine (from which I burn off 500-1000 calories total depending on the day).  As soon as I cut back on calories my weight started to drop, and I've lost twelve pounds in the last three weeks, which is more than I'd lost in the previous three months.  I really don't see anything unhealthy about it; I still take in a lot of fiber and proper nutrients, and I've lost inches too so it's not just my muscle mass wasting away.

Good luck to you!
^^ Sorry, you're just wrong. You are going to plateau and feel like absolute crap with zero energy. Obviously in the beginning you are going to lose weight fast but your body is going to fight you sooner or later.

ETA: And then what are you going to do? Cut calories more? You're taking the first steps down a dangerous road.
I'm 5'6" with a small frame and currently weigh 142 and I aim for 1200 cals per day. I usually end up eating around 1300. I eat more when I exercise, usually just because I am hungry after I work out. Its been going well. I've been dieting since december and I have lost 18lbs!
Hi Hon!  :)  5'5" with medium frame, weighing at about 159.6lbs.  I eat about 1450 - 1700 calories a day.  Weekly calorie deficit is around 4500.  Sometimes more and sometimes less.
Hi there

I'm 5'6", medium build, now at 153lbs....started at 187lbs back in September. I zig-zag my calories between 1340 - 1840 a week which counts for my workouts 4x a week,too. So, I don't include my calories back in. I've managed to lose 34 lbs since starting back in Sept. '06.
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