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Ladies - average PMS water retention?

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HI, how much water weight do you gain (and lose) around every period? I was losing so well on calorie-count, keeping my cals well below my BMR and walking daily - but now, 2 days before my period I've gained 2lb and am freaking!

Please assure me it's water and will disappear?


Thanks, Sal.

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don't worry too much, I find that the scale lies during the pms time. Anywhere between 2-5 lbs, but within a few days it always backs down. I also find that it is harder to get a good scale reading during this time, like the water sloshing about makes the scale tip back and forth!
I typically put on 2 - and that's kind of on the low end. It used to be a lot more.
i usualy put on 5-8lbs. i know...its a LOT......but i cant do nothing. i started calorie countin rit before it so my weight has been alova de place..and im losin motivation. havent seen much results either
There should be a rule about ladies stepping on the scale during that horrid time of the month.

Or maybe someone should invent a scale that says, "YOU'RE PMSING, GET OFF ME." rather than a weight read-out.
I usually gain around 5 sometime as much as 10 right before I get my period. It usually goes away during or right after. No worries, it is just your body storing extra water. Drink more and you will retain less.

I find 2-3 lbs. This was depressing so I addressed it another way... I just don't step on the scale the week before my period. So I only have 3 readings instead of 4 per month. I found I stress less and still lose the same (if not more) weight by only measuring once per week and avoiding the PMS week.

Also, if you are losing weight at a fairly steady pace and a nerd like me, put it all in an excel spreadsheet (my tracking method) and plot it. Do a linear fit and low and behold, you will find the PMS weeks have very little effect after about 6-8 weeks of tracking. Additionally, you can set y=0 in the plot equation, you can find out when you will weight 0 lbs  :)   (A demonstration in statistical error). I lose about 0.1 lbs per day (based on the slope of the line) --> don't micromanage to see if this is true! I tried it and demonstrated the definition of standard deviation.

If you are not into science, engineering, or some other field with plots and statistics, ignore that second paragraph and be happy that you do not see the world in this way.  

2-5 pounds...i am due to have my period on friday, and i weight myself last weekend only to see that i had gained 4 pounds in water weight..yeah...it's discouraging.  on top of that i look larger too...my shirts are just not that flattering.

it will pass.  just try to drink lots and lots and lots of water.  the week after your period you will be fine, i guarantee!
i put on about 3 lbs
I'm having trouble figure out what my start weight was because of this subject.  :(  LOL  I hate putting my weight out there but I started my diet on Friday (31st) when, knowing I gained weight, stepped on my scale at 149.....I started on the 3rd so realise some of that was water gain too.  Now on the 5th I'm down to 143.5 and don't know if the diet is really working (I'M going REALLY STRICT) around 980 calories a day....or if it's just losing water.  It's disheartening.  LOL  Teach me to step on the scale at the wrong time.  I agree with cellulitedelight the scale needs to just tell you to get the heck off and come back in a week.  LOL

To Shelbysmomma - Just wanted to share my two cents, but 980 calories per day is not healthy and you can't possibly live this way for the rest of your life.  A woman should have at least 1200 calories per day; no less.  Less than that and your body just goes into starvation mode and holds on to whatever fat it has stored as well as continually collecting for more fat storage.

 As far as the original topic of weight gain during your period - I gain approximately 3 to 5 lbs in water weight.  Just ignore it; know that it happens and move on.  Just like if you had a bad day or week or whatever in your caloried intake - ignore it, get back on track, and move on.


I seriously put on 8-10.  When it comes time to shed it, all I do is pee.
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I had never thought of this until I read this question.  Now it all makes sense.  I have gained around 3 lbs. this week and could not figure out how.  Now I know.   I'm soooooo glad I found this site.  It has helped me so much with my dieting.
Hey Lisa,  Thanks........I really have been trying to sit down and figure it up where I would get 1200 calories a day.  That is what I set for my goal when I joined here.........but being new to this am still trying to figure out the proper foods and in the process have just fallen way below that................The first day after I figured it up it was only a little over 700 but catering to a 4 year old had foods in the house I really didn't think great for dieting.  I am in here reading now trying to get some good ideas for dinners and such that my little girl will it with me going through her picky "I don't like green stuff" phase.  LOL  When I said really strict I just meant I am bound in termined to eat only low fat and very healthy.......:D  I could really use all the tips I can get while I'm learing here so I really appreciate it....although I set it for 1200 because I had heard that rate somewhere I wasn't sure so I really appreciate the feedback.  :D
I usually gain 3 lbs, sometimes a little bit more.
shellbysmomma-I have a personal recipe on here for some really great meat sauce that is pretty healthy.

http://www.calorie-count.com/recipe/55020.htm l

It is really good stuff and most 4 year olds like spagetti.
ug. i know what you mean. i was at my lowest weight so far, and then bam, 3 lbs up again! i just try to take a deep breath, go make a healthy meal plan and stay active. one day at a time till this is over. time of the month can be so trying on the spirit.

Thank you for all the support! I am SOOO not stepping on the scale in PMS week after this.

moon1shadow, I started out on Fitday just for the barcharts. I would obssess about them. Thanks Gosh calorie count doesn't have that option! Or maybe I should make an excell sheet too... hmmmnUndecided...

OH MY GOSH...Thanks so much rae852004 I'm going to try that one!  One question though.......the pasta? is that really okay with dieting.  I have been (as I said) trying to figure out the good stuff and the bad stuff and I was thinking pasta would never happen again.  LOL  But I also need to learn to take in my 1200 calories a day to so maybe my problem is needing to loosen up a little.  LOL

There are no "good" or "bad" foods in dieting, although I understand that you want to avoid certain things.  Just watch the pasta intake carefully.

I would personally suggest eating more complex carbs...look into grain like spelt which i far better than wheat. 35 g of fiber/day.  Increase protein! I will help you burn fat. And be sure to eat healthy fats...this will help you burn extra fat as well. 2 liters of water a day. Limit sugar and simple carbs. Be sure to muscle train as well (active muscle burns way more calories).

Add this stuff in slowy if you have to and you'll soon see BIG results.

Also i suggest doing some research on the 3 different body types to get some ideas for what works best for your bodys metablism.

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