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L.A. Weight Loss or Weight watchers???

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oK i went to LA weight loss clinic last night for a free consultation it was really interesting  but I just have alot of questions and it seems really exspensive.

My freind told me I should do Weight watchers and that it is really cheap and easy to do. I dont know anything about either one of these progams.

Please let me know what you think and what you know about these programs I really want to decide in the next few days.

Thank you
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Why do you want a specific program?  Do you need face to face accountability to keep you on track?  Using the tools on this site and counting your calories will help you learn how to eat for the rest of your life.
I did LA Weightloss for 6 months and only lost 15 pounds in the first 2 months. It was awful, I felt tiered and dizzy all the time! It was also very expensive. Why do you need to do one of these programs? Just use this site. I have lost 20 pounds in the past 3 months and I feel great. I get to make my own food choices and love it. I hate how LA tells you that you can be "free to live your life" that's such bull %$@*. You have to eat certain foods off thier list and only specified amounts, doesn't seem very free to live to me.
Everything you need is on this site.  Take that money you are going to spend joining these programs and spend it on HEALTHY FOOD for yourself!  We all know it costs more to eat healthy, so get EXCITED about it!  Scour the shelves at the grocery store, and set yourself up for success!  Really, though....I joined Weight Watchers when I was quite young, and while it worked temporarily, I find that KNOWLEDGE is your best defense AND offense.  Educate yourself regarding calories/fat/fibre/sodium, etc. not points or pre-made meals.  You need to become your OWN nutritionist with a job for the rest of your life.  :o)
I just want to loose weight and do it the right way... I heard the commercials about how these people lost like 50 to 60 pounds and some people lost like 30 pounds in just 15 weeks I was wowed over the results and felt like this was they way to go but the want you to pay like 900 dollars to do this and that out of my budget.

I need the motivation and the consistency to do this. I work out and eat right and then I strat back on the bad routine. I think that I would do better if somone told me what to eat and what to do and checked up on me regularly. I am just so confused and frustrated.
If you feel it is what you need to motivate you, then do it.  Just be sure to educate yourself along the way so you know how to make the proper choices when you've reached your goal weight.  Whatever feels most comfortable, you should do.
I would recommend Weight Watchers - it is very much like this site - you watch your portions using real food, trying to balance your carbs proteins etc and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle!  It's great!  I lost at about the same rate I am losing here but if you need the extra accountability or support from the weekly meetings etc. go for it!!  I don't know about LA Weight Loss but it sounds like a fad diet to me which I would stay clear of - your better off losing slowly and permanently. 
If you can afford LA Weight Loss, I would do it.  I lost over 30 lbs on the program, but that's because it worked for me. You should assess your needs.  I liked that they personalized a plan for my life and my needs, I didn't have to count calories but simply ate foods that were o.k. (which is almost anything in moderation) and the three time weekly check-ins were inconvenient, but they are what really kept me on track. 

Like the others said, it is expensive.  But it is absolutely not a fad diet, it's based on portion control and getting adequate servings of your foods.  unlike most fad diets, it doesn't exclude a single food group (like carbs, for Atkins).  The diet, based on the amount of weight you need to lose, breaks up your daily calories among all the food groups: good starches, fruits, veggies, fats, protein and dairy.  You eat normal food from the grocery store, not their food like Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem. 

Check it out, but don't commit to anything until you've had a couple days to think about it. I can't recommend LA Weight Loss highly enough.  Also, if you mention to them that you're concerned about the cost they can almost always work out some sort of payment plan for you, that's what I did.
Weight watchers is amazing. One of my family members work there and
I'll occasionally stop by and sit in for a meeting. It's really
inspirational- and the people are all there for the same reason and
it's a very open enviroment. Very similar to the site- if you have any
questions theres a dozen people to help you out. It gives you a reason
to lose weight- You want to be able to tell the people you see weekly
that you lost 2 lbs. Everyone claps for you- and it's a very supportive
group. You're able to purchase weight watchers food there- but what is
good is that they don't push it on you. They encourage eating whatever
you want- but in MODERATION. It's a diet you can use for life- you can
go out to dinner with, go to bbqs with and enjoy your meals. It's not
about starving yourself or eliminating any carbs or fats, its about
healthy eating which I love.
My mom is doing WW right now and she's really happy with it.  She tried to get me to join with her, but I feel like I have all I need here.

I have heard from friends that LAWL makes you pay a lot up front, and I've heard they can pressure you to buy their supplements, too.  From word of mouth, I'd go with WW if you want to pick one.  They've been around forever and have a good reputation.
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