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Weight Loss
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How do you know when to stop losing weight? I've lost 30 pounds, and I'm now 5'9" and 140 pounds. I feel like I need to lose a bit more because I feel huge and fat compared to the other girls at school (I'm 17). My best friend is the same size as me and a size 0, so I feel like I'm constantly seen as her fat friend.


I'm sick of obsessing ove r calories. Weight and food and body& nbsp;image is all I think about anymore, and its absolutely terrible. It's just one more thing to&nb sp;stress about.


And no I don't have  a "teenager metabolism" so don't tell  ;me to just eat whatever and exercise. My whole family is obese& nbsp;and I work quite hard not to be.&nbs p;

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I really relate to you a lot. First of all I have a very very thin best friend and even though she doesn't do anything wrong I can't help but feel like her "fat friend". She's 5'6" and about 120 and I'm 4'11" and 113. It seems so strange to her that I could weigh less than her but she forgets that I'm 7 inches shorter! and we're only 7 lbs different.

Also, I'm 17 and I don't have a "teenager" metabolism. I have been overweight because my family is overweight and I grew up eating a lot of take out and unhealthy foods. I'm working hard NOT to be obese like my mom and dad.

I know in my rational mind that I'm not huge, but being in high school I can't help but feel like I am. I guess the best thing to do is do weight training and try to make your body fat as low as possible. It's hard also being in high school and going out with friends and stuff and it sucks to worry about calories when you're out for ice cream.

I don't have any advice really...just a "I know how you feel"

The best advice I can give you is to stop comparing yourself to other people. Just because someone is skinnier doesn't mean they're more attractive...for example compare someone like Nicole Richie to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

As long as you're healthy, that's all that matters. Calculate your BMI (you should easily find a BMI calculator on the Internet). As long as you are in the healthy range, then stop sweating it - just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine. Focus on working on other parts of who you are that don't have anything to do with how you look: your intelligence, how many books you've read, being a good person, etc. Those are the things about you that are unique and that can't be compared to anyone else.

And one fact of life you'll have to face is that there's always going to be other girls who are prettier, skinnier, etc....but no one is you, and that's the most important thing. :)

Thank you. It's good just to know somebody else feels the same. :)

I'm 5'9'' and 140 pounds too! I hate the way I look though. My friends are 100 pounds or less due to genetics. It looks like I could eat them!

I share your confusion on when it's a good idea to "stop" losing weight.  The "healthy" range is just that...a RANGE - I guess anywhere in it is a good place to be, but I also have trouble accepting that my weight loss can stop here and I'll be fine.  I'm older than you are, being 29, and my stats are 5'7" and 132 lbs.  Still, I have the tiny, skinny friends and wonder if it's even a good idea to try and be that thin when my build is obviously so different from theirs.  I'm concentrating now on building muscle.  I think the numbers stop mattering so much when you have toned, shapley, HARD muscle all over your body.  That is my new look the best I think I can in my clothing and be healthy about it.  Calorie counting helps and I doubt I'll ever give up on that, but I get pretty sick of it sometimes too.  Even with a low metabolism (and I have one, believe me), resistance training can help you look better and never, ever, be called or considered "fat!"  Good luck!!

I know exactly how you feel as well. I'm 16 years old. My friends are all in the very low 100s. They're also in the lower five foot range, I'm 5'7 and about 123. I was wondering if I should lose more too. To stay in the healthy BMI range I could go down to about 118. But I feel like my weight is fine right now, but every time I start thinking about not calorie counting, I do anyway, which makes me feel guilty enough not to have that Starbucks that all my friends are splurging on (although the light mocha frap only has 110 calories, just found that out!). Hopefully someday I'll be able to forget about calorie counting and what my friend's bodies look like and just be thankful for my body and the work I've put into it.

Your weight sounds perfect to me. It's all about bone structure. She may have a small frame and yours may be bigger and athletic. There is nothing you can do about that nor should you want to. I know a 17 year old that is 5'9 and weighs 160. She's athletic, plays basketball, track etc.. She is very muscular and a size 8. She looks great and I'm sure you do too.  Look at your strengths and stop comparing yourself to others. That is a waste of time and energy! Besides guys don't always want someone who doesn't even cast a shadow.

In high school I was the skinny freind which feels kind of wierd as at 5'5" and 132lb I didn't feel all that skinny this made me a UK size 12.

The thing is my friends all said how they wished they had my figure and all but when i came to it my larger best friend got so much more male attention cause she was so much more confident than me.

I never had a teenage metabolism either I had an under active thyroid as instead.


You are going to have to stop comparing yourself to the "people" around you, and do you.  How do you know when to stop? Stop losing weight or to stop comparing yourself.

You stop losing weight when you feel good about yourself. If you don't feel good about yourself, you will never stop trying to lose weight. At your height, you have a great BMI going for yourself. What are you. 20-21%. You are at a healthy range. Ask yourself this question. Will you really be happy if you lost 5 more pounds, and if you lost those 5 more pounds will you still be comparing yourself to your friends and "others" after the lost.

Just a question, not to trying to get any ugly comments going. Just a question.

I think you are doing great for your height and size. You want to be healthy, and at a good BMI. When do stop losing weight? When you make up your mind about how you feel about yourself and your weight.

Believe in yourself, and stop comparing yourself to others.

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