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I know someone will know this

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Does your body absorb any calories if you have the stomach flue?  
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HUh> What do you mean ABSORB? You mean when you;re sick can you eat crap and not get fat? Ha! I wish. But remember, if you are sick dont not eat - you need EXTRA nutrients to get better. So you dont have to be on weight loss calories (that way you have an extra up to 500 cals to get extra nutrition) or you can just take multi V's.
Just drink lots of water either way
does not absorb calories, but burns more to fuel the fever! If you do not eat enough to fuel the increase in temperature, you will burn muscle. That is why very sick people "waste" quickly. It is not the nutrients as much as the raw energy........
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eating crap? no sick as a dog. Thank you sesoz you answered my question.
Yes, this is why people who suffer form Bulimia are usually average weight, you can't lose weight purging the food because your body has digested most, or all of the calories.

What does a fever have to do with calories being absorbed or not?  That information does not seem creditable.  Can someone else back it up?
Sesoz, you have a PhD so I am shocked at your answer. When you have stomach flu you will digest foods, of course. However, if you are vomiting a lot of what you eat will come up and sometimes when we have stomach flu we cannot bear to eat at all. In addition, normally what we refer to as "stomach" flu is actually inflammation and infection of intestines so some foods digested by the stomach will not be fully or accurately absorbed and you might get diarrhea. All these factors taken together may cause the weightloss associated with the illness.

You will *not* cease to absorb all calories and nutrients.
I think what sesoz was saying is that you will absorb fewer calories than what you would had you not been vomiting or having diarrhea. This is also what you are saying nycgirl.

To compare an individual who purges after a caloric binge to someone who vomits and has a normal or less than normal calorie intake due to viral infection, is not entirely fair. Studies have shown that vomiting decreases your calorie intake from your last meal by anywhere from 30-50%. So for someone binging, this is not enough to offset their calories taken in. This is why they may or may not be of average weight. (note, also purging is horrible for your health and I am in no way supporting this and both links above are geared at helping thos suffering from bulimia)

For someone who is vomiting due to illness and who is taking in an average number of calories or even a less than average number of calories, cutting their intake by 30% may very well set them very low for the day and may contribute to the wasting and fatigue many experience during illness.

So to say that you do not absorb any calories, this is not necessarily true. However, you do absorb less when you are vomitting. Furthermore, nausea makes many people feel less hungry and this could further decrease calorie intake for the day.

The weightloss seen during stomach and intestinal illnesses is also largely affected by loss of water through vomiting and diarrhea.

Sesoz was also correct about the effect of fever. It raises your basal metabolism. This is why it is important to eat enough when you have a fever. Check out a description of this here. When you have a stomach virus you may or may not have a fever.
I forgot to mention to isacooper that I hope you feel better.

Don't worry about calories when you are sick and obviously do not try to lose weight while you are ill. Just take care of your body, try to eat what you can and make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Your body is dehydrating yourself right now, so that is very important.

Feel better and get some rest!!
Thanks for clarifying ssbuckeye, I concur with everything you said, including "get better soon" to the OP! :)
I was not talking about absorption, but about fever! For your body to burn a fever you need to burn more calories.

If you are vomiting (which is waht I assume you meant) you change the acid balance in your body - leading to lots of digestive changes. If you have stomach flu the best thing to do is drink water mixed with normal lemonade (80% water to 20% lemonade).


PhD and MD to be........
Right on, sesoz.  Though I'd be careful to recommend lemon juice, not "lemonade".  You never know what kind of commercial goofy beverage people will buy and use based on that recommendation.

Sesoz, would you say an acidic condition is the result of disease, or that disease is a resultant condition from a too-acidic body environment?
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