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Weight Loss
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Before and after if i can do it i know you can

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hello everyone i started on 1 13 of 2010 year ago today that i was going to lose weight.i know it was going to be tough but ii hung in there now look where it has got me man i feel great   i just count calories do different workouts when my body got used to my rountine..i would change my calories around keep my body and mind happy..i would hit standstills but i keep fighting i would just keep changing things around..there is no magic trick or pill or diet just work your ass off and keep it up dont give it up i know it can be hard i would eat 5-6 small meals on the days i didnt workout i eat 3 meals...i just change it up every now n then kept changing the calorie intake around  i started at 350 im down to 165.6...guys that are going through tough times hang in there i know yall can do it.its not easy but it is all worth it :)  your worth it i know i am worth it i kept on fighting i know yall can..i started out eating 2,500 calories then when month was over i started weight loss getting slow i said well i will up my calories by 200  so 2,700 i work my ass off weighed in lost 4 pounds i was like oh hell yeah lol so just 200 calories kick my weight loss lol..well month after that it started slowing down again  i was 310 at the time i kicked it up to 2,900 that month was over  i drop to 285 guys you just gotta change it up but i feel so good i can just keep on writing lol but i am at 165.6.i will be here if u ever need talk hit me up good luck       &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp;            

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1. Congratulations.

2. That Back to the Future shirt cracked me up.

thnx lol

Wow! Congratulations on your success!! You gave me just the motivation I needed tonight! Great job!!

WOW you look incredible!!

Congratulations on your success, im sure you WELL deserve it!

It makes my 20 pounds to lose not so distant ...thanks for the motivation!

Hi there, looking super fine I see! CONGRATS to you!!


Congratulations! You are a great inspiration! Thanks for sharing your story.

Wow, well done! All your hard work has certainly paid off, you look fab!

Great job! You got your life back!! What a payoff!

Woah!  You look amazing.  Great job :)!

Congrats! Very awesome before and after pics, you should be very proud =)

WOW really very amazing!

Awesome Blossom!! You go boy!

Amazing!  congrats!


wonderful! <3 

You are HOT!

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All I can say is WOW!!!!  You look fantastic!!

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so you just up your calories and the weight just come off? how about now, how many calories?

What an inspiration! Your before and after pictures tell the story! Well done.

How inspiring!  Way to go, you're a great looking dude.

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